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Policygenius is passionate about going according to their mission. Their mission is to assist customers to get the exact coverage with a one of a kind experience. Many families do not have the right life insurance savings policy and end up suffering because of less information when they went for that particular policy. Disability is another foreclosure reason. If an unexpected expense came in, half of the Americans found it difficult to meet a $400 expense saying that insurance is that important to them. One of the best features of Policygenius is the insurance checkup. This only requires a five-minute survey and will give you a list of frequently asked questions that you might have forgotten to think about.

While shopping is an enjoyable task more often than not, buying some things are not as easy as walking into a store and picking up a T-shirt. Buying the right plan that fits all your requirements is a long, arduous process that ends up confusing a lot of people. This is specifically true because most people either have a lot of information or know very little about how insurance policies work. According to the Nationwide Insurance Survey 2013, they have found that around 53% of customers believed that looking for a life insurance policy was a tedious procedure, 43% said it was complicated due to application steps, 29% found it overwhelming, and an additional 57% of the total 1,600 respondents they would rather watch their favorite shows at home rather than researching on insurance policies. A median score of 40% was found to know every detail about their policy and how the company has gone through changes within the past 12 months.

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  • Easy application process
  • Multiple coverages offered
  • Reliable customer support


  • Policy restriction based on amount
  • Limited quotes available
  • Lack of accidental death insurance


Online quotes might not be available for every customer. The ways the comparative prices are shown are not transparent in some cases. Other than term and whole life insurance, the other policies are not shown for certain amounts. Policygenius is for customers aged 18 to 85 years, hence not asking identity proof from 18-year-old can land them up in trouble. Their minimum coverage is $50,000. Medical exam props in if the insurance provider asks for it, hence it is not always the same case. Accidental death coverage, child protection, premium amount waiver for disabled, unemployment waiver etc. are not under the umbrella of the Policygenius policies.


They allow customers to get comparative rates, and the quote form is a one-minute process in total. There is an estimator that gives you an idea of which life insurance policy and how much amount one should go for. They guide you through the whole online application process with an excellent customer service team. You do not have to give any personal information other than financial strength to them which is easier for people to get it done fast.

Questions asked

Policygenius is a startup which has been around since 2014. They have since become a really customer-driven life insurance company. They have claimed and have been proven to offer choices of top insurance companies so that you do not have to waste your time elsewhere. Customers will obviously have doubts about why they are different and what is their value proposition compared to other life insurance companies. Questions on what languages do they have, how Policygenius makes money for their employees, are they licensed, etc. will obviously be asked. Policygenius, being an independent body, does not have any affiliation and certain customers have issues on how the accreditation works. Insurance companies compete with one another for business so customers question them on how they can offer cheap rates.


Policygenius, an online insurance company, was founded in 2014. They are a quoting platform, and hence, can provide all competitive rates from any insurance providers. They are a multi-product company and consumers can seek advice or go ahead with their gut instinct. They focus on how to provide online service and let customers get the most of it rather than marketing unwanted information. The insurance types offered by Policygenius are jewelry insurance, identity theft insurance, auto insurance, vision insurance, health insurance, long-term disability insurance, renters’ insurance, and pet insurance, apart from term and whole life insurance. The insurance survey is a five-minute procedure and one can analyze their future financial stability with the to-do list and information given.