WooCommerce Vs Weebly – Which Is The Right Choice For You?

The digital revolution has given the eCommerce sector an exponential growth, and many website builders have features specifically catering to the requirements of eCommerce by brands. These websites are very easy to use and build, and even individuals with no coding or designing background can use these to build a user-friendly eCommerce website. Two of the most popular website builders in this category are WooCommerce and Weebly, but it is important to make a comparison to understand which builder works best for you.

WooCommerce vs Weebly functions

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins globally. For WooCommerce to work smoothly, finding a good hosting site is essential, and Bluehost is a good start. WooCommerce renders affordable shopping cart solutions to businesses that want to set up an online store. It works as a plugin for WordPress, which turns your website into an online store.

Weebly is a popular web-hosting service especially geared toward building an eCommerce store. It is popular because of its drag and drop feature that makes it an easy choice for individuals who do not have any knowledge of coding and do not know how to work the backend of a website.

Weebly vs WooCommerce service and customer support

Weebly provides round-the-clock learning support to its users with the help of blogs, an inspiration center, a community portal, and even email. Weebly also has online chat and phone support for its customers. If you are stuck at any point, you may choose to take any route to get in touch with a professional to help solve the query.

WooCommerce also has dedicated 24/7 customer support. Since it is a plugin and is hosted on a site, the customer service staff are well versed in dealing with all the possible issues you may be facing. They do not offer any assistance through email yet but have a live chat box, making it convenient for you to get your query resolved. It is also to be noted that their 24/7 customer service is divided into three ways for you to get in touch with them, depending on what you need help with.

Weebly vs WooCommerce pricing and plans

WooCommerce is a plugin that needs a hosting site, and Bluehost is the most popular. The pricing varies depending on what features you want and how much you are willing to pay each month:

  • Starter plan: Available for $13.99/month, it includes one online store, 100 GB SSD storage, a free domain, $200 marketing credit, free SSL, and a dedicated IP address.
  • Plus plan: Offered at $17.88/month, it includes unmetered web space, unlimited online stores, and CodeGuard Backup Basic, in addition to all the inclusions in the Started pack.
  • Pro plan: The most expensive pack, it is priced at $31.99/month and comes with all the above-mentioned features, plus Bluehost SEO Tools Start.

Weebly also comes with three different plans, namely Pro, Business, and Business Plus:

  • Pro plan: For $12/month, it includes free SSL security, unlimited storage, connecting to a domain, removing ads, shopping cart feature, payments through Square and third-party providers, SEO, lead capture, advanced site statistics, and contact forms.
  • Business: Costing $25/month, it includes all the features in the Pro plan, plus product badges, product options, coupon codes, shipping calculator, product reviews, automatic tax calculator, and Square gift cards. Besides, inventory management, shipping discounts, and integrated shipping labels are also included, along with marketing tools like Facebook ads and eCommerce statistics.
  • Business Plus: At $38/month, you get all the features mentioned above, plus sending abandoned cart emails to customers and updates on real-time shipping.

Weebly vs WooCommerce security

Weebly ecommerce builder offers various layers of security to users. It has a password protection feature that does not allow an unauthorized visitor to see the website. There is an option to either add password protection to the whole website or even to individual pages. Weebly is also SSL certified, making information exchange and transactions encrypted.

Since WooCommerce is most popularly hosted on Bluehost, let’s talk about Bluehost’s security measures. It comes with a dedicated IP address and a custom SSL certificate, making the website highly secure. A custom address makes it difficult for any hacker to access the customer’s personal or card details. Bluehost provides this feature at a very reasonable cost as opposed to other web hosting sites.

Weebly vs WooCommerce – which is a good choice?

Both Weebly and WooCommerce builders are popular when it comes to eCommerce requirements, but each has unique features that target a specific audience.

It is also to be noted that WooCommerce is a plug-in, so you have to be careful as to which hosting provider to choose when going for this. If you are comfortable with the prices offered by Bluehost, this can be the preferred choice for you. However, if you are comfortable with paying a premium amount for additional features for your online store, Weebly is an ideal choice.

For WooCommerce, the customer service option is limited to online chatting and phone service, while with Weebly, it is possible to contact them through many more mediums. Depending on how well versed you are with website building and how much help you need during the process, you may make your choice.

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