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Pet insurance, also known as pet health insurance, is instrumental in covering the cost of veterinary care in case the pet becomes ill or is injured. In fact, some pet insurance companies even provide reimbursement for several wellness procedures such as heartworm testing, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance as it has deductibles, co-pays, maximum payouts, premiums, waiting periods, and no coverage for pre-existing conditions.

One such pet insurance service provider is 24PetWatch®, a subsidiary of Pethealth Inc. which provides services like pet insurance and companion animal services to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This leading Ontario-based provider of pet insurance and pet protection services covers unexpected accidents and illnesses that affect dogs and cats, and even covers the cost of microchip ID. Moreover, the pet insurance service provider offers pet recovery services.

Certain important aspects of 24PetWatch® are outlined below in detail. This will help you make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right insurance for your pet.

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  • Coverage of unlimited accidents and illnesses
  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • Alternative treatment offers


  • Slow claim process
  • Customer service not up to par
  • Low enrollment age

Accessible customer service

It is easy to get in touch with the customer service at 24PetWatch® as it a straightforward process. The live chat system on the official website makes it convenient for you to get in touch with the customer service representative. However, there are instances when the customers weren’t satisfied with the service they received, which implies that there’s a room for improvement here.

Unsatisfactory claim process

Though this pet insurance provider offers extensive coverage, the claim process isn’t up to the mark. There have been several issues regarding the way the claims are processed. The claim process is quite slow and can leave you desiring for better services.

Maximum payouts

If you choose the lifetime coverage for your pet, the amounts that 24PetWatch® will pay over the lifetime of the policy depends on the per-body system basis. This implies that if the pet has a pre-existing condition, there are instances where the coverage for these illnesses can be denied later in life as it exceeds the maximum allowable payouts.

Restrictive enrollment age

Though the pet insurance policies from 24PetWatch® offer comprehensive coverage, it disappoints when it comes to the enrollment age. The enrollment age for policies from this pet insurance provider is set between 8 months and 10 years. Pets that are older than 10 years are denied new policies. This implies that the pets that are older than 10 years and in dire need for medical and other emergency services cannot avail of the benefits of the pet insurance.

Covers prescription medications and homeopathic treatments

In addition to covering the cost of prescription medications for your pets, 24PetWatch® covers the cost of alternative treatment like homeopathic treatments or other all-natural treatments that are becoming immensely popular these days. This stands in strong contrast to other insurance companies that refuse to provide coverage for such alternative medications. In fact, this pet insurance provider will offer you the same coverage for alternative treatments that you usually receive when you take your pet to a standard vet.

Availability of the ambulance and paramedical services

This is one of the services that only a few pet insurance providers offer. In case you ever have to call an ambulance for your pet, the coverage for this is available through 24PetWatch®. Even the emergency paramedical services sought in such situations are covered by this pet insurance provider.

Affordable monthly premiums

One of the benefits of opting for pet insurance policies from 24PetWatch® is that it offers affordable premiums to its customers. Thus, it remains competitive with other major pet insurance providers by offering competitive monthly premiums. The customers are required to pay a standard deductible and choose the level of coverage they need; the premium that is to be paid every month is based on this amount.

Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered by the policies

Just like health insurance for humans, several pet insurance services do not cover hereditary diseases and congenital conditions. However, 24PetWatch® offers pet insurance policies that cover your pet’s birth defects or any diseases that are hereditary. Though these conditions are covered by the policies, both the type of illnesses are covered on a per-incident basis.

Covers maximum numbers of illnesses and accidents

Usually, pet insurance services cover a limited number of illnesses and they even restrict the accident coverage they offer on their yearly or lifetime policies. However, 24PetWatch® offers coverage for an unlimited number of accidents and illnesses. This implies that you wouldn’t have to worry about whether the insurance agency will cover your pet’s accident or illnesses. So, even if your pet suffers from a chronic illness, you will not be denied coverage in the future just because you already have made claims previously.