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Silent Phone

A secure messenger equipped with military-grade encryption


Unlike most B2C encrypted messaging apps, Silent Phone by Silent Circle specifically caters to businesses. This user-friendly platform offers peer-to-peer encrypted calling, secure messaging, video calling, and file transfers across platforms such as Android, iOS, and Silent OS. Since it’s designed for business teams, it’s equipped with additional useful features like burn functionality and conference calling.

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  • VoIP calling
  • Conference calls
  • 100MB file transfer


  • No voicemail option
  • Comparatively higher price

Key features

  • Enterprise management
  • End-to-end encryption
  • User-friendly interface
  • No native phone number needed
  • Burn functionality

Who is it for

Silent Phone is an incredible end-to-end military-grade encryption app that can be used by anyone who wishes to keep their communication private. It is mostly used by businesses that conduct their operations across continents. It can also be used by regular individuals who desire to keep their communication with their friends and family private.

How Silent Phone works

Silent Phone employs military-grade end-to-end encryption to lock your communication. You can use this app for managing secure interactions for teams of any size. While Silent Phone is primarily targeted towards businesses, it can be downloaded by friends and family to protect their privacy. What makes this messaging app really exceptional is that it has no backdoor policy, which means it is virtually unfeasible to access your shared data.

Features at a glance

  • Excellent tool for businesses
    Silent Phone is a solid alternative for any type of business that wants to ensure their communications remain uncompromised. Its military-grade encryption ensures that information shared with your teams doesn’t fall prey to unauthorized access. Plus, it comes in handy if you travel frequently or have employees working remotely.
  • Peer review
    Although the Silent Phone application is not published under an open-source license, the makers have made it available for peer review.
  • More secure than its competitors
    Silent Phone is better than its competitors such as WhatsApp. Although both platforms offer end-to-end encryption, Silent Phone comes with features like no backdoor policy, self-destructing messages, and marginal access to personal data. Furthermore, it is designed for businesses as well as common consumers. The only area where WhatsApp wins is the price. While there is a free app version of Silent Phone, many of its enterprise features are only available to paid subscribers.
  • Cloud-based
    Silent Phone works on Silent Circle’s cloud-based private calling network. It is compatible with any TCP/IP network connection that utilizes ZRTP and ZINA protocols to render the most secure transmission.
  • Easy to use
    You don’t require any training to use this app. The interface is intuitive and similar to any other messaging app.


The Silent Phone app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. All you have to do is download it from your phone’s application store and install it.

Data Usage

Silent Phone requires cellular data or a sturdy WiFi connection for uninterrupted communication.


Silent Phone’s parent company, Silent Circle has been compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. So, if your business operations extend to Europe, you can be assured that your communication and data are fortified by Silent Phone.


Silent Phone utilizes a proprietary military-grade technology known as Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol (ZRTP) which is a cryptographic key-agreement protocol that allows negotiating keys for encryption between endpoints in a VoIP call. This technology enables complete forward secrecy, and the keys are destroyed at the end of every call. Such security thwarts the possibility of your call content getting exposed even if later your key material is disclosed. For encryption, ZRTP employs Diffie–Hellman key exchange and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol. A user makes a phone or video call to another Silent Circle member, the information exchanged will be secured with end-to-end encryption.

As mentioned earlier, Silent Phone follows a stringent “no backdoor” policy. The encryption keys for private conversations are always going to be with the users. So, you don’t have to be anxious about confidential business communication being leaked. Messages can also be set up to self-destruct in a time interval of your choice.

Sign up or Registration

You don’t require a native phone number to register for Silent Phone. But they will ask for your email address to send your important updates and for account recovery. Apart from your email ID, they gather information about cookies and usage data. Before you subscribe to their service, make sure that you go through their privacy policy.

How much does Silent Phone cost

There are free versions of Silent Phone available on Android and iOS devices. But you might have to get a subscription so that you and your team members can access some exclusive enterprise features. For each team member, the subscription fee costs around $9.95.

Contact and Support

In case you have queries pertaining to the app or issues with its functioning, you’ll have to visit their website’s support tab and raise a ticket. The app’s website also has an in-depth FAQ section dedicated to helping users figure out answers to minute issues on their own.

Our Verdict

Silent Phone can be a viable calling and messaging platform for businesses looking for reliable digital channels to connect. Its military-grade encryption allows you and your colleagues to make phone and video calls, send messages, and transfer important work files without any apprehensions. It can be a fantastic addition to your team if the members have to travel a lot and work from different cities and countries. However, the subscription fee of around $9.95 per team member can be a bit heavy on the wallet for small businesses.

Silent Phone