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Finding a genuine insurance company is truly a task. Apart from finding the features and coverage required, it is also essential that the insurance premium fits one’s budget. The task of searching and zeroing in on a single insurance company is often a bigger and more important process than filing up the application once the decision has been made.

Established back in 1852, The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. is one of the country’s oldest and most trusted names in the field of home insurance. The company is based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. The Hanover offers a variety of insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses. Some of its products include bonds, business insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial package insurance, personal auto insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, personal umbrella insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

With a clear-cut and intuitive website, The Hanover aims to make insurance taking a simplified process. All that a potential customer needs to do is select the state they live in. Subsequently, The Hanover offers a comprehensive listing of home insurance facilities it offers in that particular state. Post this, the customer has the option of clicking on a button to locate The Hanover agents to discuss further details in person. Do note that The Hanover does not yet offer home insurance in a few states; so getting an insurance option depends on where the customer resides.

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  • A+ rating from BBB
  • Flexible policies for consumers
  • Discounts by taking two policies


  • Limited reach
  • Delays in claims compensation
  • High customer service wait time


One of the biggest drawbacks of The Hanover is that that a wide number of customers complain of delays in getting their claims compensated. Additionally, their customer service number also has a high wait time.


The Hanover enjoys a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). One of the biggest advantages of this insurance company is that customers may modify plan inclusions as per their requirements. Additionally, customers may take two policies together—such as home insurance and auto insurance—and avail of discounts by doing so.

Extended home insurance coverage

There are certain other products that The Hanover encourages every homeowner to consider investing in. These include the following:

  • Equipment breakdown
    This covers common household appliances that might fail due to a physical loss, damage, wear and tear, or electrical system failure. It is especially useful for major appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and large laundry machines.
  • Assisted living care coverage
    This is a special policy to insure a loved one who is living in assisted care or in a nursing home. This includes a monthly living allowance up to $500 and coverage in case of bodily harm from an accident or injury.


The Hanover offers different home insurance policies that cater to suit a person’s lifestyle and requirements. The policies may be customized to meet a customer’s individual requirements. They are also kept flexible so that customers may increase their privileges as their needs increase. The three main home insurance policies offered by The Hanover and respective their features are discussed here in brief:

Platinum Select

  • Extended dwelling replacement costs, wherein losses are covered exceeding the policy limit by 125%. This includes covering spikes in rebuilding and material costs as well.
  • Personal property replacement cost with no depreciation for the age and condition of the property in question.
  • Lock replacement of all external locks in case of theft of keys.
  • Coverage of food products in a refrigerator during a loss of power.

Platinum Select Plus includes all the features of the Platinum Select plan plus some additional ones, as mentioned:

  • Extended dwelling replacements costs that exceed the policy limit by 150%.
  • Coverage of property loss and clean-up costs that occur from sewer or drain overflows.
  • Personal injury that may occur from wrongful entry or wrongful eviction.
  • Identity fraud expense, including legal fees and mailing costs.

Platinum Select Premium includes all the features of the Platinum Select Plus plan as well as the following features:

  • Removal of deductible when a loss to home exceeds $50,000.
  • Special personal property coverage from freezing temperatures, rust, corrosion, and wear and tear. This covers articles like watches, jewelry, silverware, and similar fragile items.

Some of the common features of all three policies are as follows:

  • Waiver of deductible: In the event of a loss that affects more than one property, such as a piece of land and a car, only the highest deductible will be considered and others will be waived.
  • Fire extinguisher recharge or replacement: This is done with no deductible.
  • Mortgage extra expense coverage: In the event of a damage to the home, if the homeowner needs to take out a new mortgage, the additional interest (if any) is covered for up to $250 per month.
  • Roof restoration coverage: The policies offer coverage of up to $20,000 for roof repairs.
The Hanover