How To Make Your House Safer

If you are wondering whether all burglars are as smooth and clever as Danny Ocean’s crew, the answer is – not really. Heist movies might show extremely smart criminals who can break through the most sophisticated security systems in the world. In reality, ordinary homes barely need a high-end security system to protect themselves from the likes of the Ocean crew. Real-life burglars just need unlocked doors or windows, or those very poorly secured to get inside.

So, how to make your home safer?

It is quite easy and simple to secure most houses. However, burglaries and thefts become common when homeowners neglect the security of their homes. Homes not only need protection from burglars but also accidents such as fires and other unfortunate accidents. The best way to make your house safe is by taking active measures such as controlling access to entry points such as doors and windows, providing visibility around your house, and maintaining your house. These measures will not only protect your home and belongings, but also you and your family.

Before knowing how to make your house safe, you need to know three factors that deter house burglars.

Three factors that deter a burglar:

1. Time

House burglars are generally criminals of opportunity. They tend to target houses that can be easily accessed without the risk of getting caught. They are always on the lookout for houses where they can get in and out easily and quickly. The reason is quite simple – the longer a burglar takes to get in, the more time it gives a neighbor or anyone nearby to notice and call the cops. Many homeowners are not aware that they unwittingly make it easier for burglars to get in their house. It can be an unlocked door or garage; burglars can easily enter, grab whatever they want, and get out through the unsecured door pretty quickly. Of course, they can pick a lock; but it would take longer than just walking in through an unlocked door.

To avoid this, always ensure that all the doors, windows, and garage doors are locked securely at all times. You need to take special care of this whenever you go out. This way you add buffer time for neighborhood watchers to call the cops if they spot someone trying to break into your house. Often burglars tend to move on to the next target when they are discouraged by the fact that they have to put in too much trouble to get inside a securely locked house.

2. Sound

Along with time, sound can also be a deterrent for burglars. Home security alarms and barking dogs are like unwanted attention for a thief trying to break into your house. Burglars are always trying to remain undetected when they are breaking and entering a house. They are practically in “ninja mode”. So, a house with alarms and dogs or anything that triggers attention will be avoided completely, no matter what. Instead, they will move on to their next target, which might be quieter, allowing them to go in and out without any disruptions.

3. Visibility

House burglars and thieves generally tend to prefer darker places. This is because low visibility means a low risk of getting caught. Thus, houses that have a lot of trees blocking the main entrance or are poorly lit at night become the perfect targets. In such places, burglars can easily run and hide if they have to. To avoid this, it is essential to keep bushes trimmed, grass cut frequently, and the house well-lit at night.

Apart from being aware of the above factors, you should also ask the following questions when you think about how to make your home safe.

Ask these questions to keep your house safe:

  • Are all the doors locked or double-locked at the main entrance?
  • Are all the access doors properly locked?
  • Are all the windows shut all the way?
  • Is the house well-lit from outside at night?
  • Are any of the valuables visible from outside the street?
  • Are there any areas near the house that make it easier for a burglar to hide and break in easily?
  • Are there any routines that you follow that makes it easier for a burglar to know the best time to break and enter your house?

You can also take some preventive measures to keep burglars and thieves away from your home.

Tips to prevent burglary and theft

Bring home a dog

In addition to being the cuddliest of companions, dogs will ward off potential criminals from your house. This is because dogs will often bark when they sense unfamiliar people around your house.

Be careful who you let inside

A gardener or a plumber may have ulterior motives. You can’t trust them completely. So, it is important to keep a close eye on whoever you hire to work in your house. Always keep your valuables secure and out of reach. Remember that whenever you are letting someone inside your house, you are giving them a chance to steal, look out for your valuables, and make plans to come back and steal away your things.

Do background checks

Whenever you hire a contractor to do work inside your house, always do a thorough background check. Additionally, ask for multiple references and crosscheck these references. Also, after the workers leave for the day, ensure that you go through your valuables to make sure everything is where it should be.

Install a home security system

To keep tabs on people around your house and track unwanted behavior and visitors around your house, invest in a home security system that can be quite indispensable. Most home security systems come with cameras, alarms, and sensors, they can either be installed yourself or by a professional. These can easily help to make your home safer and secure not only from burglars but also other untoward accidents such as fires.

Know your neighbors

One of the best ways to keep away unwanted visitors and potential thieves is to be on good terms with your neighbors. This way everyone can help each other out by keeping an eye on the neighborhood. This can be useful if you have to stay away from your home for long periods, for instance when you are on a vacation. 

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