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Trupanion was created with a view to help your pets get the care they need, particularly if they are sick or injured. If your pet is facing any health issues, the most important thing that comes in mind is the expenses that would incur during the course of the treatment. In such circumstances, a pet insurance coverage policy might be of great help and also you will be able to focus more on getting your pet treated from the best veterinary facility.
Read on to know more about the pet insurance offered by Trupanion.

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  • Offers up to 90% reimbursement
  • No minimum age for enrollment
  • Quick and easy claim process


  • No wellness and routine care coverage
  • Veterinary exam fees not covered
  • Premium costs increase with vet charges

Customer service

Trupanion pet insurance has a good customer service. They will be available 24/7 for their customers and you will get a solution to your problem instantly.

Claim process

The claim process with Trupanion pet insurance is very quick and easy. When you have to claim for any payments, you just have to log in online and fill out all the required details with the problem description and your claim process is completed. You can also submit your claim through email or mail.


Trupanion covers 90% of your expenditure with no limit on payouts. Even though the Trupanion policies are good enough, it could disappoint when it comes to the routine expenses. There is no coverage provided for the routine and wellness care which includes routine vet examinations, vaccinations, and various other preventive medications that are expected to be given during the life of a pet. If you are needing to visit a specialist or an emergency room, the veterinary exam fee is not covered by Trupanion policies and is regarded as your responsibility. However, you may still see around 90% reimbursement on the eligible expenses.

Enrollment age

There is no minimum age limit for enrolling your pet. Your pet can be enrolled with Trupanion pet insurance before fourteen years of age.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

Like many other pet insurance companies, Trupanion pet insurance also does not offer any services for covering ambulance and paramedics.


Like other pet insurance providers, the premium cost for Trupanion will be determined on the basis of the age, gender, and breed of your pet. The premium cost will also depend on the deductible and the cost of local vets. Premium costs will increase with the increase in the payment of the cost charged by the vet.

Covers chronic conditions

One condition that could be heavy on the pockets is hip dysplasia; in this condition, the ball and socket of the hip joint of the pet are not properly developed and are loose that might cause pain and lameness. The coverage for hip dysplasia is covered in the basic policy of Trupanion. Cruciate surgeries are also covered after the applicable waiting period. In case your pet had a cruciate problem on the same or opposite leg 18 months before the policy inception or in the duration of waiting period after the inception, then they are considered as having a pre-existing condition and will not be eligible for the coverage. Moreover, the cost required for euthanasia is also covered if it is suggested by your vet because of the progression or the presence of an eligible condition.

Covers prescribed foods and supplements

Trupanion pet insurance offers a coverage of around 50% on the expenses required for the prescribed pet foods, excluding the deductible. It also offers around 10% coinsurance if suggested by your vet for the curing of covered injuries or sickness for up to two months of feeding. In addition, they also provide coverage for the supplements prescribed or recommended by your vet if they are used for the treatment of the covered illnesses or injuries. While a few pet insurance providers restrict or exclude any conditions that are considered to be hereditary, Trupanion’s policy offers coverage for all hereditary and congenital conditions as long as the signs and symptoms are not pre-existing.

Covers various treatments and therapies

The basic policy coverage includes gold seed therapy, herbal therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bone marrow transplants, colloidal silver treatments, kidney transplants, platelet-rich plasma injections, stem cell therapy, polyethylene glycol medication, and even shockwave therapy. The Recovery and Complementary Care Rider which is available at an additional cost offers coverage for other alternative therapies such as acupuncture, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, rehabilitative therapy (physical therapy), behavior modification and therapy, and homeopathy.

Covers diagnostic and hospitalization charges

Trupanion pet insurance offers 90% of reimbursement for the covered veterinary expenses that may arise as a result of the pet getting sick or injured. The reimbursement offered is based on the actual expenses that the vet charges for surgeries, hospitalization, medications, diagnostic testing, supplements, prescribed pet foods, orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, carts, and other treatments.