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Nationwide pet insurance is one of the oldest and biggest pet health insurance providers in the country. They provide unique coverage plans to their clients that are best suited to their requirements. Nationwide is one of the most trustworthy pet insurance companies in the country as well. Read on to know more about Nationwide pet insurance and its offerings.

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  • Wellness plans offer 90% reimbursement
  • Low-cost monthly insurance premium
  • Quick payouts and better coverage


  • Medciations covered must be FDA-approved
  • Ambulance and paramedic services not covered
  • Claim process could be time-consuming

Customer service

The Vet Helpline is a commendatory service, which is included in all Nationwide pet insurance policies. Vet experts are available 24/7 on phone, email, or through Web chat so as to help you out with common pet health queries or identify urgent care needs. Members can call the helpline number or send a mail on the email address given on their website for accessing the email and chat functionalities. It must be noted that the Vet Helpline professionals are not responsible for diagnosing conditions or prescribe medicines and their consultation is not an alternative for a visit to the primary vet.

Claim process

The claim process could be slightly time-consuming. However, they have recently added an app for better and faster claim process. With this application, you can track your claim reimbursement. This way they can help their customers in the process of claim and the customers will receive about 90% reimbursement. Even though Nationwide offers the best coverage plans, it seems to have issues reported about their claiming process.


Nationwide pet insurance provides their customers with quick payouts and better coverage. Due to the reimbursement rate, the monthly premium amount will increase with a $250 deductible. If you have taken the Whole Pet with Wellness or My Pet Protection plan, around 90% reimbursement of your vet expenses is covered for the eligible conditions which may also include expenses required for prescription medications, therapeutic foods, and holistic or homeopathic treatments if prescribed by a vet for any eligible condition.

Enrollment age

For enrolling any new pet under the Major Medical, Medical, or Feline Select plans, your cats and dogs must be less than 10 years of age. However, there are no age restrictions on the My Pet Protection plans and the Avian and Exotic Pet plans. Cats and dogs must be older than 1 year for enrollment in the Whole Pet with Wellness plan.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

The services for an ambulance and paramedic are not covered by Nationwide pet insurance. Therefore, in the case of an emergency when you need any services of ambulance and paramedics, you have to pay the extra amount from your pocket.


Nationwide pet insurance offers a low-cost premium for pet insurance every month. The species of your pet, the type of the policy plan, and the state of residence of your pet might affect the premium cost of your pet insurance plan.

Covers medications and holistic and homeopathic treatments

If your pet is being covered for any condition, this implies that the prescribed medications are also covered as well; however, the condition is that the medication must be FDA approved. Notably, there is no coverage given for nutritional supplements. Holistic and homeopathic treatments which might include chiropractic care, physical therapy, and acupuncture are covered by them only if the treatment is taken under the immediate supervision of a certified vet and the condition is eligible for the coverage.

Covers conditions related to teeth and mouth

Pre-existing conditions are classified as an illness or injury that your pet was suffering from before the start of coverage or in the duration of the waiting period. Most probably, your pet might still be eligible for coverage even though it is presently suffering from any pre-existing condition. For more details on your specific pre-existing condition, it is suggested that you contact directly with a Nationwide pet insurance expert.
Nationwide plans provide coverage for conditions associated with teeth and mouth illness which include periodontitis and abscessed teeth, fractured teeth or trauma due to accidents, or procedures used for treating these conditions such as extractions or root canals. The benefits related to injury or illnesses that involve teeth and mouth are eligible for coverage as long as the condition is not pre-existing on the policy effective date.

Pet insurance plans offered by Nationwide

Nationwide offers two types of routine care insurance plans to its customers and both these plans can be purchased separately as a standalone product or can be added to the medical plan being chosen. The Basic Wellness Plan offers benefits such as routine wellness care, which includes vaccinations and flea/heartworm preventives. The Pet Wellness Plus plan offers a similar coverage as that of the basic plan but with more benefits. In addition to the particular wellness plans, they offer Whole Pet with Wellness plan and My Pet Protection with Wellness plan that reimburses around 90% of the vet expenses which includes costs required for preventive or routine services.