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Pets Best pet insurance company was established in 2005. It was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, who was popularly known as the father of the pet insurance industry. Most of the people working in this pet insurance company are comprised of pet lovers and pet owners. Therefore, they fully understand the pain of a pet owner when their pet is in some kind of pain. The main motto of this pet insurance company is to end the process of economic euthanasia by providing a better insurance coverage policy for pets. When you associate with this company, they will ensure to provide a high-quality service, easy claim procedure, and excellent insurance coverage for pets. It is always a good idea to know more about any insurance company before you associate with them. That’s why we are providing you with some more characteristics of this pet insurance company.

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  • No lifetime caps
  • No age limits
  • Low premiums


  • Different waiting periods for different treatments
  • $2 transaction fee
  • Alternative/holistic therapies not covered

Quick claim process

The claim procedure for this insurance company is also very easy and fast. You will receive your reimbursement as soon as you claim for it.

Excellent customer support

According to many customers of Pets Best insurance, the best feature that you will get when you are linked to this company is the great customer support. They will resolve your issue in a jiffy. They understand your worry and help in completing the claiming process quickly.

Provides coverage while traveling

Most of the pet owners get worried about insurance coverage of their pet while traveling, as many pet insurance companies do not cover the treatment of pets while traveling. Pets Best pet insurance has another advantage of providing coverage for your pet when you are traveling to anywhere in the country, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Covers ongoing and chronic conditions

It has been observed that most of the pet insurance companies protect themselves from the payment by considering many diseases as pre-existing ones. However, with the association of Pets Best pet insurance, your pet’s chronic conditions are not considered as pre-existing ones. You will get a benefit of full coverage for these ailments also.

Covers behavioral conditions

This insurance company has another specific feature of providing insurance coverage for the treatment of any behavioral condition of your pet. This insurance coverage policy includes consultation charges by any licensed veterinary doctor and the prescribed medication bills.

Covers euthanasia

Euthanasia is the practice in which some people end their loved one’s life to reduce their pain or suffering. This practice is not insured by most of the pet insurance companies, but, Pets Best covers this practice as a kind gesture toward pet owners.

Covers prosthetic devices and wheelchairs

Additionally, Pets Best covers the bills provided by licensed veterinary doctors to the pet owners for wheelchairs or prosthetic devices. The wheelchairs and prosthetic devices are generally prescribed for those pets who are getting a treatment after some injury due to certain accidents.

Covers illness even when your pet is not vaccinated

Pets Best insurance gives insurance coverage to those pets who are not even vaccinated. Since these pets are not vaccinated, they are more prone to diseases. But this insurance company provides a full coverage to those pets also. This insurance policy includes treatment for hormonal skin problems, prostate problems, mammary tumors, perianal tumors, ovarian and uterine conditions and other injuries caused by motor vehicles or any behavioral problems.

Covers older pets

Another great feature that you will get when you associate with this pet insurance company is that they provide insurance coverage policy for older pets also. There is no age limit restriction in this company. They understand it well, that older pets need more care and attention as well as they have to go through more treatment procedures than younger pets. So this insurance coverage policy is very beneficial to owners who have older pets.

Covers chronic illness

Pets Best insurance provides your pet an insurance coverage policy that covers various critical and chronic ailments like diabetes, cancer, allergies, arthritis, infections of skin and ear, cruciate ligament injuries, epilepsy, and urinary tract infections, etc. Since this pet insurance company understands your sentiments toward your pet, they do their best to help you in reducing your expenses spent during the treatment of your pet.

Covers accidental injury

Pets Best insurance provides you with different policy plans in which the insured pet is covered for injuries caused by an accident. Many companies do not cover accidental injuries and you have to bear all the expenses on your own even if your pet is insured with some insurance coverage. This is one of the great features that Pets Best provides to its customers. This accidental coverage policy covers poisoning, broken bones, lacerations, car accident, ingestion of some foreign object, and also includes accidents occurred during hunting procedures.

Pets Best Insurance