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Looking for a home insurance is certainly a complex process. You need to compare the different products available in the market in order to make a prudent decision. Therefore, it makes sense to choose an insurance provider who offers a comprehensive coverage and, at the same time, has the option of an extended coverage on your property. Compare the different policies and understand what they have in store for you. Always keep your preferences in mind when making a decision.

Erie Insurance is an ideal choice for those who want the best rates and highly reliable customer service. However reputed an insurance provider may be, it is crucial that you understand the features of the insurance policy before you make a decision. The characteristics and offerings of every insurance company are different from the others. Consider your personal requirements and then make a choice. The basic coverage might not always give you the much-needed cover you seek, and you might have to incur an additional cost for an extended coverage on the property.

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  • Excellent prices
  • Reliable customer service
  • Exclusive coverage for belongings


  • No online purchase services
  • Meager basic protection
  • Higher premium for extensive coverage


It is not suitable if you prefer to purchase and manage your policy online because you will have to go through an agent for the same. They do not offer an online service and do not allow you to make comparisons and purchase it online. Another disadvantage you should consider is that you might have to pay more for an additional coverage. If you want extensive coverage, you will be required to cash out a higher amount of premium for the same. The basic coverage might not give you enough protection.


If you are looking for a customized service from an agent and excellent prices on the home insurance, this is the best choice for you. The policy offers an exclusive coverage for all your belongings and your dwellings.

Extended home insurance coverage

There are a number of additional coverage options available for you in an Erie Insurance policy. Here are the options:

  • Guaranteed replacement coverage
    There is a guaranteed replacement cost coverage, which means the cost of replacement of the goods or property that have been insured will be covered at a predetermined guaranteed price.
  • Theft coverage
    This is an additional coverage that will provide a cover for all your lost belongings.
  • Cash
    Not many insurance companies offer this coverage. In this case, there is a coverage for cash up to USD 500.
  • Pets
    Another unique coverage that Erie Insurance offers is coverage worth USD 500 for pets.
  • In addition, you may get customized natural disaster coverage, home business and rental income coverage, jewelry and valuables coverage, identity theft protection, and service line and sewer protection.
  • However, you need to keep in mind that the cost for this will be on the higher side.


While a policy may bombard you with multiple features, it is essential for you to understand and look for those that are important for you. Each feature offered by Erie Insurance will keep you covered in case of damages to your property.

  • Dwelling
    According to the home insurance policy offered by Erie, there is a coverage that will protect your home from different threats like vandalism and theft.
  • Personal property
    In this policy, the coverage will include all your personal belongings and will protect you against a number of perils.
  • Liability protection
    There is a liability protection that provides coverage in case someone gets injured on your property.
  • Additional living expenses
    Another benefit of this insurance policy is that it covers the expenses incurred for another place to live in because the current one is uninhabitable.
Erie Insurance