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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance aims to help pet parents in taking care of their four-legged family members by giving them the best medical care when needed. Their non-profit foundation has also helped many pet rescues. It also has animal shelters care programs for sick and homeless pets through its Every Quote Gives Hope™ medical grant program. They have plans for advanced cancer treatments to ACL surgeries and a lot more. Let us look at the details of the pet insurance plans provided by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

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  • Extensive coverage policy
  • Direct payment option
  • Facility to postpone payments


  • Average customer care service
  • Issues with the claims process
  • No ambulance and paramedical services

Enrollment age

The minimum and maximum enrollment age for the pet is eight weeks and fourteen years respectively. When you get pet insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, your pet will get lifetime coverage.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance does not provide ambulance and paramedical services. In case of an emergency, you have to pay for an ambulance or paramedical services by yourself.


The cost of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is quite affordable. You need to pay the insurance premiums on a monthly basis. The cost of pet insurance will vary depending on your pet’s age and breed.
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance understands that you may undergo financial problems where you need to make some adjustments. In such situations, you are allowed to postpone your next payment. You can apply for delaying your payment through their customer care center.


The insurance plan from this provider covers the most unexpected problems that might arise with the pet’s health, whether it because of an accident or illness. If the accident or illness happens after the enrollment or in the applicable waiting period, it is eligible for coverage. For any coverable condition, the policy offers to pay for the necessary medical veterinary treatments which include the following but are not limited to surgeries, prescribed medications, diagnostic testing including x-rays and blood tests, hospitalization as well as any treatment while in the hospital. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance also provides coverage for dental care associated with traumatic injuries which include chipping a tooth while chewing a bone. If there is any damage to your pet’s mouth due to an external cause, they will offer coverage for the expenses involved in the extraction or reconstruction of damaged teeth. However, dental cleaning or extractions due to dental decay are excluded from the coverage. The best part about the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is that hip dysplasia is covered at no additional charges.

Pets have numerous forms of congenital conditions that do not become obvious until some time after birth. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance will cover these kinds of congenital conditions as long as there had been no clinical signs or symptoms present before enrollment or in the duration of the waiting period. If your pet has had no issues with cruciate ligaments and no records of limping, then they will cover issues with either leg in the future after a complete medical evaluation. It also implies that if your pet was showing any cruciate ligament issues which include lameness, or a full or partial tear before enrollment, then even the other side will be excluded from the coverage. This factor is the only bilateral exclusion in the pet insurance policy provided by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. The only disappointing thing about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is that it does not offer any coverage for wellness and preventive care. Thus, the most common exclusions because of this are the vet’s regular examination fees, pet diets, daycare or boarding, and so on.