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PetFirst Pet Insurance’s mission is to introduce you to products that will create financial and emotional value. Let’s look at what types of pet coverage is offered by the PetFirst Pet Insurance Company in detail. PetFirst Pet Insurance is one of the fastest developing pet health insurance organizations in North America. It has helped many families pay for the veterinary care services of their pets. They strive every day for creating beneficial pet coverage products and services in order to offer a solution to the requirements of every family. They always try to provide you with the best policies in the market as well as include you in the conversation about your pet’s care.

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  • All specialist/emergency expenses covered
  • No upper age limit for enrolment
  • Customizable plans


  • Unprescribed supplements not covered
  • Paramedical services not covered
  • Ineffective customer service

Customer service

The customer services provided by PetFirst pet insurance are available for a few hours only. They do not give 24/7 customer support. Their customer service is not up to the mark, and many customers are not satisfied with their services.

The claim process

You have to fill a form for the reimbursement with the proper documents and the necessary information. The claim process is easy, but some customers have complained about the claim settlement. The positive thing is that they do react to complaints regularly if the correct medium is used to contact them.


There is no per-incident or per-lifetime limit for payouts with PetFirst pet insurance. They have an annual deductible limit according to the plan you select. There is no maximum limit to the benefits you gain, and you enjoy coverage for the entire life of your pet without a payout cap. The policies have robust annual limits that reset at the start of the new policy year. There aren’t any per-incident restrictions on the plans; so, if you need to use the whole lot of your annual limit at once, you can.

Enrolment age

The minimum enrolment age for this pet insurance is eight weeks, and you can enrol your pet any time after this, as there is no upper age limit to enrol your pet.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

There is no coverage for an ambulance and paramedical services. You have to pay from your pocket for these types of expenses in case of an emergency.


When you associate with PetFirst pet insurance, they guarantee you with an affordable premium per month. Premium cost will change with the amount of deductible you pay. The premium amount will depend on the age and breed of your pet and the policy plan you select.


In line with the American Pet Products Association, people spend an average of $235 for dogs and $196 for cats on routine health care every month. To help you with this regularly incurred cost, there are various options provided by PetFirst Pet Insurance, which you may include in your coverage.

The routine care coverage rider reimburses you for the expenses incurred for preventative wellness care, which is part of taking care of the pet. Once your pet is insured with the PetFirst Pet Insurance policy, they offer a continuous coverage for any hereditary and congenital conditions that might have revealed in the previous policy year. In case the hereditary or congenital condition and its symptoms are noted by your veterinarian before enrolment, they will be considered as preexisting conditions and won’t be covered by your PetFirst pet insurance policy.

They do not offer coverage for any supplements unless it is prescribed by the veterinarian. However, they might help you with Denamarin, a generally-prescribed supplement for liver, and Crananidin, a cranberry supplement for UTIs, if your veterinarian has prescribed them. In case your vet has recommended a supplement, and you are not sure whether it is covered under your policy or not, you can give them a call; they will surely help you out.

If you are suggested or required to go to a specialist or to an emergency vet, you will still get reimbursed in the same way while you are visiting your regular vet. Any type of specialist fee or emergency charges will be covered as the part of the examination fee. So, there is no need to hesitate to take your dog or cat to the right care provider for treatment. PetFirst is known for offering excellent pet health insurance coverage and benefits to older pets.