The Best Home Security Cameras of 2018

The Best Home Security Cameras of 2018

Who wants to be spied on every time? Home is a place of comfort and coziness, but when you install a camera at your home, it means you are constantly monitored, and this gives you a feeling of uneasiness in your own comfort zone. However, to ensure your home’s security, the best way is to get a home security system installed at important places that have chances of undesired intrusion.

It is not possible to stay at home always and keep an eye on everything. You need to go out for work, for shopping and grocery, visit your doctor, and what not. Sometimes you may need to leave your baby at home, which is a matter of concern. However, if you have a camera installed at your home, you can keep a constant eye on your baby and on the nanny. Fire hazards can be prevented, electricity can be managed, and insurance premiums can be lowered.

Nowadays, most home security cameras can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, with a remote control and even from your own smartphone. Cameras nowadays are only a part of the defensive strategies, along with smart locks and modern alarm systems that keep your family safe. Here are some of the best home security cameras of 2018 listed. Take a look at these before deciding on purchasing the most suitable one for your home.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2
It is not called a “Pro” without reasons. It is fitted with a high-end setup that gives you a superb vigilance of your home when you are away. The system consists of two cameras and one hub. The robust high-end cameras are capable of recording a crystal clear HD video of 1080p. However, this camera can also be installed outdoors given its excellent magnetic mounts and IP65 waterproof ratings. With this camera installed, you can rest assured about safety, even in the corners of your home that normal vision may fail to notice. It has a very powerful night mode, a smart siren, and an 8X digital zoom camera that gives you a clear picture of your indoors.

Hive View
This is the latest camera added to the home security systems arena. It comes with cool features that have made it one of the best indoor cameras till date. It comes with a detachable head that can give you an 1800 view and can be moved to any corner of your house as long as the battery lasts, which is not less than an hour. This is best suited for mothers to keep a check on their baby while they are busy with their chores.

Nest Cam IQ
This camera is even smarter and has movement sensors installed in it. Whenever there is any unusual movement in your house, it will readily notify you, and the best part is that it can differentiate between the movements of humans and animals based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The best quality image with a high dynamic range is what this indoor camera assures you of. So, whenever there is any undesirable intrusion in your home, you can be alert and prevent any mishaps from happening.

Logitech Circle 2
This is one of the most versatile home security cameras with an abundance of mounts available, which lets you place it anywhere in your home. It comes with a customized and weatherproof extension cord to help you monitor what is going on outside your home without actually stepping out. It also comes with a wireless and rechargeable battery to reduce the downtime.

To enjoy living at home and leaving from home without hassles and worry, installing a home security system would be an ideal choice to make.

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