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An Effective Medical Alert System With Superior Features.


Medical alert systems are an excellent ally to seniors and enable them to lead a safe and independent life. Mobile Ally, Helpbutton.com’s mobile alert device, is a small alert button pendant that has done a commendable job of giving seniors more freedom and letting their loved ones enjoy their well-deserved peace of mind. Helpbutton.com uses cutting-edge technology to protect seniors irrespective of where they are, and this compact device can be worn at home or outside when going for a walk, hike, or swim. When the button on the device is pressed, immediate assistance is sent.

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  • Protection plan with two major packages
  • Fast response time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No live chat assistance
  • The basic plan has unremarkable features
  • No email address to contact customer support

Key features

  • Waterproof
  • GPS/WiFi enabled
  • Unlimited range
  • TMA certified
  • Fall detection

Who is it for?

Helpbutton.com’s medical alert system is meant for seniors who wish to continue leading an independent life. This medical alert system keeps their family members in the loop and notifies them immediately in case of an accident, fall, or sudden illness. It is a life-saving tool and can help seniors in vulnerable situations. It is perfect for seniors who live alone since this allows them to stay safe without compromising their independence.

How does Helpbutton.com work?

Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally has an emergency SOS button that is activated when pressed. This device is small and lightweight and can be worn throughout the day with a lanyard around the neck, and it works the same way both in and out of the house.

Once the help button is pressed, the device will trigger an emergency call through a cellular phone connection. With the flash response, the call will be answered by a TMA-certified care specialist and immediate assistance will be provided. The monitoring center’s representatives are trained experts who can offer assistance in any situation. In fact, if the situation demands, the monitoring center will send a team of EMS representatives, family members, neighbors, or friends to help. This device also has a built-in microphone and speaker to facilitate clearer communication, and a 2-way voice facilitates back and forth communication with the monitoring center.

Features at a glance

Automatic fall detection: The device is equipped with a motion sensor that detects a fall and automatically makes an alarm call.

Long battery life: The device has an extensive battery life and can work up to 5 days on a single charge. It works exceptionally well for a few days even if not charged, but it is recommended that the device be charged every night.

Waterproof: Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally is waterproof. The fall rate is high especially in the shower, so a medical alert system that is waterproof is a lifesaver.

GPS/WiFi location: The device is GPS and WiFi-enabled, so it can find a senior’s location quickly and accurately, which comes in handy during emergencies.

Two-way voice: The device facilitates a two-way voice with a built-in microphone and speaker for clear communication.

Flash response: Helpbutton.com ensures that it has the fastest response time as compared to other medical alert systems. The flash response feature implies that an emergency call will be answered within seconds.

TMA-certified: When the SOS button is pressed, the emergency call will be answered by highly trained care specialists who are TMA certified.

Protection plan: This plan provides security that if anything happens to the device, a brand new one will be provided at only $10.

Ally Locate: This feature is a simple, text-to-locate service that lets the family know where the user is at all times. All they have to do is send a text message to the designated phone number and a Google Maps link appears, showing the exact location of the senior.


Mobile Ally by Helpbutton.com has an easy activation process. It is to be charged longer than needed to ensure that it is completely charged before the first use. The device is ready to use after that; it can be connected to the lanyard to the device and worn around the neck. It is advisable to make a test call to ensure that the device is working properly and that it connects with the monitoring center. In order to test the device, press the help button and wait to be connected to a monitoring center representative. In case the device doesn’t turn on even after it is charged or if it doesn’t connect to the monitoring center, Helpbutton.com’s support number can be contacted.

Tax deduction

The IRS doesn’t specifically state whether or not medical alert systems like Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally are tax-deductible, but there are ways to add the monthly subscription costs to the tax deductions. Even if the cheapest medical alert system is opted for, there are ways to add it to the tax deductions. The general rule for medical expense deductions is that the medical equipment should be prescribed by the doctor, but medical alert systems are considered as elective medical equipment, so it may not be easy to get a doctor to prescribe it. The IRS allows deductions for medical and dental expenses as well. This deduction allows for medical expenses paid to a plan that keeps medical information that can be retrieved and furnished upon request to an attending physician. This can allow deduction of the medical alert system expenses since they store the medical profile of the user in a database and provide that information to EMTs and other emergency service providers upon request. Although there are no definite rules laid down by the IRS, there are some ways that can be considered, but it is advisable to consult a tax expert if unsure.

Fall detection

Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally is equipped with automatic fall detection and alert feature, which offers an additional level of protection. The alert pendant has state-of-the-art technology that can detect a fall and automatically make an emergency call. At times, people may lose consciousness when they fall, and this feature offered in Helpbutton.com’s Supreme Plan is a lifesaver at such times.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

Medicare covers various medical equipment prescribed by doctors, but medical alert systems like Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally aren’t covered by Medicare Part A or Part B. These plans cover hospital and health insurance, and medical equipment like oxygen equipment and accessories, walkers, and wheelchairs. However, they don’t cover services, procedures, or equipment considered elective by a physician. Though Medicare Part A and B do not cover such devices, Medicare.com states that Medicare Part C Advantage plan may offer coverage for medical alert systems. These plans provide comprehensive coverage and may include equipment and services that aren’t covered in Part A and B. It is advisable to consult an expert to evaluate the Part C options to check whether the coverage is available.

When it comes to Medicaid, the options become more complicated. There are multiple programs that fall under the Medicaid and cover these systems, and either of these can be used to cover some or all costs of an emergency response system. However, it largely depends on how the programs operate in a state.

Sign up and Registration

Clicking on “BUY NOW” after choosing a package that is congruent with the user’s requirements redirects them to the “Contact us” page. Helpbutton.com can either be contacted on the number provided on the site (877-910-5407) to place an order, or the form on the page can be filled out. Also, personal details are required to get the 30-day money-back guarantee and free activation.

How much does it cost

Plans and Pricing



$24.95/mo (Plus activation fee)





Flash Response Monitoring

Unlimited calls and talk time

Free shipping

Protection Plan

Ally Locate

Automatic Fall Detection

*The prices are subject to change; please check the official website for the latest prices.

Contact and Support

Helpbutton.com doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of customer support as there’s no customer support line. There’s a phone number available on the website that can be used to get in touch with a representative. An online form is also available, which can be submitted to receive a callback, but the absence of live chat support and customer support email ID leaves a lot to be desired. There is a FAQ page on the website that answers most general queries, but it cannot cover the shortcomings of the company’s customer support system.

Our Verdict

Helpbutton.com’s Mobile Ally is the perfect device in terms of its response time, sturdiness, and functionality. This GPS/WiFi-reliant device does an impeccable job of initiating an emergency response or calling for immediate help when seniors are in trouble. Additionally, the fall detection feature is definitely a lifesaver and ensures timely help. Other than the less-than-satisfactory customer support services, this device goes a long way in helping seniors live their lives independently, on their own terms.