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Protect America

A Go-to Source For Home Security And Monitoring Solutions.


Protect America is an efficient yet simple home security provider that focuses on total home protection with a wide range of affordable, monitored 24/7 home security systems. With complete perimeter protection, motion detection, live video monitoring, and a mobile app to always stay connected, Protect America is a smart choice you can make for a secure home.

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Great monitoring control
  • Affordable rates


  • Hefty cancellation fees
  • Only 60° field of view
  • 36-month contract

Key features

  • 24/7 monitored security systems
  • Affordable packages
  • Interior motion detection
  • Quick and free installation
  • Customizable security plan options

Who is it for?

Individuals looking to customize their home security system.
Individuals looking to minimize upfront costs.

How Protect America works?

Protect America works differently from standard home security solutions. It does away with several essentials such as the middlemen, installing professionals and more to bring better control to the customer. The system is monitored at all times and includes complete protection with glass break sensors. There are two-way voice cameras that aid in simple monitoring of the home throughout. Protect America also brings with it a smartphone mobile app that can be connected at any time, from anywhere.

Features at a glance

A wide range of products: They offer different types of equipment to provide overall security to your home. The products range from touchscreen control panels, door and window sensors, motion detectors to HD wireless video cameras, monitored smoke detection, and integrated home automation. Their video cameras render 720p HD and a smooth 25 frames per second stream. Likewise, the cameras come with a swivel base so that all angles of the room can be monitored.

Automated surveillance technology: Their live video surveillance equipment includes door and window microsensors that have 5-year battery life and indoor wall mounted wireless sensors. The HD wireless home security camera gives you a 60° field of view and has 4 infrared LEDs that light up to 16 feet in low-light conditions. The surveillance equipment also comes with a two-way audio system that can be used through their mobile app.

Outdoor security camera: Protect America comes with an outdoor camera. You can access the live footage anytime you want via your smartphone. Moreover, it has two-way audio capabilities. So, you can not only hear what’s happening but also talk back using the Protect America App.

Security and Monitoring: Avoiding the risks of a self-monitored security system, Protect America has 24/7 professionally monitored systems that assure the complete safety of your home. Their easy-to-use LCD touchscreen panel with an icon-based system and mobile app helps you keep an eye on your house while you are away. Also, the live feed you access is completely secure because of the 128-bit AES, the most secure encryption protocol that keeps your stream protected. If any incident were to occur, then you will quickly receive push notification alerts along with living video feed links so that you can take prompt action.

Compatibility: Protect America works with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual voice assistant that comes with the device Echo Dot. You can integrate Protect America’s wireless network, Z-Wave with Alexa which can help you control more than 200 devices via voice control. For example, you can ask Alexa to lock the garage door or to ask Protect America if the system is armed.

Installation: Another benefit of buying a home security system from Protect America is zero installation fees. All you must do is visit their website, fill in your information and receive a no-obligation security quote which you can customize according to your needs.

Sign up and Registration

To begin, you will have to enter your home address on the official website of the company. This will lead you to several security packages that you can pick from. Post entering account information, you will be directed to the payment information and must fill the same. The representatives will then contact you for further information on installation.

How much does it cost?

Plans and Pricing 
Prices Copper  Silver  Platinum 
Landline $19.99/month $37.99/month $42.99/month
Cellular & Broadband $41.99/month $49.99/month $54.99/month
Standard control panel
Door/window sensors 3 9 14
1 Motion detector
1 Yard sign
4 Door/window stickers

The prices of the plan will differ according to the connection of the security system to Protect America’s central monitoring center, i.e., landline, broadband, or cell.
The plans can be further customized with features such as HD Video Service, Smoke, and Fire Monitoring, Smart Door Lock Control, Garage Door Control, and Smart Lighting.

All the home security plans offered by Protect America come with a 36-month contract. After your contract is over you can switch to monthly payments if you no longer wish to be bound by an agreement. Additionally, if you cancel before the contract expires, you will be charged with early termination fees.

Contact and Support

To aid with customer support, Protect America host a “Live Chat” center that lets you chat with a representative. The representative will be able to assist with any queries or questions. There is also a call number i.e 1-800-951-5190 that will help get suggests on the best package for your home.

Our Verdict

In a nutshell, Protect America is an all-encompassing home security system provider. With no installation fees, 24/7 professionally monitored systems, a simple DIY setup, and remote system control via a smartphone app, you can rely on the company and its services. All these factors combined with the company’s long-standing market presence make Protect America a real name to rely on in the field of home security systems.

Protect America