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The Honda HRX features an electric start GCV200 engine with a unique Roto-Stop® and 4-in-1 Versamow system for efficient lawn mowing
  • Self-propelled Cruise Control
  • Convenient mulch and bag system
  • Rust and dent free mowing deck
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Toro MWR22 is a compact 22-inch cutting-edge lawn mower that features a superb system for one to enjoy maximum coverage and efficiency
  • Works well on uneven terrains
  • Compact gas-powered mower
  • No need for oil changes every time
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Ryobi’s brushless motor coupled with multiple height settings enables the mower to provide a clean and smooth lawn trimming experience
  • Brushless motor for better mowing
  • Height adjustment for 7 positions
  • 5 years warranty for the mower
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Lawn Boy is powered by a commercial-grade engine to provide a durable, reliable, smart lawn mowing experience while maximizing results
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • 3-in-1 bagging options
  • 21-inch cutting width for mowing
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Husqvarna is an excellent all-wheel-drive lawn mower with wide 22-inch coverage for maximum results powered by a Honda GCV engine
  • All-wheel drive for better traction
  • Premium wheels with rugged tread
  • Robust engine for better cutting
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EGO 21-inch mower is powered by a lithium-ion battery to provide a smooth and quiet lawn mowing experience with compact bushel storage
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery
  • Weather-resistant and compact mower
  • Wide range 21-inch cutting deck
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Poulan Pro is a hassle-free ergonomically designed mower with dual blades and an easy store feature that ensures a smooth operation
  • Easy cleaning and storing
  • Automatic battery switchover
  • Ergonomic design for best comfort
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The GreenWorks 19-inch lawn mower offers 7 adjustable positions for maximum area coverage and works well on different lawn terrains
  • 7 height adjustment positions
  • Large wheelbase for better control
  • Dual 2Ah and 4Ah battery mower
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Honda HRR gas-powered lawn mower is designed to provide a clean cut and ultra-smooth lawn terrain with impressive storage capacity
  • The best bag capacity for storage
  • Six cutting positions for mowing
  • Variable wheels for self-propulsion
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The Snapper 21-inch mower is powered by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine to propel the rear-wheel-drive system with better traction
  • Efficient discharge methods
  • Easy height adjustment for mowing
  • 2.5-bushel grass bag capacity
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All you need to know about lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are machines that play a huge role in every summer story you may have read and have been around since forever, or more exactly, 1830. They use rotating blades to cut off the surface of the grass and were invented by an English textile worker, Edwin Budding.

The initial device was very different from what we are used to seeing today. The first model was based on a textile machine itself, with the mower attached to the rear roller, shaving off the grass with the help of a sharp edge that was stuck to the cylinder.

It has seen a plethora of additions and variants since then and there are multiple types of lawn mowers in the market today, each one catering to specific or generic needs.

What is a lawn mower?

Lawn mowers are devices that are used to even out the surface of a garden or a ground by cutting off the grass. They are not only used to keep the ground neat but also provide better access to it. There are many types of lawn mowers, including riding mowers, self-propelled mowers, push mowers, and self-operating robotic mowers. Here are some characteristics that each type of lawnmower features:

  • Riding lawn mowers 
    These types of lawn mowers are perfect for people who own big yards. They are massive in size, but they help immensely when it comes to cutting large areas of grass. This option is slightly more expensive than the others.
  • Self-propelled lawn mowers
    These lawn mowers use the power of the engine to turn the wheels. This is a good thing for the owners as they do not have to push them around. They have to simply guide the mowers around while the machines do the heavy lifting.
  • Push lawn mowers
    Push lawn mowers tend to be extremely labor-intensive to use as they require to be pushed around to cut the grass. This is a daunting task during the summers, even if the yard is smaller in size. These mowers are more on the budget-friendly side as compared to the other options.
  • Self-operating robotic lawnmowers
    This machine is completely opposite to a push lawn mower. It is known as a “smart” mower, as it helps the owner to clean the yard without them even lifting a finger. All one needs to do is set up wires for boundaries, and the robotic lawn mower will do its job.

