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Embrace Pet Insurance is a pet health insurance company based in Ohio. It provides personalized insurance plans for cats and dogs all over the country. Embrace Pet Insurance will assist you in providing great health care for your pets when they are ill or injured. This pet insurance company has a lot of coverage plans that you can select from according to your needs and budget.

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  • No lifetime limit
  • Offers optional Wellness Rewards
  • Affordable monthly costs


  • $1 monthly transaction fees
  • Only covers pets aged 14 and younger
  • Limited hours for live chat and phone

Customer service

By associating with this insurance coverage policy, you will get a pet helpline with expert veterinary doctors. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait for the regular vet office timings and your pet needs immediate treatment. These services are most helpful at that time. You can call a specialist veterinary doctor for a consultation and he or she will prescribe your pet some medications, according to your description of your pet’s condition. This helpline will be provided to you at no extra cost. Additionally, you will get customer support for billing or reimbursement procedures. However, the live chat and phone helpline are available for limited hours only.

Claim process

Despite the fact that this insurance company covers most of the expensive treatments and medications, the claim procedure for this insurance company is not as good as they promise. They will ask you to fill certain forms and after all the procedure is completed from your side, then they will link your pet’s disease to some pre-existing disease. Thus, it is very difficult to get your reimbursement on time.


The annual maximum limit starts from $5000 to $30000. The reimbursement rates that you will get with an Embrace Pet Insurance ranges from 70% to 90% with the annual deductible limit of $200 to $1000. When you make an insurance policy for your pet with Embrace, your pet will be insured with this insurance policy for a lifetime. The insurance company will never make any changes in your policy until the customer himself or herself makes any change to the insurance policy. The Embrace Pet Insurance company will provide your pet with complete coverage that is included in its policy. There are certain conditions and illnesses that are not covered by Embrace Pet Insurance policies. These conditions are any pre-existing conditions, routine veterinary care, breeding, pregnancy, whelping, deliberate injury caused to the pet by you or anyone else in your home, any injury or disease due to running or fighting or ignorance, injury caused because of any cosmetic procedure, DNA testing or cloning, stem cell therapy, avian flu, and some others.

Enrollment age

For enrolling your pet with Embrace Pet Insurance, your pet must be under 14 years of age. If your pet is above fourteen years of age, then they are eligible for an accident-only policy.

Availability of ambulance and paramedical services

There is a facility of reimbursement for ambulance transport in case of an emergency by Embrace Pet Insurance. It will not increase the maximum annual limits for your insurance.


The monthly premium with Embrace Pet Insurance is cost-effective for both cats and dogs. If you are going to pay for either dogs or cats, the premium amount will be around $15 to $50. The premium amount will purely depend on your annual deductible and your policy plan.


Embrace Pet Insurance completely covers the breed-specific genetic conditions and illnesses of pets. Genetic defects are the conditions that are transferred to a pet from his or her parents. Breed-specific means those diseases that occur in some specific breed more than other breeds. All the treatments, inclusive of a surgery that is required for curing these type of illnesses, are mostly covered by this insurance company. Many insurance companies cover various critical diseases like cancer but most of them provide insurance for this type of ailment at a very expensive rate. Embrace Pet Insurance provides you with an insurance coverage for your pet’s cancer treatment in all of its accident and illness policies. The cancer treatment coverage plan by Embrace covers diagnostics and tests, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hospitalization and surgery, rehabilitation, and alternative therapies. With Embrace Pet Insurance coverage, you will get maximum reimbursement for a year.

As Embrace covers your pet’s regular visits to the veterinary doctors, it also covers those visits when your pet needs a specialist care or an emergency visit to a hospital. These specialty care and emergency care are the expensive ones for you to pay. But, when you have covered your pet with Embrace Pet Insurance, you can relax as Embrace will make sure to cover all these expenses. All of Embrace Pet Insurance coverage plans include the prescription drug that is FDA approved and homeopathic pharmacopeia. This prescription drug coverage plan covers only that medication which is prescribed for the covered medical conditions. You can get coverage for most of the medicines for your pet such as medications for allergy, antibiotics, insulin, eye drops, ear drops, and more. There are various chronic conditions like allergies and diabetes, which your pet may develop over time. The insurance policies of Embrace Pet Insurance cover these chronic conditions related treatment and medications if they are not pre-existing. These chronic diseases can last for a lifetime; hence, its treatment also lasts for a longer period of time. Thus, this coverage policy by Embrace Pet Insurance is another great advantage to avail in case you have to get treatment for such chronic conditions for your pet.