10 Effective Online Dating Tips For Lesbians

10 effective online dating tips for lesbians

Many women who have just come out feel liberated but also a bit anxious. This anxiety may come from doubting whether they will find a companion. If one isn’t comfortable with going to a bar and socializing, then online dating is the next best option. Herein, we’ve provided a few simple steps that will help find a great girl online.

Choose the right dating website

Picking the right website is the first and most important step. Gay women often think of joining a dating website that is exclusively for them. The issue with lesbian-only dating websites is that there are not enough women using them yet. So finding someone can be quite challenging.

The benefit of using mainstream dating platforms is that they provide the opportunity to meet more diverse people, and most of them are LGBT friendly. Before you choose any of the dating platforms mentioned below, it’s advisable to thoroughly understand how LGBT dating sites work as well as learn about the essential features to seek out on gay dating sites. We recommend that you try the top 3 paid online dating platforms for LGBT singles.

  • Zoosk

Zoosk is a leading LGBT dating app that individualizes your dating experience and helps you find a perfect partner. Zoosk’s Behavioural Matchmaking technology self-updates in real-time on the basis of the activities of its more than 35 million members. Zoosk offers great flexibility as it allows members to create a second account without paying anything extra. This is especially useful to those who identify as bisexual and would like to have another account to be able to find matches from both genders. Zoosk is a market leader in online dating and is the top-grossing dating app on Apple’s App Store. The app is available in over 80 countries and 25 languages.

  • Match

One of the oldest online LGBT dating websites, Match.com started in 1995 and now offers services in 24 countries and 15 different languages. Match.com provides members opportunities to express themselves through writing pieces. All conversations between members on the dating platform happens anonymously until the user decides to share the information with their match.

  • EliteSingles

A prime LGBT dating platform, EliteSingles is preferred by those looking for a serious relationship. Its matchmaking algorithm connects you with a person on the basis of your relationship preferences, education, location, and personality profile. The dating platform caters to people of different religious beliefs, ethnicities, and races, verifies all user profiles, and removes non-active members after a certain period of being dormant.

Create a precise dating profile

The next step is to meticulously fill details on your dating profile. It is strongly recommended that while writing your bio, avoid more common adjectives and phrases such as kind, fun-loving, love to travel, etc. A generic profile is quite easily overlooked on dating platforms.

Upload diverse pictures

This is another crucial step toward perfecting your dating profile. Choose your best photo as the profile picture and include one or two great candids photos. It is recommended that you use recent photos and avoid uploading too many selfies.

Just send the first message

Don’t waste time waiting for someone to message you. If you stumble across a profile you like, taking initiative and breaking the ice is a great confidence booster. But investing too much time on crafting a poetic message can also be a problem, so finding a midground is necessary.

Ask her out

Spending too much time judging and trying to understand someone online can be a waste of time. If you’d like to meet her, asking if she’d like to meet over coffee or dinner does help. Meeting in real life gives you an opportunity of knowing someone more intimately and give you a clear idea of whether you want to see her again.

Compliment her

Don’t forget to appreciate the little efforts that she had put in for the date. If you notice something unusual, perhaps her earring, or her nicely done hair, appreciating them as the date advances will help.

Be yourself

No matter how cliche of advice this sounds, being yourself is the best you can be. It is absolutely okay to feel nervous on the first date. Take a deep breath, relax, and express yourself honestly. Regardless of how the date ends up, you will feel confident and immensely happy if you’ve been true to yourself and her the entire time.

Maintain transparency
Clear and honest communication is paramount. It is advisable to be transparent about what the equation will be from the get-go and make the other person abundantly clear that you’re expecting something serious or casual, or any other kind of relationship. It is also okay to not know what one wants in the beginning, but making sure the other person knows that too does help.

Rules regarding the check
This can sometimes become awkward on dates. The best and most polite rule of thumb here is to reach for the check. There is a chance that she’ll insist on paying the whole amount as well. If she insists hard enough, then one can compromise by splitting the check on the first date. If a second date is on the cards, both can take turns. Who doesn’t like to be treated to delicious food once in a while?

Do some research online
Lastly, it is advisable that you read through a few online dating tips for gay women, wherein you may also learn some online dating etiquettes for lesbian daters, how to strike up a conversation on a dating site, and a few conversation starters for online daters.

Please remember that nobody is ideally expected to end up with the first girl they meet on a dating platform. This is another fantastic thing about online dating is that you have an abundance of options. So be bold and confident, and you will find your companion soon.

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