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The Figo pet insurance company was established in 2012. This pet insurance company is Chicago-based and it provides various insurance policy services to pets. This company introduces many innovative, affordable health care plans for pets. These healthcare insurance plans have the simplest deductible and reimbursement rates. They provide their customers with an easy enrollment procedure to register their pets with them. Additionally, they are working on Pet cloud technology, which also assists you in managing your pet’s life with your mobile device. There are more features of this pet insurance company which you can consider before deciding if you want to start a pet insurance plan with them or not.

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  • Covers hereditary conditions
  • Reputed customer service
  • Feature like Pet Cloud technology


  • No paramedic/ambulance charge cover
  • Minimum age limit
  • Unclear wording on claiming policies

Customer Service

You can get an excellent customer service with Figo pet insurance. If you have a query, they claim to resolve it in a few moments only.

Claiming procedure

According to its various customers, the Figo claim procedure is super easy to work with and they disburse the required funds immediately but certain clients have reported repeated misunderstanding between the agency and them due to the vague wording of terms on the former’s part. This has led to long waiting periods and denial of claims. The customer service which Figo offers are also very good, helpful and efficient.


The ultimate plan with Figo pet insurance has no annual limit for the claim. The reimbursement rates start from 70% to 100% with annual deductible ranges from $50 to $500 depending on your policy plan. When you choose Figo pet insurance, they will cover most of the diseases and other expenses. However, Figo insurance coverage policy will not cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions, routine care, neutering, pets that are younger than eight weeks, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, grooming procedure, pregnancy, injury due to negligence, injury due to racing or fighting, cloned pets, injury due to chemical or biological or nuclear problems.

Enrollment age

If your pet’s age is more than eight weeks, you can enroll him with Figo pet insurance. There is no upper age limit for your pet’s insurance. But your premium amount will increase with the age of your pet.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

There is no coverage for an ambulance and paramedical services with Figo pet insurance. You have to pay for the ambulance and paramedical services in case your pet needs it.


They provide you with an affordable premium amount which is based on the age of the pet, breed of pet, and location of pet. Also, the premium amount changes with the deductible amount, copay, and policy plan you have selected.


Most of the policies by the Figo insurance company cover all the emergency conditions and hospitalization bills. The bills generated in vet hospitals are usually quite extensive and can burn a hole in anybody’s pocket. But, when your pet insurance policy covers all the hospital bills and emergency care treatment payments, this becomes an important feature to be considered while opting for an insurance policy.

Figo insurance company covers all the examination fees for veterinary covered treatments. This does not mean that Figo will cover your pet’s regular examination fee. But, if any, specific examination is required to check your pet’s health, then the bill will be reimbursed by Figo pet insurance. This insurance plan covers most of the surgical procedures if they are related to covered diseases or injury. The surgical procedures are extremely expensive if your pet is not covered with this kind of insurance. Therefore, to reduce your expense, you must enroll your pet with such insurance which covers such expenses. When your pet suffers from any disease or injury, the most important thing for correct diagnosis is to do some blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, or CAT scans. All of these diagnostic tests and blood work will provide your veterinary doctor with detailed information about your pet’s health. Figo insurance will provide you with a better insurance coverage policy which covers all these tests and hence, assists you in providing a good health care for your pet.

Many companies consider hereditary and congenital diseases as the pre-existing diseases. Therefore, they do not cover these ailments. However, with the Figo insurance coverage policy, you will be able to make a coverage plan for your pet’s genetic and congenital diseases as well. This is another great advantage of associating with this pet insurance company. Figo pet insurance will also assist you in the treatment of the knee condition and ligament condition of your pet. There is one condition in availing this policy that your pet’s knee should be in healthy condition while you enroll with them. Otherwise, you have to wait for six months waiting period after which you will get reimbursed for this treatment. Most of the insurance companies will not cover your pet’s prosthetic and orthotic device treatment. Figo gives your pet, the privilege of living a healthy and normal life by providing an insurance coverage policy which will support you in reducing the expenses of the treatment for this procedure.

If you have an insurance coverage policy with Figo for your pet, then it will cover the treatment of your pet’s dental health in critical conditions only. This insurance coverage policy will not cover routine dental checkups or preventive dental health care. If you are the only one to take care of your pet and because of some reasons you will be hospitalized for more than ninety-six hours, then Figo provides you with an insurance coverage policy which will assist in boarding your pet at a licensed cattery or kennel. This insurance policy comes under the ultimate plan of insurance coverage and it is another special policy which benefitted many customers during these types of situations. If your pet is insured with Figo insurance company’s preferred or ultimate coverage plan, then there is one more advantage that you will get when your pet is either stolen or strays. According to this plan, Figo will cover the advertising payments and offer a reward for up to $250 or $500 depending on your coverage plan.