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Providing Superior Home Medical Alert Systems In The Country.


Developed by MIT scientists, QMedic is a company that provides top-rated home medical alert systems. These systems come with three services, featuring cellular, landline, and mobile GPS. QMedic’s proactive technology makes it easy for caregivers to help their loved ones age independently. This can be perfect for those who are aging, have special needs and live alone and need medical assistance during emergencies. QMedic operates in 46 states and is partnered with leading Medicaid health plans all over the country namely BlueCross BlueShield, Medica, WellCare, and UnitedHealthcare.

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  • 24/7 call center
  • Waterproof help button
  • Easy setup and maintenance


  • No automatic fall detection
  • Limited geographical insurance coverage

Key Features

  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Tracks user’s activity
  • Custom alerts for caregivers
  • Detects if a user is at home
  • Detects if the device is worn

Who is it for?

  • Aging citizens
  • Blind individuals
  • Disabled patients

How QMedic works?

The user has to choose from connectivity options like In-Home Landline, In-Home Cellular or Outdoor Mobile GPS Medical Alert System. Once that is done, they can select the billing plan and device preference. They can either choose from a monthly billing plan or an annual one. After the product is added to the cart, the user is directed to the checkout page where they can make the payment by entering personal details like name, email address, contact details, address. The device is then delivered to the user’s address within 3-5 working days.

Features at a glance

  • 24/7 call center: An emergency can occur at any time during the day, so having a 24-hour customer care service is reassuring for caregivers. The user can press the button at any hour and be rest assured that help will be on the way.
  • Detects the user’s activity: This feature tracks the user’s activity, sleep, and if they have worn the device or not. The activities provide an idea of the person’s physical state, giving the opportunity for one to predict the possibility of an emergency.
  • Base station with two-way speakerphone: With the press of a button, there is a care team at the end of the line that can interact with the user. Using a speakerphone, both the parties can exchange dialogues and the user can convey their concerns to the person-in-charge directly.


Once your device has come to your doorstep, setting it up is easy and takes less than 10 minutes! Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: There is a QMedic Base Station that comes with the set, so the first step would be to choose the placement of this. According to the makers, the best placement would be a centrally-located room where the user spends most of their time.

Step 2: Plug this base station into a power cord that is a standard outlet, not the one that is controlled by a switch.

Step 3: The base station comes with a label “Wall”; connect the provided telephone cord to this wall jack and the port. If there is already a phone connected to this wall jack, it will have to be temporarily disconnected. Make sure that the line runs directly from the wall jack to the base station.

Step 4: If there was a phone connected to the wall jack before, it will now have to be connected to the base station port labeled “Phone”.

Step 5: Once all the wires are set, the user can then place a test call to QMedic’s emergency call center by pressing the wearable help button. There will be an operator at the other end of the line to whom the user will inform about this test call.

Fall detection

QMedic does not come with an automatic fall detection call feature. The user will have to physically press the button for the emergency call to be placed. However, the company is working on designing a fall detection technology and is still in the testing phase. QMedic also takes a stand that fall detection systems are prone to false alarms and instead chooses to use a feature where the user’s activity is monitored to make sure they are well.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

If the user is on Medicaid, or Managed Medicaid/Medicare Advantage program, then they may be eligible for coverage or reimbursement for QMedic’s service in some states in the country namely Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee or Texas.
If the user has any questions regarding insurance coverage, then they can contact the toll-free sales line number provided on their website—877.241.2244

Sign up and registration

The registration process is easy. QMedic asks for entry information where they ask the user to list down emergency contacts which may be friends and/or family that have a key to the house. At registration, the user will also put a preference where if to call an emergency service after pressing the button or to call a caregiver. The company will follow the protocol that is set by the user during registration. If at any point one wants to change this protocol, they may do so by contacting the support team.

How much does it cost

The price varies for the different services offered. When it comes to In-Home Landline and Cellular Medical Alert Systems, QMedic has monthly and annual plans for $30 and $300 respectively. QMedic also sells a Mobile Medical Alert Systems with GPS that costs $45/month or the annual subscription is for $400. The user can choose from either of these services, and all of these come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. None of the prices mentioned above have any hidden contract fees so be rest assured that there won’t be some added expense to this.

Contact and support

There is a contact tab on the website which asks the user to put in their email address, name, message, and phone number. The user can submit their query to QMedic using that form. There is also an email address provided on the website and a toll-free number 877.241.2244 that can be used for any communication.

Our verdict

If you are a caregiver who is concerned for a loved one living alone, this can be a good option for you. QMedic is easy to use and setup and has basic features that work well with people who are unable to lead wholly independent lives due to being aged, blind, or disabled. All the user has to do is press a button and they will be assisted. It has features like detecting if the member is at home if they are wearing the device, and 24/7 customer service that assures there is assistance round the clock.