How does a lawn mower work?

No matter the differences in the various models of lawn mowers, they all need a powerful motor at their base to make the blades spin fast to cut the grass. This is only possible because of an internally present combustion engine. This engine can run on two types of cycles—one is the two-cycle motor, which functions by the burning of gasoline and oil. The other one is a four-cycle motor, which maintains a separate lubrication system by burning gasoline. Some lawn mowers function on a rechargeable battery, or even on a cord or solar power.

Is a lawn mower a tractor?

No, the difference between a lawn mower and a tractor is that the placement of the cutting deck is located at different places in each of them. The tractors usually have a mid-mounted cutting deck, whereas the lawn mowers have the cutting deck placed right under the front. This front-end location helps in better control of the machines. This control plays a huge part in the functionality of the machine as it enables one to maneuver it better.

Electric lawn mower vs. Gas-powered lawn mower

According to lawn mower reviews, it is advisable to go for an electric lawn mower as these simple to use since they are run on batteries that you can charge at any garage outlet. Gas-powered lawn mowers require oil to function and owners cannot let it sit idle as well, as this would cause excess exhaust, which is harmful to them and the environment.

Gas engines also require a lot of maintenance due to their fuel filters, spark plugs, etc. When it comes to using electric mowers, they are less of a hassle. They just require a battery to be placed in the right slot and with the safety key properly engaged, they are good to go.

Manual lawn mower vs electric lawn mower

When it comes to this debate, the majority of the lawn mower reviews agree that the electric lawn mower has become a common sight in any household, and it has completely earned its popularity. It is very easy to use once you connect the power cord to an outlet. No use of gasoline is an impressive feature of the electric lawn mower and although the manual lawn mower is a lot more economical and eco-friendlier, it requires a lot more effort compared to an electric one.

What are the top-rated lawn mowers?

As per our list of lawn mower reviews 2020, EGO, Honda, and Toro are some of the top lawn mowers in the market. Here some of the features of the top lawn mowers by these brands.

EGO LM2100SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Mower

EGO 21-inch mower is powered by a lithium-ion battery to provide a smooth and quiet lawn mowing experience with compact bushel storage. A few features of this model are:

  • Weather resistant
  • Wide-range 21-inch cutting deck
  • Compact size

Honda HRX217HZA 21-inch Mower

The Honda HRX features an electric start GCV200 engine with a unique Roto-Stop® and 4-in-1 Versamow system for efficient lawn mowing. Some of its key features are:

  • Powerful engine
  • Self-propelled Cruise Control
  • Rust- and dent-free mowing deck

Toro MWR22

Offering a wide variety of lawn mowers, Toro combines smart features, innovative technology, and efficient designs. This model is a 22-inch smart high-wheeled all-terrain lawn mower. Here are some of its features.

  • Ideal for uneven terrains
  • Brilliant mulching performance
  • No need for frequent oil changes

Is a lawn mower worth it?

A lot of people are unsure about using a lawn mower and tend to let their garden have a few weeds here and there or engage professional services. But, a lawn mower should definitely be considered an investment as it eases the burden of maintaining a garden, especially for those who have big yards. These lawn mowers also come in a range of budgets and offer varied facilities, making it easy to make a choice according to one’s preference.

Sure-Fire Ways to Choose a Product

Set a Budget

This ensures you make choices within your means.

Keep an Open Mind

Simply buying the first product that fits your budget is unwise. Keep an open mind and rely on your research.

Research is Key

It is vital to the buying process. Research online as well as offline stores for best results and narrow down your options to the top 10 rated ones making a wish list of sorts.

Consult and Compare

Read expert insights and check what other consumers have to say about a product to narrow down the top-rated options.

Consider The Pros and Cons

Weigh the pros and cons of owning the product – the feasibility, the long-term value and the immediate need.


Bring the competition down to the top 3.

Read the Fine Print

From the warranty to the customer service, read everything there is about the product.

Make the Purchase From a Legitimate Source

Once you have all your ducks in a row, buy the one that fits your requirement to a T from an authentic vendor