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LifeFone® Offers Comprehensive Personal Emergency Services.


LifeFone® has been one of the frontrunners in healthcare communication since its inception in 1976. The medical alert service providers combine the latest in technology and innovation to provide a sense of independence, security, and quick response, all at the press of a single button. Their services guarantee the best protection for just a dollar a day. LifeFone® medical alert systems are designed for landline, cellular devices, on-the-go mobile systems, and even on-the-go-voice in necklace systems. All these products and services include optional fall detection systems. Herein, we discuss some of the key features, products, and services.

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  • Immediate and thorough assistance
  • Multiple plans and niche services
  • All-in-one monitoring and protection


  • Daily features for check-in and reminders cost extra
  • No live chat feature for direct support
  • Fall detection is chargeable separately

Key features

  • Plans as low as a dollar a day
  • Dedicated caregiver plans
  • Daily check-in and reminders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel at any time

Who is it for?

LifeFone® offers a ton of in-home and on-the-go medical alert and assistance systems for medical emergencies. It is great for anyone looking for a dedicated personal safety and life-monitoring service with independent assistance. The premium medical alert system instills a sense of confidence and provides a certain level of independence to take care of oneself, knowing help is just around the corner.

How LifeFone® works

LifeFone® emergency response service works in a very simple manner. The service provides you with either a pendant, wristband, or a wall-mounted help button. Some of these devices are waterproof with resistance up to 50m depth. At the touch of a button, an emergency signal is sent to the base unit installed in your home to notify the LifeFone® monitoring station. A dedicated LifeFone® Care Agent will respond to the emergency and will stay in touch till your medical emergency has been taken care of by first responders. As soon as you press the button on any of the three devices in the household, the service dispatches your local EMS to respond to the emergency. Notifications are automatically sent to your designated friends and family as per the contact list you give during registration of the service. Customization and flexibility are among the top key features of the service allowing you full control over your emergency action plan.

Features at a glance

Personal emergency care: This is a customized emergency response action that fits your specific needs. A LifeFone® Care Agent will help you design the right plan only after taking into account your emergency care needs.

Nationwide coverage: The medical alert system is compatible with an AT&T service plan along with your subscription of LifeFone® premium services. So, you don’t have to worry about installing a second cellular connection just to run the system. You can check coverage options on their official website.

Relocation services: The company will move your LifeFone® system to your new location, no questions asked. This can be done with a simple phone call to customer service.

Alarm technology: LifeFone® features a high-tech two-way voice communication that lets you activate the service from within 1,300 feet of the system.

Waterproof button: No need to change batteries or maintain the lightweight unit. The emergency button is connected to LifeFone® monitoring services day in and out.

Lifetime warranty: Equipment repairs and replacement are covered under the 100% lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about interruption of services due to a technical snag.


The current Fall Savings plan offers a free activation, shipping, lock box, and price lock guarantee along with the first month of services free. However, activation may be subject to some nominal charges that you must confirm with the vendor while comparing different plans. Charges for activation will also vary depending on the type of plan and services included for the offer.

Tax deduction

The cost of medical alert devices is not eligible for a deduction for income tax purposes. However, certain medical expenses are covered under the act. You must check with your income tax consultant to confirm the same.

Fall detection

Fall detection is one of the more important features in a medical alert system. All four premium plans of LifeFone® services include the fall detection feature. The feature is optional, and you are required to pay a separate fee per month to activate the same. One of the key features of fall detection is the automatic alert that is triggered the second the user experiences a fall. There is no need to manually activate the button and local emergency services will be notified of the incident

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

You will have to check with your medical insurance provider to see if you can claim a reimbursement of any charges incurred for the medical alert system. Medicare and Medicaid normally do not cover these costs. However, it is advisable to confirm the same before opting for a plan.

Sign up and Registration

You can register with your email ID and create a password that will be used for all future logins. Once you have created your account online, you can edit details accordingly on the account management dashboard. Here is where you will update crucial contact and emergency listing information.

How much does it cost

There are four premium plans that you can subscribe to. As per the current offer, the service has a Fall Savings plan where the first month is free and they will not charge for the shipping of devices, activation, and lock box features.

Features At-home landline


At-home cellular


At-home and on-the-go GPS


At-home and on-the-go GPS, voice in necklace



Up to 1,300 feet Up to 1,300 feet 600 feet from base unit


Battery life

32 hours 32 hours 30 hours

30 days

Water Resistant

GPS enabled

Fall Detection

Optional Optional Optional


Temp. Sensor

Any time cancellation

*Note that prices are subject to policy changes at the discretion of the service provider. You must confirm the same on the official website before availing services. Also, note that the optional fall detection feature is chargeable separately for $5/month per plan.

Contact and Support

LifeFone® offers great customer support options including call, email, and feedback forms for certain niche services. For general contact and information, you can dial the free number mentioned on their official website or send an email with your name, phone, and account number. For system and service needs, there is a dedicated helpline and email support. LifeFone® also has an emergency care profile service that lets you create a dedicated account, update your subscriber information, and list a set of emergency contacts for immediate assistance. You can also refer to the site’s comprehensive FAQ section that answers all commonly asked questions. Alternatively, check out the LifeFone® blog to find out more about the services and features online.

Our Verdict

Doctors, caregivers, and medical professionals from all fields of practice recommend LifeFone® as one of the popular personal emergency response services in the country. The premium subscription includes all-in-one services and more to keep you or your loved ones safe and independent with active monitoring. From basic daily check-in reminders to emergency care notifications, LifeFone® has it all for an affordable price. Overall, the service checks across all boxes and offers good customer support, making it one of the most popular options among competitors in the market.