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The PetPremium pet insurance company was founded in 2013 by Frans Van Hulle. This pet insurance company is supported by Hartville Pet Insurance Group, which is a large pet insurance group that backs many other start-up insurance companies in the country. This pet insurance company raises awareness among people regarding their pet’s health and the importance of pet health insurance. By visiting its website, you will get information about different aspects of the health of your pet through various articles written by specialist veterinary doctors. It is significant to know more about this pet insurance company before associating with them for the insurance of your pet. Below is the detailed description of what this company offers and what is not covered in their policies.

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  • Prompt customer service
  • Simplified claiming process
  • Offers 10% discount for multiple pets


  • Fails to cover most of the pet’s veterinary services
  • Fails to offer insurance to older pets
  • Deductibles and fees can vary

Customer Service

PetPremium is well known for its amazing customer service and prompt response to their clients. If you have any query regarding claims, reimbursement, or your pet’s health, they will resolve your issue very quickly and easily.

Claim Process

The claim procedure for PetPremium is the simplest one in which you have to just download the claim form and send it back to PetPremium through email, mail or fax with necessary documents. You will get your reimbursement in thirty days of the claim. You can track your claim status on the website of PetPremium through its 24/7 PetPremium’s Member Center. The only disadvantage of the claiming process is that PetPremium doesn’t offer to file a claim directly through your mobile device or direct deposit.


Both of its insurance policies have different amounts for a maximum limit of one year. The annual limit for this insurance company starts from $2500 to an unlimited amount of money based on your premium amount or insurance policy. The deductible limit ranges from $100 to $500 based on your pet insurance policy plan. The reimbursement rates start from 70% to 90%, according to your deductible. There are certain treatments and procedures that are not covered by any of the insurance policies of PetPremium pet insurance. Your pet’s pre-existing conditions, dental cleanings, or grooming sessions are not covered by PetPremium. Any injuries or diseases that occur due to the pet owner’s ignorance are also not covered by PetPremium. They also do not cover prescription foods and boarding.

Enrollment age

The minimum age limit for your pet to be enrolled with PetPremium insurance is eight weeks. The maximum limit for dogs to enroll with PetPremium is under the age of twelve and for cats, the maximum age limit for the enrollment is not more than fourteen years of age. You can enroll your older pets under the accident-only coverage policy. But there is no option of enrolling them in total coverage policy.

Availability of Ambulance and Paramedical Services

In case of an emergency, you will need an ambulance for your pet and it will cost extra payments. With this pet insurance, you have to pay this extra bill as this is not covered in your pet insurance.


The premium cost for every insurance company is different and it purely depends on the age of your pet, the health condition of your pet, and more importantly on the insurance coverage plan, you select. On an average, the insurance coverage plan for your pet costs anywhere between $30 and $70 depending on your annual deductible and other options you have selected.


PetPremium offers two types of pet insurance coverage policies; accidents only coverage & total coverage. Both of the policies cover the conditions or diseases from which your pet is suffering during the one-year policy plan and after the renewal of the same insurance policy plan. When you take an insurance coverage policy of the total coverage plan, then the PetPremium insurance company will provide you insurance coverage for most of the ailments, hospitalizations, X-rays, lab tests, prescription medications, surgeries, and many more. But, if you opt for accident-only coverage policy plan, then your pet will not be insured for the treatment of any ailment. Additionally, this coverage policy starts only after fourteen days of the waiting period from your pet’s enrollment date in most of the states. The PetPremium pet insurance also covers the alternative therapies which are suggested to your pet if the disease comes under the category of a covered illness. These covered alternative therapies comprise of chiropractic care, acupuncture, and low-level laser therapy. There are some insurance companies that do not cover these alternative therapies. Thus, this is one of the strongest features of the PetPremium insurance company to consider.

PetPremium pet insurance offers a great advantage of covering preventive care for your pet. This plan is optional and you have to pay an extra amount of money for this extra coverage. With this insurance coverage, you will be able to reimburse the maximum annual limit for preventive care. For reimbursing this amount, it is not necessary to reach the annual deductible limit. This insurance coverage covers a few specific preventive care procedures.