If you are in the process of zeroing in on a reliable insurance company that offers home insurance with consumer-friendly terms, there are a number of factors that you must keep in mind so as to not make the wrong decision. You certainly do not want to remain stuck with a company that does not fit your needs. One insurance company that you may consider, owing to its quality services, is COUNTRY Financial®.

Headquartered in Illinois, it is a group of insurance as well as financial service providers. It offers a range of products and services for consumers to choose from. Rated as one of the top insurance providers in the country, Country Financial home insurance is preferred by many consumers for the coverage and features offered by it.

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  • Upgradation possible as per needs
  • Basic coverage with a low premium
  • Good customer satisfaction ratio


  • Standard coverage not given
  • No online quote
  • No mobile option


There are some disadvantages of the policy which need to be considered. You will not be able to get an online quote for the insurance. Instead, you will have to submit a request and the agent will contact you. There is no mobile option for home insurance.


There are certain benefits of availing of a home insurance from COUNTRY Financial®. It offers comprehensive insurance options in addition to a number of options to add an umbrella for extended coverage. You may upgrade the policy to fit your needs. In addition, COUNTRY Financial®, as per the data revealed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), has a good customer satisfaction ratio too.

Extended home insurance coverage

There is a range of additional coverage options offered by COUNTRY Financial®. These are not included in the basic policy, and you, as a client, may pick the ones you find to be the best for your individual circumstances.

  • Extended replacement cost
    You may have an additional coverage for the dwelling in order to create a buffer of up to 120% of the policy limits, in case the cost of rebuilding exceeds the stated limits of the policy.
  • High-value items coverage
    Valuables like firearms and fur are covered up to a certain amount, but you may purchase an additional policy for the items if you wish to.
  • Identity theft
    You may ask for reimbursement of costs to recover from identity theft.
  • Earthquake damage
    This is another optional coverage for protection against any loss from an earthquake.
  • Seasonal dwellings
    You may purchase an extra cover for your seasonal homes, such as a cottage by the lake or a summer home, along with your home insurance.
  • Mine subsidence
    This coverage helps protect you from the losses caused due to an underground mine collapse.
  • Sump pump failure
    This is an option that will protect you against water backup.


It is important to note that the coverage offered by COUNTRY Financial® will not include the standard coverage that most consumers may want from their home insurance policy. Nevertheless, this coverage will appeal to the consumers who are looking for a basic coverage with low premium. Further, there is an option to upgrade the policy to meet your specific needs, but it is important to go through the policy very carefully to understand what is covered and what is not.

Their home insurance coverage is offered in three packages. One offers limited coverage for certain events like wind damage, hail, and fire. Another is a premium package that covers a list of events, and the third is a combination of both that allows the consumers to choose the coverage for their home.

  • Dwelling coverage
    In this basic package, there is a coverage that protects the home from threats like theft, fire, and vandalism. If you go for the Premier or combination package, you will be eligible to enjoy a higher level of protection.
  • Personal property coverage
    In the basic as well as the combination package, the personal belongings are covered against a certain list of perils only, whereas in the Premier package, you may avail of a broader protection.
  • Personal liability coverage
    The upper limit for the standard liability coverage is up to USD 1 million. You may add an umbrella if you need a higher coverage, provided you have an auto policy from COUNTRY Financial® under your name.
  • Medical coverage
    The option offers a cover for the medical bills to those who are injured on your property, and the coverage limit is up to USD 25,000 for the same.