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A GPS Medical Alert System That Can Be Installed In Seconds.


A popular medical alert system, MobileHelp uses cellular and GPS technology to assist seniors during emergencies. Apart from home-based units, they even have a line of portable devices to ensure users are safe wherever they go. The service doesn’t mandate users to buy a separate cellular or landline plan. MobileHelp also offers a fall detection feature that can come in handy if someone is unable to press the emergency button. Moreover, it doesn’t require users to sign a long-term contract either.

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  • Free activation
  • No contracts
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Extra charge for Fall Button™

Key features

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • $200 Visa Gift Card for referrals
  • Fall detection
  • GPS tracking
  • No separate cellular or landline plan needed

Who is it for?

MobileHelp is primarily designed for seniors who live alone. It offers a range of products including home units and on-the-go devices for active individuals. MobileHelp even comes with a fall detection feature for seniors and differently-abled individuals.

How does MobileHelp work?

MobileHelp employs a GPS tracking system so that it can quickly pinpoint a user’s location and immediately arrange for emergency assistance. Here’s how it works.

  • Once a user presses the button on the pendant or portable device, their GPS location and information is sent to the MobileHelp Emergency Operators.
  • These Emergency Operators contact the user to assess the situation. This two-way communication also helps prevent any confusion in case the button was pressed accidentally.
  • If there’s an emergency, the operator will call an emergency contact (a neighbor, friend, or family member) and emergency services will be dispatched instantly.

Features at a glance

Nationwide monitoring: MobileHelp uses wireless voice, data, and GPS technology to monitor its users in real-time and track their location anywhere in the country.

Fall Button™: To add an extra layer of protection, MobileHelp has created a Fall Button™, a device that triggers an alarm if a user trips or collapses. However, this feature is an add-on, so users have to pay an additional $10/month to avail it.

Lifetime warranty: One great feature by MobileHelp is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If the device malfunctions, it will immediately send a replacement to the user.


MobileHelp charges zero activation fees. The base station can be easily installed by users as it is a cellular network and requires no phone lines. It just has to be set on a desk or table and plugged into a power outlet. To test the system, users just have to press the Test Button until it turns green. Further instructions to test the emergency button will be given by the base station. However, in case the test is unsuccessful, users will have to contact MobileHelp’s technical team.

Fall detection

MobileHelp offers a Fall Button™ that is compatible with its Classic, Duo, and Solo systems. With its automatic fall detection capabilities, this technology also houses features of a standard help button, a button that sends alerts during an emergency. For a Fall Button™ to work, it has to be within 600 feet from the Cellular Base Station of MobileHelp’s Duo and Classic systems. Similarly, it has to be 350 feet away from mobile devices. Fall Button™ is not included any of the plans; it has to be purchased as an add-on for a price of $10/month. While the Fall Button™ adds an extra layer of safety and eases the anxiety of getting into accidents, it is important to remember that this feature doesn’t detect all falls.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

A common query most seniors ask is whether medical alert systems including MobileHelp are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. While Medicare doesn’t list down such devices under their insurance, users can expect to receive some form of assistance from Medicaid programs including home-and community-based services, Consumer Directed Services (CDS), Money Follows the Person, and Medicaid State Plan Personal Care attendant programs.

Sign up and Registration

When users are signing up, MobileHelp will ask for information such as their name, email address, street address, phone number, and additional information for identification. Billing details will be collected at the time of purchase itself. MobileHelp’s privacy policy also mentions that they don’t share user data with third parties. However, they might be obliged to disclose the information if there are any legal obligations.

How much does it cost?

Plans and Pricing


Classic (19.95/month) Solo ($37.95/month)

Duo ($41.95/month)

Cellular Base Station

Mobile GPS Device

Medication Reminders Option

Cellular Technology

Waterproof Wrist Button or Pendant

Fall Button Option

Monitoring Service

Two-Way Voice

MobileHelp Connect® Access

*Prices are subject to change. Please refer to the official MobileHelp website to know the updated prices.

All the plans come with a 30-day risk-free trial and a free lockbox.

Apart from the packages mentioned above they also sell:

MobileHelp Smart ($349.95)
A smartwatch that is furnished with the medical alert system and is perfect for users with an active lifestyle. It comes with:

  • Built-in Samsung Health app
  • Weather app

Mobile Duo ($44.95/month)
GPS medical alert system that can be used by the user and their spouse at an affordable price. Couples get a free lockbox with this package as well.

MobileHelp Wired Home ($24.95/month)
An affordable landline-based system that offers a coverage of up to 1,300 feet. It comes with a free lockbox as well.

Contact and Support

For support, users can contact MobileHelp’s customer care staff on the toll-free number or fill out a form. Users can also find resources such as an FAQ page and live chat on its website. To keep the users engaged, MobileHelp has a useful blog section with tips on safety, health, and estate planning.

Our Verdict

Overall, MobileHelp is a solid provider for medical alert systems. It has a variety of plans that can fit a variety of budgets and preferences. Perks including free activation, lifetime warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and no contracts make it an ideal choice for someone looking for an affordable and reliable medical alert system. Moreover, it has excellent customer care staff that can be reached via multiple channels including phone, live chat, and messages.