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Great Medical Alert Products Of High Quality For Seniors


GreatCall is a pioneer when it comes to providing health and safety solutions for active seniors. With a slew of innovative and easy-to-use mobile products, GreatCall has made it easier for adults to keep track of their health without having to jeopardize an independent life. Excellent medical alert systems, coupled with immediate emergency services, makes GreatCall a commendable option for seniors to stay safe and connected with their family, friends, and caregivers. Moreover, GreatCall’s products are accompanied by preinstalled services and apps, which turn the device into a mobile health and safety tool.

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  • A wide range of products to choose from
  • An award-winning customer service team
  • 24/7 emergency services


  • Basic packages are unremarkable
  • Extra equipment charges and activation fees
  • Slightly higher prices

Key features

  • Automatic fall detection
  • Urgent care
  • No long-term contracts
  • Portable devices
  • Waterproof

Who is it for?

GreatCall’s medical alert system is meant for seniors or anyone with heightened medical needs who live alone. These devices are useful for those who are anxious about getting medical help. Moreover, it’s ideal for aging adults who continue to lead an active and busy lifestyle but aren’t as fit anymore. These medical alert devices help them lead their life independently, without affecting their safety.

How GreatCall works?

GreatCall doesn’t function like regular medical alert devices; it doesn’t connect you to a care center so that they can assign you a representative. Instead, its four major medical alert products (Jitterbug Flip, Jitterbug smartphone, Lively Mobile, and Lively Wearable devices) are available with pre-installed apps that turn the device into a mobile health and safety tool. The most popular service that these devices link to are 5Star response, urgent care, and GreatCall link.

Once you press the 5Star button, you’ll be immediately connected to a live agent. These agents are trained to assess situations and send immediate help through your GPS location. The agent confirms the location and stays on the line until the situation has been resolved. Also, these agents are IAED certified, trained in CPR, and other necessary emergency procedures that most seniors need. They can also dispatch emergency personnel to your residence. Moreover, they are apprised of your medical condition and will notify and update your health status to your pre-designated family member.

In case, you use the urgent care service, the app connects you with live and certified doctors and nurses 24/7. This service comes in handy if you need to ask any health-related questions or need help about a particular medication you were prescribed.

GreatLink is GreatCall’s emergency service response assistant which allows caregivers or family members to connect to the phone or device you are currently using. This allows them to check up on you and make sure you are following your routine.

Features at a glance

Easy to use: GreatCall’s products are quite easy to use. Since these products are mostly used by seniors, they have a simpler interface and do not require technical expertise to operate. The Jitterbug Flop phone has larger buttons than usual, a brighter screen, a simple menu, a camera, and a powerful speaker for clarity while speaking on the phone.

Waterproof: GreatCall’s Lively Mobile Plus and Lively Wearables are waterproof devices. This means you have access to help anywhere, even in the shower where a majority of mishaps occur.

Integrated cellular technology: GreatCall’s Lively Mobile Plus is a stand-alone device and does not need a smartphone to communicate. All you have to do is press the button and help will be on the way.

Enhanced GPS: GreatCall’s products are equipped with a built-in, patented GPS technology that helps confirm your location easily.

Keeps the family informed: GreatCall Link is an effective tool that keeps your family and friends informed about your health and safety.


Once you buy one of GreatCall’s products, it is quite easy and quick to set up. After you receive a Jitterbug phone or Lively device, you’ll have to register the product. You have to call the customer support or register it online through the website. Once on the activation site, you will be requested to select the device you want to activate and you’ll be walked through the process from there. This process also involves setting up your plan and billing information. Once this is done, you can activate the actual device and set up your profile. It is necessary to enter your personal information, as this is crucial for agents and medical responders in case of an emergency. Personal details include things like your past and current medical conditions, records, and allergies. Once you have registered the product, you can also set up 5Star, so that agents can provide immediate assistance and personalized care whenever you reach out to them.

Tax deduction

The IRS doesn’t specifically lay down any rules on the inclusion of medical alert systems as tax deductibles. However, there are several known ways to add your monthly subscription costs to your tax deductions. For instance, if you opt for a cheap medical alert system that costs between $240 to $360 per year, there are certain ways to add it to your tax deductions. However, for medical equipment to be deductible, it should be prescribed by a doctor. Since medical alert systems are elective medical equipment, not all doctors prescribe it.

Also, the IRS allows deductions for medical and dental expenses. This deduction includes medical expenses paid to a service that retains your information. The data can be retrieved by a physician when needed. This allows you to deduct your medical alert system expenses, as your medical profile and details are stored in a database. It can be given to other emergency services upon request.

These are some of the ways you can add your medical alert system as tax deductibles. However, it is advisable to consult a tax expert, as they can help you with similar queries.

Fall detection

GreatCall’s Lively wearables are equipped with an automatic fall detection feature. These devices are equipped with a built-in accelerometer. The patented algorithm evaluates sudden changes in body movement, like your physical activity and posture, to identify falls. When the device detects a fall, it will automatically contact a Medical Alert Agent without the need to press any button.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage

Medicare only covers medical equipment prescribed by doctors. Medical alert systems, like GreatCall’s products, aren’t covered by Medicare Part A or B. These Medicare plans cover hospital and health insurance and medical equipment, like oxygen concentrators, walkers, and wheelchairs. However, services, procedures, or equipment that are considered elective by a physician aren’t included in the coverage.

According to Medicare.com Medicare Part C Advantage plan can offer medical alert system coverage. These plans provide access to private fee-for-service HMOs and PPOs. The coverage is quite comprehensive and usually includes equipment and services that aren’t covered by Part A and B. When enrolling, consult an expert to confirm if you can receive coverage.

Medicaid is a bit more complicated than Medicare. Four programs fall under the Medicaid: HCBS programs, Consumer Directed Services, Money Follows the Person and Medicaid State Plan Personal Care Attendant Program. You can use any of these to cover the costs of emergency response systems. However, it largely depends on how these programs operate in your state.

Sign up and Registration

You can either buy GreatCall’s devices on its official website or you can create a new GreatCall account known as MyGreatCall. However, you don’t need to be a registered user to buy any GreatCall medical alert devices.

How much does it cost


Product Cost Basic Plan Preferred Plan Ultimate Plan

Jitterbug Flip

$99.99 $19.99/mo $24.99/mo


Jitterbug Smart2

$149.99 $19.99/mo $24.99/mo


Lively Mobile

N/A $24.99/mo N/A


Lively Wearable N/A N/A N/A


*Prices are subject to change. Kindly refer to the official website for the latest prices*

Contact and Support

GreatCall offers plenty of options to help new and existing customers find answers to their queries. The “learning center” offers in-depth user guides, tutorials, and how-to videos for every product they offer. For further assistance, you can call them on 800-733-6632 or send an email by filling the form on the support page. GreatCall even offers live interactive courses to learn how to use its products effectively.

Our Verdict

GreatCall’s medical alert products are an excellent way to ensure that you remain safe, as your family is kept in the loop of your whereabouts. It allows aging adults to live their life independently while also keeping family members and caregivers at ease. The products are designed to adhere to every individual’s needs and are easy to use. These high-quality products improve the quality of life and ensure safety from potentially life-threatening situations.

Great Call