Reasons Why You Need A Medical Alert System

If you have been looking for reasons to get a medical alert system, some studies can help give you the answer. Research shows that if medical aid is received within one hour after the emergency has occurred, people can have a 90 percent chance of maintaining their independence in living without needing lifelong assistance. In fact, due to its importance, this period is also known as the ‘golden hour’. Therefore, having a medical alert system can ensure that your loved one can receive all the assistance that they need in this ‘golden hour’.

In addition to this, several other benefits will answer one of the most common queries – why get a medical alert system? Here are some of them discussed in detail.

For seniors who live alone
Many seniors prefer to continue living in their homes, even if they have to live alone. In such cases, there are valid reasons to buy a medical alert system. Having an alert system will provide security to your elderly and will ensure that they are safe all the time. Also, having an alert system will allow seniors who live alone to send distress signals whenever there is a need for immediate help. Living alone comes at a high risk of navigating alone on encountering an accident, a medical emergency, or a break-in. But, if you have a medical system alert with you, it can assist you in any situation.

For people who are at risk of falling or have fallen
Any person who is at risk of falling can benefit largely from a medical alert system. If a person has a history of falling or is at risk of falling in the future, medical alert systems will help them in an emergency. If your family member has already suffered a fall, it is imperative to have a medical alert system with them 24×7. When a person has experienced a fall in the past, the chances of experiencing another fall are doubled, thus putting them at very high risk.

Having a medical alert system on them will ensure that if the person experiences a fall, they are not stranded on the staircase without any medical assistance for hours. Some medical alert systems come with a fall sensor also. These sensors detect a fall and can inform your emergency contact immediately about the fall and the location of the fall.

For people with mobility problems
If an accident has caused mobility problems in a person, there are chances that they might not be able to go around the house so easily. When you have such a person in the house, it is extremely important to have a medical alert system on them. Also, in such a scenario, the chances of falls should be reduced in the home by identifying the potential hazards such as bathtubs, rugs, or any other uneven surfaces.

For people with anxiety
Aging can make people prone to falling. However, some people know their risks and worry a lot about the threat of limited mobility. This can make them overthink and can even cause anxiety. This is enough reason to invest in a medical alert system. When you have something that ensures your safety all the time, like a medical alert system, you worry less. Knowing that medical assistance is available during any hour of the day makes you feel less worried about your well-being.

For people on medication
People who are on medication can experience some severe side effects. These side effects can have a serious impact on your regular day-to-day activities. For example, side effects of certain medications can include dizziness which increases your chances of experiencing a fall. Dizziness can affect the coordination and balance of your body and make moving without any support extremely hazardous. Therefore, if your family member’s medication has this side effect, you have strong reasons to buy a medical alert system.

While the reasons for getting a medical alert system are numerous, with so many options available in the market, it can get a little confusing to pick the right one. Here are a few great options.

  • MobileHelp®
    This is a medical alert system with highly advanced technology which enables swift assistance with just a push of a button. The device comes in the form of a portable pendant which can be easily carried by anyone who needs it. All you have to do is press the pendant or the portable emergency button on it. Once the signal is sent, it will connect you to MobileHelp® emergency operators who will have access to your location. Once the distress signal is received, the operator will then establish a 2-way communication and assess the situation. Based on your needs, the operator will then contact a neighbor, friend, or family member who will come and get you. Additionally, depending on the need of the distressed person, the operator will also send an ambulance, a fire truck, or even a police officer at the location.
  • LifeFone
    The emergency button on the LifeFone device usually comes in the form of a pendant, a wall-mounted button, or a wristband. When the emergency button is pushed, a signal is sent to the base unit which is set up at your home and then to a LifeFone assistance center. If the emergency has occurred outside the premises of your home, it will not be difficult to track the person in distress since the device comes with a GPS.

These are some of the reasons to get a medical alert system and some of the leading providers of that service. It is always wise to take precautions before facing a medical emergency, be it for you or your loved ones.

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