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Medical Guardian

Top-grade Alert Systems That Offer Some Amazing Features


Medical Guardian offers a host of medical alert systems that are equipped with a multitude of features, such as a one-touch alert signal, fall detection, wide-coverage, clear two-way communication, and backup battery. Buying a Medical Guardian system can be a smart investment for individuals living independently, particularly seniors. Their monitoring centers are 100% domestic and their services are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, they don’t charge any activation fees and neither do they require you to sign any long-term contracts.

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  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Fully domestic monitoring centers
  • No activation or installation fees


  • Shipping charges
  • No smoke or carbon monoxide detection

Who is it for?

This medical alert system is an excellent device for individuals with disabilities or serious health conditions who are living alone. Medical Guardian’s system comes with useful features such as fall detection and on-the-go GPS, which makes it especially beneficial for seniors. Medical Guardian has a questionnaire on their website to help potential users determine a risk score to basically help them decide if they need a medical alert system.

How Medical Guardian works

Every Medical Guardian device has a clear button that can be easily pressed. Once pressed, it is connected to the medical monitoring station where a highly trained emergency operator will get in touch with the user. Regardless of whether the situation is an emergency, operators will get the user any assistance needed right away.
If there’s a crisis, help will be dispatched immediately. If their operators are unable to communicate with the user via the device, they will contact the designated phone number to confirm if everything is okay. In case there’s no response, operators will send emergency medical services to make sure that the user is safe. On the other hand, if the user is not caught up in an emergency but simply needs an extra hand, Medical Guardian’s operators can alert their family, friends, and neighbors on their behalf.

Features at a glance

Fall detection: Medical Guardian utilizes the best fall detection technology that can sense if a user has tripped or collapsed, triggering an automatic notification to inform the response team for assistance.

Longest battery life: According to Medical Guardian, their medical alert system has the longest battery, i.e., up to 120 hours, so the users don’t have to get anxious about charging the device time and again.

Extensive signal: Their home-based unit comes with the longest signal range, i.e., approximately 1300 feet of protection.


One great aspect of the Medical Guardian is that they don’t charge any activation fees. They do levy shipping costs, however, it is waived off if the subscriber opts for an annual plan. When it comes to installation, it is a cakewalk. Once the base unit plugged in, its LED is activated. All a user has to do is call up the company and pass on the activation code that comes with the system so that it could go live.

Fall detection

The fall detection feature is rendered by most Medical Guardian devices and is recommended to all the people dealing with health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, MS or diabetes. While fall detection adds an extra layer of protection, it can’t detect every single fall.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

One of the many questions most people have is whether medical alert systems including Medical Guardian are covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Unfortunately, Medicare wouldn’t cover medical alert systems as they are not considered necessary for seniors. However, users could be able to get some financial assistance via Medicaid’s programs, such as:

  • Home- and community-based services
  • Consumer-directed services
  • Money follows the person
  • Medicaid state plan personal care attendant programs

Sign up and Registration

To use the services of Medical Guardian, users will have to sign up on their official website. To create an account, the following details will need to be submitted.

  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Billing information

How much does it cost?

There are two types of plans offered by the Medical Guardian, which are based on the systems that will be used in the house (In-Home) or outside (On-the-Go).



Classic Guardian ($0.97/day) Home Guardian ($1.12/day)

Family Guardian ($2.58/day)  

Month-to-Month Contracts

Prorated Refunds Available

Fall Detection

Backup Battery

Landline Connection

600 ft. Coverage Area

1,300 ft. Coverage Area

Cellular Connection

60 Decibel Base Speaker

80 Decibel Base Speaker

Activity Detection

Door & Window Entry Sensors

US-Based Monitoring Center

Clear Two-Way Communication

One-Touch Alert Signal

Bracelet Alert Button

Pendant Alert Button

Water Resistant

Proactive Family Care Functions




Mobile Guardian ($1.61/day) Active Guardian ($1.50/day)

Freedom Guardian ($1.45/day)

Month-to-Month Contracts

Prorated Refunds Available

Fall Detection

1 Day Battery Life

2 Day Battery Life

5 Day Battery Life

GPS Location Tracking

WiFi Location Tracking

Cellular Connection

Cell Phone Required

Unlimited Range

Can Be Used at Home

US-Based Monitoring Center

Clear Two-Way Communication

One-Touch Alert Signal

Bracelet Alert Button

Pendant Alert Button

Water Resistant

Proactive Family Care Functions

*Prices are subject to change. Please refer to the official Medical Guardian website to know the updated prices.

Contact and Support

Medical Guardian runs a comprehensive support department that comprises life safety consultants who can help explain the various features of their medical alert systems. However, these consultants are only available on the weekends from 7:30 am to 10 pm EST on the phone. Similarly, their customer care specialists can be called if there are any issues regarding the purchase from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8 pm EST and Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. They even have a Live Chatbox and an online form for users to voice any of their queries. To settle any common or minor problems, their FAQs page can be referred.

Our Verdict

Medical Guardian fulfills its purpose by rendering swift emergency services. Some of its fantastic features such as fall detection, zero activation charges, and clear communication further make it a dependable option for seniors and individuals with disabilities and severe chronic conditions. Their responsive support staff further ensures that all their operations are running without any hiccups.

Medical Guardian