A leading insurance company in the country, Auto-Owners Insurance is headquartered in Michigan and offers a wide network of 35,000 agents from 6,000 insurance agencies. Auto-Owners is financially strong and has been ranking consistently high in terms of customer satisfaction. However, before buying an insurance policy, it’s better to consider its features and offerings to make a well-informed decision.

The biggest advantage of Auto-Owners Insurance is that their basic policy will give you a comprehensive cover. So, while many insurance companies do not offer a comprehensive cover in a basic policy and require you to make an additional payment for the extended coverage, the basic policy from this insurance provider is enough for you to enjoy a high level of coverage.

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  • High customer satisfaction
  • Insurance discounts available
  • Quick claim acceptance procedure


  • No online purchase services
  • Agent required for major changes
  • Not available nationwide


The one disadvantage of Auto-Owners Insurance, which stands out from many others, is the need to contact a local agent to change the policy or to buy a new one. While most insurance companies allow you to manage the existing policy change requests online or purchase a policy online, Auto-Owners Insurance does not have this facility. Another thing is that it is available in select states only and is not accessible nationwide.


The biggest advantage of buying an Auto-Owners Insurance policy is the affordable insurance premium. You may get the best policy designed to fit your needs by paying a regular and affordable premium. The company has an excellent financial stability, which means there will never be an issue of them going bankrupt or not processing your claim due to a lack of funds. There are a number of homeowner’s insurance discounts available for you to choose from. Even the basic insurance cover will give your home all the protection it needs. Their services are award-winning, and customers vouch for the same.

Extended home insurance coverage

These are the optional coverages you may purchase for additional protection. However, you will have to check whether they are available in your state.

  • Building ordinance coverage
    This coverage will provide for the modifications that are required in the building under the law due to the loss to your home.
  • Special personal property coverage
    Under this, you may cover your property from additional risks like misplacement, breakage, staining, and losing.
  • Personal property replacement cost
    This coverage will protect your personal property from theft or damage. It also replaces the old property with a new one.
  • Guaranteed home replacement
    Under this cover, the Auto-Owners Insurance will ensure the replacement of your home regardless of the cost. However, you will have to ascertain that among other things, the coverage is equal to 100% of the replacement cost of the home. This coverage is only for certain areas.
  • Scheduled personal property
    This coverage will protect your treasured possessions for the replacement value against a number of causes of loss. Some items that need coverage include fur, jewelry, silverware, recreational vehicles, boats, and fine art.


Every insurance provider will offer different features on their range of policies, and a thorough comparison and reading the fine print before you sign the documents helps a great deal.

  • Primary coverage
    The primary coverage on the policy will protect your garage as well as your home. Any other structure that is part of the premises will also be covered. Personal property like clothing, furniture, and appliances are covered, along with any additional living expenses you might have incurred because your home was uninhabitable. Third-party liabilities from lawsuits are also covered. Lastly, it covers medical payments for injuries suffered because of others.
  • Additional coverage on the policy
    The same policy will provide for additional coverage with regard to damage to property, trees, plants, and shrubs. It covers removal of the debris of trees and also provides for heating fuel damage. It covers credit cards and fund transfer cards. Also, it covers watercraft liability for boats, refrigerated property, and forgery of checks.
  • Replacement coverage
    In order for you to be eligible for the replacement cost coverage, you need to ensure that the dwelling is insured for 100% of the estimated replacement value. This will eliminate any sort of depreciation that is being applied at the time of settlement of the loss.