Popular Meal Delivery Services That Offer Easy Cancellation

Popular meal delivery services that offer easy cancellation
Meal kit delivery companies offer weekly and daily menus that feature recipes and ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep. For a fixed price, you will get the recipe, ingredients, and cooking instructions across a variety of cuisines and diets. Meal services eliminate the need for grocery shopping and prepping for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as everything is made to order well in advance with a kit.

Working professionals and even people who work full time from their home can benefit from meal kit delivery services. This way, you get to enjoy gourmet meals made in your kitchen, minus all the trouble and hassle for prepping for the meal. Herein, we discuss everything there is to know about meal kit delivery services.

Are meal kit delivery services worth it?
Recipes are shipped with fresh ingredients, and they are pre-portioned, so all you have to do is unpack everything and follow the instructions to cook a delicious meal. There are several reasons why meal kit delivery services are worth paying for:

  • Variety of meals
    Unless you love cooking, finding the inspiration to prepare a meal every single day is challenging. Meal prep is a tasking activity, especially after a hard day of work, travel, and managing the daily routine. Meal delivery services offer a ton of recipes with clear and concise cooking instructions to overcome just this problem.
  • No prep necessary
    One of the main advantages of meal delivery services is their readiness in terms of prep. All you have to do is choose your favorite meals from the menu and have every single ingredient delivered at your doorstep. From the box to your plate, your meal is ready in a matter of minutes, minus all the hassle.
  • Convenience
    If you are looking for something healthy to eat, meal kit delivery services have got you covered with a variety of diets. Recipes are available across vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, and several other popular diets.
  • Dietary requirements
    Premium meal kit delivery services also offer customization options, which allows you to consider any dietary restrictions and specific food requirements as recommended by your nutritionist. For example, a person with gluten allergy or intolerance should avoid the use of gluten in their meal prep, and meal delivery services take this into account and design a meal plan accordingly.

Meal delivery services that are easy to cancel

Sun Basket
Sun Basket is an ideal choice for special diets as it features options like gluten-free and vegetarian meals. Also, the recipes are quick to make and very easy to learn. You can expect an average cost of $10.99 per serving with multiple meal plans and options. Additionally, Sun Basket features lenient cancellation policies and offers what they call a 100% mouthwatering guarantee in terms of meal plan services. In case the delivered food is not up to standards, you can contact the service within 7 days of delivery for a 100% money-back request on food orders. Also, you don’t have to worry about any commitments with the services as a support team is available for contact during working hours.

Home Chef
Home Chef offers great value and convenience in meal delivery services starting at just $6.99 per serving and features great value diets, including vegetarian, low-calorie, and carb-conscious. One of the main highlights of a meal kit delivery service is its flexible order placing that allows the customer to skip orders, and Home Chef has a very simple cancellation policy. To cancel your subscription with Home Chef, you must log in and go to My Account on the dashboard. Click on the Account Information tab, and under Delivery Details, select Pause Your Subscription and state the reason for your cancellation. When comparing Home Chef vs Dinnerly, it’s a tough pick as both offer a similar range of services.

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh has many meal options available at a minimum of $7.49 serving cost, and the website lists out any common allergens that might be present in a recipe so that customers can make their choice accordingly. You have the option to pause or cancel your HelloFresh subscription from your account settings. For cancellation and termination of services, this meal delivery service requires you to complete a short survey to understand why the customer is not satisfied with the service anymore and some feedback regarding areas that the service can improve in.

Martha & Marley Spoon
Looking for some gourmet meals that you can make at home? Check out Martha Stewart’s recipes available across several vegan, low-calorie, and dairy-free diets. The service has free cancellation policies, and everything can be done through account management on the website. Simply go to the settings link and select Stop Subscription. You can also email them directly to address any issues concerning cancellation and refund. Between Marley Spoon vs Diet To Go, the former wins points for more gourmet-style recipes.

Another alternative in the market for convenient and calorie-friendly meals, Diet-to-Go features special keto, low-carb, low-calorie, and vegetarian meal plans starting at $8.57 per meal. The service directly lets you cancel your order or subscription in case you are unhappy with the service. This can be done via call, email, or online through account management. Diet-to-Go also has a number that connects you to a customer support executive who can help you make changes to your meal plan subscription.

Meal delivery vs grocery shopping
Buying groceries from the supermarket and cooking at home is indeed cheaper than eating outside, but what about paying for a meal delivery service that delivers all the prepped ingredients at your doorstep? Is it more expensive or a better and more economical option when it comes to spending on food? Let’s consider the following points to understand both the pros and cons:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
    With grocery shopping, you might purchase and store groceries that may not be required for that particular day’s dinner prep. Also, there is always a good amount of wastage during prep. A meal kit delivery service, on the other hand, will portion the ingredients and send only the required quantity for a single meal. The ingredients will suffice for a limited number of people, and everything will be used in one cooking session. Most meal delivery services also use biodegradable packaging and ensure minimal wastage to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Time and efforts
    Grocery shopping can be extremely time-consuming. You have to make a list of ingredients, including everything from vegetables to meat, spices, and beverages, that you require to cook a meal. Also, if you forget to add a few, there is not much you can do with the rest. In the alternative, consider a meal kit delivery service that offers ready-to-cook recipes with all the ingredients at your doorstep. You save a lot of time and effort by outsourcing the prep to professionals working in a commercial kitchen.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Grocery shopping is more or less the cheaper option in comparison, especially when you consider the cost per serving. It is also cheaper than ordering takeout or eating at a restaurant every day, but meal kits provide a variety of meals for you to enjoy daily for a slightly premium price. You can enjoy gourmet recipes from a variety of cuisines with meal kits.
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