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A part of Connect America, Medical Alert is one of the biggest independent providers of medical alert systems. The core business of Connect America is to provide personal emergency monitoring and home alarm services to seniors with medical conditions and ailments. Medical Alert has a large customer base which includes families, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. They offer high-quality comprehensive at-home and portable medical alert systems for the safety of seniors. These include At Home systems with and without a landline, On the Go systems with neck and wrist options, and a Caregiver App.

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  • Easy to use
  • Simple start-up process
  • No long-term contracts


  • Fall detection charged extra
  • Limited add-on features
  • No smoke detection

Key features

  • Waterproof safe buttons
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • No activation or installation charges
  • 24/7 support and response center
  • Support available in multiple languages

Who is it for

  • Older adults with medical ailments and health conditions
  • Older adults who want to live independently
  • Older adults who want to travel independently

How does Medical Alert work?

Medical Alert offers safety products for every type of lifestyle so that older adults can enjoy their independence without any stress. These products give one emergency access to help wherever they are, 24/7. For the products to be effective, the emergency alert bracelets, clip-ons, or pendants have to be worn at all times. The At Home systems have a base with amplified two-way speakers for communicating with the Emergency Response Operators. The base has to be plugged into a wall outlet. The At Home Landline system includes a phone cord that needs to be used to attach the base device to the phone jack. For Mobile Medical Alert systems, the base is a portable handheld device. The At Home Wireless Medical Alert systems include a two-way speakerphone medical alarm base and a water-resistant transmitter Medical Alert button. This can be directly plugged into an outlet. In case of an emergency or crisis, all one has to do is push the button. The device will directly send a signal to the system’s base, which is connected to a trained emergency response operator. One will then be immediately connected through the base to one of the operators who will determine the exact type of help needed. They will ensure that help reaches on time and also stay connected until help arrives.

Features at a glance

Waterproof safe buttons: All the devices including the On The Go devices have waterproof shower safe buttons. Most falls tend to happen in the shower. This is why it is useful to have medical alert devices that do not damage when underwater. These devices will ensure one’s safety in the shower, bath, and pool.

Support available in multiple languages: Medical Alert’s Response Center staff includes operators who are native speakers of languages apart from English. Also, the operators are trained to use the International Language Line to avail of real-time translation services in nearly 140 languages.

30-day risk-free trial: Medical Alert offers a 30-day risk-free trial with a money-back guarantee. The trial is available for all their plans. If someone is not completely satisfied with their product, they can return their Medical Alert system within 30 days from the equipment delivery date. They will receive a full refund minus shipping costs. Equipment returned after 30 days will have a prorated refund.

No activation or installation charges: There are no activation or installation fees charged by Medical Alert. One only has to pay for the monthly packages.

24/7 support and response center: Medical Alert’s operators are available on call 24/7. Whether it is handling a serious emergency, alerting a personal responder for assistance, or just a friendly chat, the expert operators are on-the-line 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.


There is no activation process involved. All the devices and products including the At Home systems, On The Go services, and Fall Detection devices have a simple set up process. So, there is nothing specific to install or activate. Once the setup process is complete, the device can be used immediately. To require help in case of an emergency, the system can be activated with a simple push of a button on the device.

Fall detection

Medical Alert offers Automatic Fall Detection. This feature can be bundled with any of Medical Alert’s systems. Available as a pendant, it can be used like any of the Medical Alert system buttons. In case of a fall, the button around the neck has to simply be pushed, resulting in an emergency response operator being contacted. The device is designed using cutting-edge technology. So if someone is unable to push the button if they fall, the device will automatically contact an operator. Additionally, these pendants are light-weight and waterproof, so can be worn even in the shower where falls tend to be common.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

Medicare does not offer coverage for medical alert systems as they are not considered mandatory. However, those using medical alert systems may get some financial assistance through Medicaid’s programs such as Home and Community-Based Services, Consumer Directed Services, Money Follows the Person and Medicaid State Plan Personal Care Attendant Programs as it covers all or part of the cost in some states.

Sign up and Registration

Medical Alert does not require any registration. The monthly monitoring contract starts immediately after the order has been placed and received. There are no extensive signup processes involved.

How much does it cost

Plans and Pricing

Medical Alert Features At-Home Landline At Home No Landline

On The Go




















Neck Button

Wrist Button

Free shipping

Free Lockbox

Carrying Case

GPS Location Services

1 Month Free Monitoring

*Prices are subject to change. Please refer to the official Medical Alert website to know the updated price.

For fall detection add-on, Medical Alert charges an additional fee of $10 per month.

Contact and Support

Medical Alert has an extremely helpful support page on its official website. One has to select their product and the site will direct to a page with commonly asked questions about the product. The solutions and answers are provided incomprehensible text format as well as in video format. Moreover, the help page has downloadable user manuals available in PDF format. For further help, one can also directly contact customer care by filling out an online web form available on the official website. Medical Alert also provides telephone support.

Our Verdict

Medical Alert offers simple easy-to-use safety systems and devices for older adults. Their plans are comprehensive and quite affordable. The company offers a lot of options when it comes to pricing. Additionally, with a 30-day risk-free return policy, Medical Alert gives customers the complete freedom to try out its products and find something that works for them. The company has an expert team of emergency response operators who are adept at handling every kind of emergency situation. Moreover, the team is fully capable of communicating with customers in multiple languages. All in all, Medical Alert is suitable for those looking for hassle-free and fairly priced complete medical alert solutions.

Medical Alert