Things To Do On Your First Date After Meeting Online

Things to do on your first date after meeting online

Getting on an online dating website or app and actually taking that first step to text someone can be straight up nerve racking. But, sometimes, something magical happens and you end up matching with someone. After weeks of incessant to-and-fro texting and light flirtation, it might seem like fate has worked well.

You now want to meet them and are anxious about the next step — setting up a date. You really want to ask them out but what if they’re not what you hoped for or what you had in mind? Or worse, what if you’re not what they had in mind?

Picking an amazing first date can be stressful. Should you hold hands? Should you grab dinner at that fancy restaurant in town? Maybe a movie is a better choice? Should you maybe just hit the bar? Or cook up something new altogether?

Well, fret not. Here we have for you a list of activities that make for a perfect date.

Surviving the first date 101
Now that you’ve decided you want to meet up, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before and during your “date”.

  • Ensure that you’re finally ready to meet up: It is essential to be aware about your mental and emotional health. You do not want to lead someone on if you’re not willing to put yourself out there. So, take your time to think about it, ask yourself, “Am I ready for this?” and make a well informed decision.
  • Pick the right time to ask them out: Asking people out implies that you’re open to the possibility of something more. Do not do it too soon after you start talking because you won’t know if the person is worth it or not and do not wait around either for they might lose interest.
  • Keep it simple and casual: The whole point of the first date is to test the waters. To do this, you need to be comfortable and the best way to actually learn more about the person is to keep things casual. Do things that are mutually likeable. Steer clear of fancy restaurants or super expensive activities; low-key is the way to go.
  • Choose a safe and public location: Your safety matters. Even if you have been talking and communicating for a while, it’s important to remember that you are meeting a stranger. So be careful, share your location with your friends/family at all times, and choose public places that are brightly lit.
  • Show up on time: Do not be late to the date. Not only is it rude, it depicts a certain level of disrespect towards the other person. This is a huge red flag. No one wants to date someone who does not consider their time and effort valuable.
  • Dress according to the occasion: Worried about what to wear? It is quite challenging to find a dress that screams ‘first date’ but since the date is casual, your attire should be casual too. Don’t go overboard with casual. It might get awkward if you show up in sweats on a first date. It’s important to find the right balance of comfort and practicality.
  • Smile: Since, it’s a first date and both parties could be nervous – smiling goes a long way in soothing nerves. A smile can help keep the atmosphere positive.
  • Politeness and respect go a long way: Always be polite and know your limits. Don’t over step and don’t try too hard to get the opposite person to like you. Engage in conversation — it goes a long way in cementing a relationship.
  • Table manners for the win: If it’s a lunch or coffee date, follow the correct table manners. Etiquette goes a long way and makes you more attractive. That being said, do not indulge in pretense and try to be too sophisticated.
  • The right amount of talking and listening: You want to charm your partner, this can only be done if you not just talk but also listen to them. Do not take over conversations or keep mum. Make the conversation as scintillating and interactive as possible. Also, know which topics are appropriate. Don’t probe too much or ask personal and intimate questions, especially on a first date.
  • Ask questions, especially good ones: To maintain the mood, ask the right questions. Their favorite foods, travel, hobbies all make for interesting conversation starters.
  • Honesty is really the best policy: At the end of the date, it’s absolutely essential that you not only be honest with them but also yourself. Do you see this going somewhere or not? Should you take this to the next level or just stay friends? Be upfront and honest about your feelings.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations: Expectations often ruin first dates. Many times it’s because people are not what they appear to be online or either one of the potentials could be choosy. It’s best to go on a date with the idea of having fun and just getting to know the other person.

Fun yet simple first date ideas

  • And that’s a strike!

Who does not love bowling? Get to a bowling alley and knock down some pins. A little friendly competition can be real fun.

  • Hit that note

Jam to the beats of your favorite tunes by hitting a karaoke bar. Belt out some of the best songs while crooning alongside your potential bae.

  • Just for laughs

For someone who does not prefer the above activities, attending an indoor comedy show sounds perfect. A sense of humor aids your romantic abilities, so go get your funny bone tickled!

  • Live music

If you’re into bands, or just a fan of music in general, attending a gig is the perfect opportunity to share your love for beats.

  • Board games

Another one for people who love staying indoors — pull out that Monopoly or stack some Jenga. You could even plan one with a twist. Put some competition into the mix.

  • What even is brunch?

That meal between breakfast and lunch? Yes, grab one of those. It’s super casual and the perfect spot for a first date. If it’s not working well, you can even leave saying you have to get to work.

How do I start over?

Now, even after the date, it is possible that things don’t work out for whatever reason. There’s no need to worry about starting over. Remember that online dating, and even dating in general, is always a bunch of ‘nopes’ until you find the one for you.

One failure does not mean you need to give up on online dating altogether. It does have pros and cons, so keep using the online dating sites, who knows, maybe you’ll meet the one. For more help, you can also check out our articles on tips for online dating and writing a good dating profile for a woman.

In fact, if your current online dating websites or apps are not working for you, here is a list of the top five online dating sites that would be suitable for you:

  • eHarmony

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  • EliteSingles

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  • SilverSingles

Made for anyone over the age of 50, this is the perfect online dating site if you’re looking for partnerships, companionships, and even relationships.

  • Christian Mingle

If your life revolves around God and if you’re looking for someone in the Christian religion, Christian Mingle is the online dating site for you.


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