Last Updated July, 2022
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A reliable company that renders services at fair prices
  • 24/7 phone support for claims
  • Transferable service contract
  • Affordable plans and coverage
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Offers prompt and reliable assistance
  • High coverage limits
  • Quick repairs
  • A large network of repair technicians
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Great services at affordable prices with comprehensive plans
  • Various customizable plans
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Affordable prices
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Insure old and new appliances with this home warranty provider
  • Does not need a home inspection
  • Does not matter if appliances are old
  • Discounted air filters delivered
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Home service warranty system with comprehensive coverage options
  • No home inspection
  • Online claims
  • Choice of technician
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Timely and affordable services that you can rely on
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Emergency services for repairs
  • No cancellation charge if opted for within 30 days
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Get reliable services with budget-friendly plans
  • Flexible coverage options
  • Monthly and yearly plans
  • Online homeowner center
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Known for its buyer-friendly plans and services
  • Service rewards for referring new customers
  • Transparent services
  • Unknown pre-existing conditions covered under Buyer’s coverage
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Affordable, dependable, and efficient home warranty service
  • Option of add-ons
  • No prior home inspection
  • Limitless yearly call outs
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Trusted and affordable warranty plans for your home
  • Combo Plan covers all major appliances and systems
  • Contract is transferrable to the new homeowner
  • 24-hour service available
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Reliable customer service and affordable plans for a secure home
  • Short waiting time
  • Transferable
  • No home inspection
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Things to know before purchasing a home warranty plan

Buying a house in itself is a huge investment, and on top of that, homeowners must buy insurance as well as a warranty. Many are confused between insurance and warranty, but those two cover separate issues of your house. While home insurance only covers payment for damages and loss to the house caused by events like fires, floods, or other weather-related or natural disasters, a home warranty is a plan taken up by owners to cover all or parts and components of the home’s electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems among other appliances used in the residence.

Do home warranties replace appliances?

Depending on the company, terms and conditions on the warranty plan may vary. Some of the best home warranty companies include AFC Home Club, American Home Shield, Complete Protection, Landmark Home Warranty, and HSA Home Warranty. While there may be some universal terms and conditions, each company may have different services for appliances. American Home Shield, for example, will cover the repair of your malfunctioning refrigerator but they may not just repair but also replace a failing washing machine. It’s advisable to check online reviews of the home warranty company and the plans offered.

How soon can you use home warranty after purchase?

Most home warranty companies have a 30-day review process after the purchase of a plan. You are eligible to use the plan as soon as those 30 days are over, and it is valid for the next 365 days from that day on. There is also no limit on how many service requests you can make once the plan has started. If your appliance comes under the plan and needs repair, feel free to call the company’s customer service without hesitation.

Do home warranties cover old appliances?

Home warranties cover all appliances that are in working condition. So, if you have an old appliance that works fine during the purchase of the plan, it is eligible to be a part of the service request later if anything does go wrong. However, the warranty does not cover any known pre-existing faults in the appliance and will not pay for any repairs or replacement later.

Do home warranties cover pest control?

Not all home warranty companies may cover pest control, but some do offer this service. Popular companies like Landmark Home Warranty and Home Service Club include pest control in their home warranty plans. Make sure you speak to your home warranty company and review the specifics on your plan.

Do home warranties cover maintenance?

Most popular home warranty companies cover appliances and systems that need repairing or replacing, depending on the inspection and what the technician says. There is no “maintenance” warranty, but these warranties help you get quick service on items that need fixing in your house. These home warranties also differ from the manufacturer’s warranty as that expires in a year, and you cannot purchase a warranty on that product over and over again.

Do home warranties cover foundation issues?

Buying a home warranty from a company usually does not include foundational issues. The areas covered by most home warranty companies include the repair of plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling systems. Although there are home builders, sellers, and real estate agents who offer a warranty on the homes they are selling to attract homeowners. Such a warranty is valid for a year from the date of purchase of the house.

Does home warranty require inspection?

This depends on the home warranty company. Most best-rated home-warranty companies do take an inspection during the time of purchase of any plans, but there are also some that do not require any inspection. Some best-rated home warranty companies that do not require any home inspection would be AFC Home Club and even HSA Home Warranty.

Do home warranties cover pre-existing conditions?

All the best-rated home warranty companies limit covering any pre-existing conditions during the time of enrollment to the plan. All the appliances or systems that are you register with the home warranty company need to be in a working condition prior to buying the plan.

Are home warranty programs worth it?

The best and most popular home warranty services range from anything between $350 and $600 a year, depending on factors like the location, company, and appliances or systems covered. Some home warranties may cost even more if you add more items and bigger systems to it. There is a payment of an annual premium on this service, and while the repair comes under warranty, you would still have to pay a service fee every time an item broke down. This may further add anywhere between $50-$125, depending on the factors mentioned above. It is also to be noted that while all this may seem like an extra expense, these services come in handy over the years. So, the answer to that question would depend on what homeowners’ requirements are and what is their budget to maintain their house. A little bit of financial planning is needed when purchasing anything, so it all comes down to if it is better to pay a yearly amount to take care of any sudden mishaps, or one wants to go through the stress on arranging enough funds at the time of need. Repairing appliances may not cost as much but repairing systems can be a huge task, and for that one must be prepared.