Last Updated October, 2022
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One of the most diverse online dating platforms, offering personalized dating experiences to people across 80 countries.
  • One of the biggest dating pools
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple user interface
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A proactive dating site that uses the right technology to enable LGBT singles to find love and like-minded people at one place.
  • Caters to all sexual orientations
  • Emphasizes on security and privacy
  • Additional features such as “Daily Five”
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A leading dating site that caters to the members of the LGBT community who seek like-minded career-oriented partners.
  • Careful filtering of members
  • Caters to LGBT community
  • SSL protection
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An easy-to-navigate dating platform for LGBT seniors who are looking for serious relationships, pen pals, or simply friendships.
  • Easy registration
  • Caters to senior singles
  • Security of personal information
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Does away with the usual offering of mainstream dating sites to present a niche dating experience.
  • Simple user interface
  • Emphasizes safety of users
  • Reasonably priced plans
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Dating Tips For LGBT Couples

Irrespective of the gender and sexual orientation, dating can seem like a treasure hunt. You look for people who share similar interests, likes, and dislikes. But when you’re trying to woo someone, you can’t go wrong. Here are 6 handy tips for LGBT dating that would help you bag a great date.

Widen your search

We often whine that we are unable to find our right match, but the reality is we aren’t looking or searching right. Are you picky? Are you looking for someone with specific hobbies or interests? If this is the case with you, which is often with most of us, then you are holding yourself back. You do have multiple popular dating apps for LGBT dating, which would help you find your suitable partner, but that is not all. You should open your mind to individuals with different interests and hobbies as well. Try to avoid judging a person based just on their appearance, there could be more to them than meets the eye.

Be yourself

When dating, it is important to be extremely clear about your dating interests and their likes and dislikes. Also, most of the time, people try to masquerade their true selves and what they like to do in order to attract others. But, it is not advisable when you are dating online. The best idea is to be yourself and be positive. On your profile, talk about your interests and choose to tell what you like to do in your free time, what you are passionate about, who you want to be with, to name a few.

Don’t talk about your ex

It is definitely not a good idea to talk about your past relationships. It has been seen that talking about your ex-relationships will not do any good, rather it would only ruin the beginning of your new dating experience. Specifically, do not reference how upsetting the breakup was or how brilliant the intimacy was. These things are meant to be in the past. Moreover, it is important to not ask questions about your partner’s past relationship as well. It is up to both of you to come to a comfort zone where you can share the experiences and the first couple of dates is surely not the right time to do so.

Try new places

Why not give your new dating life a new start with some fresh and new restaurants or eating joints? Find places where there are no associations or distractions from past dates. Talk to your date and zero down on a place that is comfortable for both of you. This will help you to know about each other’s likes and dislikes when it comes to hangout places, restaurants, foods, and drinks. But, it is also important to not force your decisions on them as this might get off-putting. Take a mutual decision and meet where both of you are comfortable.

Be clear about your dating intentions

Some of the people who are out there on the dating sites are looking for the love of their life while others are there to go on dates and have some fun. Whatever is your main idea of dating and meeting people, be clear about it and make sure that you communicate the same to your date as well. However, it is important to consider the feelings of your date as well.

Worried about rejection?

We all are quite a bit worried about rejections. Especially when it comes to dating, you don’t want to have a heartbreak on the very first date. But have you ever wondered how rejections help in building experiences and is just a learning experience? Rejections are a useful experience where it teaches you more about yourself and also the people you are dating. There might be a number of reasons for rejecting someone, but it is how you accept it and move on. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the chemistry between you two and not stick around for too long as this would only build a pretentious bond.