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Health IQ aims to reward healthy individuals and does not take a mere overview of the numbers such as weight and BMI. The company strives to obtain a clear understanding of the health factors. It is an individual’s lifestyle that matters most to the company. Health IQ reviews the activities that the consumers undertake to manage their health. Interestingly, individuals are classified based on categories such as long-distance running, hiking, swimming yoga and much more. The categories also include vegans and vegetarians. Special premium rates are generated based on the same. Using the service to get cheaper premium rates is extremely simple. One can get started by going to the website and filling the essential information. The information comprises of basics such as name, address, physical stature, coverage amount and more. Post finishing with the basic information, the customer is required to fill in specifics such as the presence of any health problems. Post all these steps, one can take the quiz.

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  • Lower rates
  • A healthy lifestyle is rewarded
  • Access to 30+ Carriers


  • An extra step in Life Insurance process
  • Health I.Q. Quiz makes it difficult to earn “Elite” status
  • Not great for ones in poor health


It is true, the value held by a life insurance cannot be overstated. A life insurance is an economic security that is designed to protect an individual or the near ones in the wake of an unwanted or devastating consequence. Losing a loved one is not only emotionally traumatizing but can also hit-hard the sustenance ability of the family. The lack of financial security to meet ongoing expenses can worsen the difficulty of the situation. A life insurance may be viewed as just another expense, but if you choose to opt for Health IQ benefits, you can save on a lot on the premiums. It is a contract wherein the insurance company promises a death benefit in return for regular premiums fulfilled by the insured. There are a plethora of insurance companies on the market and the perfect one must be picked with prudence.

An insurance broker, Health IQ was founded in the year 2013 and took off as a result of the realization of the co-owner, Munjal Shah. In 2010, he observed that he was not as healthy as he must be and began his health-conscious journey. Few years down later, he decided to extend his idea by rewarding individuals who lived healthy which lead to the birth of Health IQ. It revolved around the idea of generating lower health insurance premiums for people who are health conscious, instead of granting the same to individuals who care less. However, the health insurance industry is regulated, and this discouraged Health IQ from putting out advantages for a healthier lot. Thus, the company pivoted to provide lower rates on Life insurance premiums. The life insurance broker gets you the best premium prices from companies around the market.


Resorting to the company as part of the insurance process can add one more additional step which can be time-consuming. Moreover, the quiz generated by the broker can make it difficult for one to earn the “Elite” status.


Health HQ offers a unique broker experience through its much-welcomed scheme of enabling healthy individuals to enjoy greater rewards from insurance companies. One can avail lower rate on premiums, if you avail any of the company’s services. Importantly, the company is affiliated with more than 30 carriers such as Prudential, Securian, John Hancock, Principal, among others.

Questions Asked

The Health IQ is majorly based on the lifestyle that one leads. Questions differ from one individual’s area of activity to another. For swimmers, the quiz questions include the ones that revolve around swimming. In the case of a runner, the individuals will be quizzed about the different aspects of the exercise.

Every time, one gets an answer correct, it aids in getting closer to the “Elite” category. To make the indication easier, there is a bar that is placed at the top and fills up post a correct answer. A quiz contains anywhere around 20 questions each.

Upon completion of the quiz and qualifying for special premium rates, the customer is contacted by a representative of the company. One must be able to effectively verify the workouts through pictures or records. After all the formalities are complete, the consumer is presented with the special rates that he/she can avail.

Health IQ