Martha & Marley Spoon Vs. Diet-to-Go – Which One Is A Better Choice?

Everyone likes food, but not everyone likes to prep, cook, or plan meals. For those who are not so interested in grocery shopping or cooking, thinking about the next meal can lead to a bit of stress. Fortunately, meal delivery services have saved a lot of people from these troubles.

Aiming to provide wholesome home-cooked meals in the easiest and most convenient ways, meal delivery services can offer everything from meal kits to pre-cooked meals. Many of these services offer options customized for every diet from vegan to Paleo. Among meal delivery services, Martha & Marley Spoon and Diet-to-Go are two of the popular ones.

While Martha & Marley Spoon delivers meal kits based on Martha Stewart’s recipes, Diet-to-Go offers specialized meal kits based on weight loss diet plans.

Sign-up process

The registration process is quite simple for both Martha & Marley Spoon and Diet-to-Go. The signup process for the former involves five simple steps. First, you have to select a plan and then set the delivery location. The third step involves choosing the delivery day and adding the delivery details. Finally, you will make the payment and then choose the meals.
The registration process of Diet-to-Go involves four steps. Firstly, you will provide the ZIP code to find the meal delivery options in your area. Based on your area code, you will get the option of home delivery or local pickup. In the second step, you will pick a plan, and then move on to checking out by entering your personal details and making the payment. Finally, you can personalize your menu in the last step.


  • Meal kits
    While the Diet-to-Go meal kits are designed only for individuals, Martha & Marley Spoon offers meal kits in two sizes: meals for two and meals for four. Also, the Diet-to-Go meal kits do not require any cooking and are chef-prepared meals that arrive ready to heat and eat. On the other hand, Martha & Marley Spoon meal kits comprise of pre-portioned ingredients in dish bags and 6-step recipe cards for you to cook your own meals.
  • Type of meals
    Martha & MarleySpoon offers 20 recipes each week in 5 categories including Health & Diet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Family-Friendly, and Under 30 minutes. Additionally, there are gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb, and vegan options, with some of the meals also marked as kid-friendly. Each meal kit comes with nutrition and allergen labels on them. Martha & Marley Spoon only offers 1 meal for a day, that is, only dinner. There are no breakfast, lunch, or dessert options.
    Diet-to-Go offers breakfast, lunch as well as dinner meals. The ready-to-eat meal plans are more extensive and four plans are available: Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian. The Balanced plan comprises meals that are controlled for cholesterol, fats, carbs, and sodium. It has been designed for those who prefer an omnivorous diet and don’t like seafood. The Balanced-Diabetes plan includes meals that help lose weight and control blood sugar. The meals are designed to control pre-diabetes and prevent type-2 diabetes. The Keto-Carb30 plan is for those who like an Atkins-style, low-carb diet, and the Vegetarian plan is the meat-free version of the Balanced plan. Each of the meals in all the plans come with all the extras like fruits, sides, and condiments.
  • Duration of freshness
    Diet-to-Go meals last for up to seven days from the date of receipt if refrigerated, and they can be stored for an additional 30 days in the freezer.
    Since Martha & Marley Spoon delivers fresh ingredients and not ready-to-eat meals, the food is fresh for a shorter period. Dairy products, meat, and fish are delivered in cold boxes with insulated liners and ice packs. Seafood has to be cooked within one to two days and chicken and ground meat within two to three days, while fresh veggies and other meat stay fresh for three to five days.
  • Delivery options
    Martha & Marley Spoon delivers chilled meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards across most states in the country. To check whether the company delivers to your area, you can enter your ZIP code during sign up or contact customer care.
    Diet-to-Go offers two options for delivery. Based on your location, you can choose to get the meals delivered to you at home or pick them up from a Diet-to-Go fresh local pickup location.
  • Order changes
    Both Martha & Marley Spoon and Diet-to-Go allow you to make changes in your meal delivery schedule. For Diet-to-Go, you can change or cancel your meal order by Friday noon EST if you have opted for FedEx delivery. For pickup orders and twice-a-week deliveries, changes and cancellations have to be done by Monday noon EST. Martha & Marley Spoon is more flexible, allowing you to change your order up to 6 to 7 days before your delivery day by logging into your account.


Diet-to-Go has an extensive pricing structure. The amount you pay for your weekly deliveries will be based on the meal plan you select, the number of days per week you want meals to be delivered, and the number of meals you want per day. Additionally, pricing for the Balanced plan may change based on the gender, since the calorie requirements per day are different for men and women. On average, Diet-to-Go meal plans cost between $121.99 and $204.59 per week based on the plan you select and other criteria.
The pricing structure of Martha & Marley Spoon is simpler, but there is an additional shipping charge of $8.99 per portion. The prices are based on whether you choose a 2-people or a 4-people meal kit. Also, the pricing changes based on the number of meals you want per week. For a 2-person plan, 2 meals per week cost $10.25 per portion, 3 meals per week cost $8.99 per portion, and 4 meals per week cost $8.49 per portion. On the other hand, for a 4-person plan, 2 meals per week cost $8.49 per portion, 3 meals per week cost $7.49 per portion, and 4 meals per week cost $6.99 per portion.

Customer support

Diet-to-Go offers customer support through phone. Their customer service representatives are available from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 9 PM EST and between 9 AM and 12 Noon EST on Saturdays. You can also drop a message to customer support by filling a form on the official website’s contact page. The website has an additional help section where you can find FAQs regarding the services and meal plans of Diet-to-Go.
Martha & Marley Spoon offers customer service through 24/7 live automated chat, telephone as well as email. You can also send them a message by filling a form on the contact page of the official website. Similar to Diet-to-Go, Martha & Marley Spoon has an extensive FAQs page as well.

Martha & Marley Spoon vs Diet-to-Go – Which one is better?

If you compare Martha & Marley Spoon vs Diet-to-Go, you will find similarity in the quality of food and the delivery services. Diet-to-Go is more suited for those looking for a health-conscious diet plan geared toward weight loss. The ready-to-eat meal kits are fuss-free, leaving enough time to follow a strict exercise and diet regime. Also, if someone is looking for diabetes control or keto-friendly meal delivery services, Diet-to-Go can be a feasible option. Martha & Marley Spoon is more well-suited for couples or families who want to save time in grocery shopping and meal prepping and want to enjoy home-cooked wholesome meals.

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