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Ethos Technologies Inc., commonly known as Ethos, is a life insurance company, which creates modern and ethical life insurance to protect the life of their clients. It is headquartered at San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded by Lingke Wang and Peter Colis.

Ethos is ethical and believes in protecting the future life of every customer they serve. Team members adhere to guidelines and are all ethical enough to not conduct any kinds of up-sell or cross-sell of expensive policies that do not cater to your budget. Ethos is the kind of life insurance one looks for if they cannot pay any hidden fees or premium amount annually.If you think a particular age and a particular salary shall take care of you for insurance planning, then you are wrong. God forbid should any terminal illnesses, accidents, or unpleasant surprises befall you, but getting insurance ensures you have a secure present for a secure future. Ethos helps you plan this and its policies are tailored to fit the exact requirements of any customer who knocks on their door.

Ethos is a purpose-built digital life insurance plan that makes the customer’s lives easier. They have great investors like Sequoia, Accel, GV, Stanford, and Rocnation. Ethos is more reliable than many others in the market, wherein you can make $1 million for your family with $1 per day insurance plans too. They are an easy and excellent way to go about with your life insurance planning, and they provide good customer service as well. In fact, most of their newer customers are references by their already existing customers. Policies of Ethos are underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company, which is an American life insurance provider. Their application procedure is very simple too. The insurance policy agencies are umpteen and those trustworthy are a few. Hence, considering that customer’s time is money, many life insurance agencies focus on up-selling expensive policies to rich customers.

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  • Does not promote up-selling of policies
  • High-value term life insurance
  • User-friendly and quick dashboard


  • Does not provide a comparison of policy rates
  • The age limit for term plan is high
  • Term life insurance ends by the time a customer reaches 85 years of age


Ethos does not give you an option to compare the rates with any other company because policies are underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company. If you are looking for a 30-year term plan, then you need to be 55 years or lesser; for a 20-year tenure, you should be 65 years and younger; and for a decade-old term insurance, you should be 75 years or younger. Unless the customer converts the term insurance policy to permanent life insurance policy, the term ends by the time customer reaches the age of 85 years.


Ethos does not promote up-selling nor use unwanted marketing techniques. Their application process is quick. There is no requirement for medical exams. They guarantee a high-value term life insurance that is underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company. The dashboard is user-friendly and quick. The beneficiaries, when accurately filled out, have no problem in collecting the insurance money after the death of the owner of the policy. Multiple riders are available, which include critical illness rider, premium waiver, children rider, premium return endowment benefits, and more. The term insurance policies are termed at 10, 15, 20, and 30 years for people aged between 18 years to 75 years. Minimum coverage starts from about $25,000 to about $10,000,000. Their premiums have no hidden costs.

Questions asked

Every customer wants transparency in the procedures of a company that they put their money into. Ethos has transparency that is unparalleled. Their product portfolio is amazing, never non-responsive, not paper-driven but digitalized while clearly mentioning team members. Questions you might want to ask would be how long does it take for the claims to be paid, if you are the right person to receive insurance in the family, how to identify the right insurance for yourself, what are the properties of a set life insurance policy that is selected by online procedure, what is a beneficiary and how to add one, is death benefit under taxation, how to confirm that each policy is reliable, how to qualify for an Ethos policy, where to find one, is the coverage irrespective of health issues, and more.


Ethos, being a trustworthy life insurance company, treats you like family. Usually, the life insurance policies take 5 to 15 weeks for approval because it involves a lot of paperwork, medical tests, blood tests, and more. At Ethos, they have built an easy application procedure for the same that takes only 10 minutes. The data are assimilated earlier and criterions are matched with the right policy and the same is aligned for your needs for maximum coverage. Medical tests are not required. There are no confronting salespeople or customer executives from their side. Ethos, in fact, takes the responsibility of taking care of every single penny you invest. They are digitally inclined, and so their website is very user-friendly and effectively covers all the points of their policies clearly. In fact, being digital helps Ethos because it prevents coming face-to-face with hassling salespeople that customers at times dread about.