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Philips Lifeline

Medical safety and alert system that you can trust


A comprehensive medical alert device, the Philips lifeline is a product designed to aid with emergency response. The product was formerly known as Lifeline Systems, Inc., and was founded by a gerontologist who employed first call buttons and systems that are usually used in hospitals and different types of healthcare centers. Today, the system is one of the most widely used traditional medical alert systems.

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Key features

  • Most trusted brand for Lifeline systems
  • Systems available in cellular and landline base
  • Several location technologies
  • Waterproof alert buttons

Who is it for?

  • Senior citizens who live alone
  • People prone to falls

How Does Philip Lifeline work?

Philip Lifeline is designed to have a speaker and receiver base, while the user must wear a bracelet or pendant that is fitted with a remote panic button. The communicator or the base unit employs the AT&T cellular network. This AT&T network is used due to the excellent coverage across the states. Built to work as a speakerphone, the smartphone is very loud so that it can be heard easily. The microphone is sensitive enough to pick the voice commands. The user can choose to wear the bracelet or pendant, both of which are water-resistant. The pendant can automatically detect a fall, with the wearer having to push the alert button.

Features at a glance

  • Equipped to deal with power loss: The call center’s at Philips are effectively equipped with backup systems. This in turn aids in dealing with any unexpected power outages. In the case of sudden disruption at the response center operation, provisions are made for the calls to automatically get directed to other call centers.
  • Designate an emergency contact: Philips lifeline lets you designate a family member or friend to be contacted in case of an emergency. As per the company, it is best to pick one who lives close to your residence, has access to your home through a key and is available during most times of the day and night.
  • Regular weekly tests: The medical alert device is regularly checked automatically to detect any problem with the connection if the console has come unplugged. In the case of the same, the alert is sent to the user and it is resolved.


The device is activated as soon as the emergency button is pushed. When the system’s button is pushed on the hardware alert system or there is a detection of fall, a notification is sent out to the response center. A representative then tries to contact the customer. If contact is established, the representative works as per the directions of the consumer, if not, an emergency service is notified.

Tax deduction

In certain states, Philips Lifeline charges a certain amount of tax on applicable rentals or services. For this reason, the company separates the current charges from the monitoring and equipment rental charges.

Fall Deduction

The waterproof pendant is built with an emergency button. While it allows two-way contact, it is also built with the feature of fall detection. When the detector is activated, the center is immediately notified, and help is received.

Medicare or Medicaid Coverage

Typically, Medicare or Medicaid does not cover medical alert systems such as Philips Lifeline. However, there are advantages plans from certain Medicare companies that will pay for medical alert systems. It is best to contact your insurance carrier to obtain further details on coverage.

Sign up and Registration

It is extremely easy to register with Philips Lifeline. All you have to do is get in touch with the company and they will guide you on the best plan to fit your requirements.

How much does it cost?

The monthly fees or costs will vary depending on the kind of package that you pick? Irrespective of which package you choose, there is a one-time fee that you will have to shell out for activation and shipping. The cost for self-installation will be around $19.95 whereas professional installation services will be charged at $99.95. Here is the different cost for each type of service plan that you pick.

Plans and Pricing

System  Per month




Self-install and shipping

Professional-install and shipping

HomeSafe Standard Landline

$24.95 $50.00 $19.99 $99.00
HomeSafe Standard Cellular $41.95 $50.00 $19.99


HomeSafe AutoAlert Landline $44.95 $50.00 $19.99


HomeSafe AutoAlert Cellular

$56.95 $50.00 $19.99 $99.00

GoSafe Landline

$54.95 $149.00 $19.99 $99.00
GoSafe Cellular $64.95 $149.00 $19.99


GoSafe 2 $44.95 $99.95 $19.99


Medication Dispenser $56.95 $0.00 $0.00


*Kindly check the official website for the latest prices since they are subject to change*

Contact and Support

Philips provides Customer and Technical support for six days during the week, from Monday to Saturday. You can call them via the phone line on the number 1-800-635-6156 or get in touch through the Live chat.

Our Verdict

Philips is one of the most trusted names and has pioneered the medical alert industry. The Lifeline alert is one product that works extremely well while providing several options and accessories to pick from. The Medication Dispensing system as well as the HomeSafe With AutoAlert fall detection effectively aids in the automatic detection of falls. The Lifeline also has several alert device features that are well-revered by existing customers. However, the monitoring center is not TMA Five Diamond Certified.

Philips Lifeline