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The Philadelphia-based Petplan Pet Insurance is a pet insurance company that is known for offering insurance for pet owners for covering veterinary bills. This organization is a sister company of Petplan UK and is also centered in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, France, and the Netherlands. Petplan is licensed in the country to offer insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They are devoted for providing pet parents with the essential assistance, resources, and gears they need to maintain their pets for not just living, but flourishing long into old age. Their mission is to ensure healthier and the longer existence for pets along with the peace of mind for their parents.

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  • 5% discount for users purchasing online
  • No lifetime/per condition claims limit
  • App available for iOS and Android


  • No wellness plan
  • Compulsory annual health check-ups in order for coverage to apply
  • Customer complaints regarding increasing premiums

Easy claiming process

Log into your account through the account portal for filing a claim or download a customized claim form. Follow the step-by-step instructions for completing the Petplan pre-authorization request. It is not required while filing a claim. You can file a claim at any time from anywhere through the Petplan Claims app. This is the fast and easy manner to send the claim from your mobile phone. All you need to do is to login and click on “File a New Claim” and fill up the required information. Once the photos of your invoice and medical records are uploaded you are done with it.

Flexible deductible options

An annual deductible is carried out, once per coverage term to all covered conditions. The per-condition deductible is carried out on every separate condition in the duration of the policy term and can help you in keeping your premium low. For example, you have filed three claims for treatment associated with one foreign body ingestion, the deductible will be applied only once provided all treatment took place in the duration of one policy year.

No behavioral therapy coverage

For policies having an annual limit of $15,000 or more, Petplan provides coverage of $1,000 per policy term for consultations with a certified veterinarian for diagnosing and treating behavioral issues in which an underlying medical circumstance is the reason of the problem. However, coverage is not applicable to the obedience training. For the faster process of claiming, it is suggested that the vet must include the necessity for behavioral therapy in the medical records of the pet.

No coverage for elective surgeries

Petplan’s Pet Insurance Policies do not offer coverage for elective procedures which includes cosmetic or preventive surgeries. Examples of elective procedures are but not limited to declawing, dew claw removal, prophylactic gastropexy, ear cropping, spay and neuter, anal sac removal, and tail docking.

No coverage for routine care

Petplan Pet Insurance does not provide coverage for routine care. Their policy is designed in a way to give you a comprehensive protection against unexpected vet payments for accidents and illnesses.

Covered diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing expenses are covered by your Petplan policy, provided that the treating veterinarian feels that the testing was essential as a part of investigating your pet’s illness or injury. However, it must be noted that the testing and treatment required for pre-existing conditions or for any complications which are excluded or limited by the policy such as elective surgery, will not be covered.

Complete coverage for the prescribed medications

Complete coverage is provided for the prescriptions, nutritional supplements, and vitamins in all Petplan policies. But the condition is that they must be prescribed by the treating veterinarian as a treatment for an illness or accident, provided that the illness or accident is not the pre-existing condition.

Holistic care and alternative therapies

In a few instances, your pet might also need more than conventional treatments so as to recover fully. They also provide coverage for the holistic care and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and veterinary chiropractic treatments provided that they are recommended by a certified veterinarian. Any rehabilitation performed at the veterinary facility is also covered.

There is coverage for a maximum number of illnesses and accidents

An all-inclusive coverage is provided by PetPlan for the reimbursement of veterinary charges because of injury or illness, which comprises chronic and hereditary conditions. There is coverage provided for the following, however, is not limited to:

  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing, which includes particular chemistry and hematology.
  • Surgeries including all hip and CCL surgical approaches.
  • Prescribed medications for life which include brands like Atopica, Rimadyl, and Denamarin.
  • Non-routine dental treatments such as tooth extraction and root canal treatment.
  • Referral and specialist treatments which might include surgery, cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, dentistry, dermatology, and neurology.
  • Imaging consisting of MRI and CAT scans.