Last Updated December, 2022
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Driver Update PRO automatically locates and updates the drivers on a computing system with restore and backup for maximum protection
  • Handles complicated driver updates
  • Dedicated agent support for you
  • Works on multiple drivers for PC
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A heavy device driver manager that works well with minimum computing resources for efficient driver update with full backup and restore
  • Auto installation
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced driver matching technique
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Pro Driver Update can be used for all levels of computing with updates available from a comprehensive database to improve performance
  • Real-time updates and protection
  • Big driver database for updates
  • Easy to use driver update software
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Driver Finder employs precision scanning technology to identify old and new hardware installations to help optimize computing functions
  • Supports a wide range of drivers
  • Updates plugged/unplugged devices
  • Extremely fast driver downloads
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AVG Driver Updater performs automatic scans and chooses drivers from official brand websites to download, update, and run programs
  • Automatic scans and updates
  • Free and premium software
  • Download drivers from official brands
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Avast updates drivers from an official and comprehensive database to optimize your system performance to integrate old and new hardware
  • Resourceful update and backup
  • Better performance and connectivity
  • Works with multiple devices
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Driver Easy downloads from certified resources to provide a quick fix for all missing and outdated drivers to improve performance
  • Genuine manufacturer listed driver
  • Stable after Microsoft WHQL test
  • High speed and latest updates
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Driver Booster is a driver and game components updater to help enhance PC performance with support available for Windows users
  • 1-click outdated driver updates
  • Auto download, install, and backup
  • Free and PRO versions available
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Smart Driver Updater is a great solution for outdated driver updates to optimize your computing performance and reduce crashes
  • 30-day purchase guarantee
  • Built-in scheduler for driver scans
  • Drives for all Windows devices
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Auslogics automatically scans for driver problems and updates all outdated drivers at the click of a button from official manufacturers
  • Downloads only compatible drivers
  • BoostSpeed for PC optimization
  • Basic system requirements to run
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Everything you need to know about the driver update software

The drivers in the computer are an important software component for its smooth functioning. They help with the interaction between devices and the operating systems. Drivers in the computer help the sending and receiving of data between the operating system and the hardware devices.

Given their role in the smooth functioning of a computer, it is extremely important for the drivers to be updated all the time. For this purpose, there are several driver update software available in the market. As the name suggests, these tools help in keeping some or all of the drives on your computer up to date. If the drivers on your system are not updated, your operating system is highly likely to miss out on certain important functionalities. Therefore, to keep your computer loaded with all the essential functionalities, it is imperative to have driver update software.

So, before you pick a driver update software, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What is a driver update software?

To put it simply, drivers are programs on a computer that enables the interaction between the operating system or any other application and a hardware device. Just like all the programs on your computer, the drivers also have and need regular updates. The updating of the software can be done manually or with the help of tools. These tools that help you keep your computer drivers updated are commonly referred to as driver update software. With this driver update software, you can prevent various issues such as display problems and printer compatibility which can be caused by outdated or corrupted drivers. Updated drivers will help your device face any problem. One must consider upgrading the drivers using the driver update software.

How does a driver update software work?

The driver update software and tools do their work by scanning through your computer. During this scanning process, the update software will detect hardware installed on the computer and then locate the latest version of the drivers for that hardware. For example, if you have recently upgraded your computer or have installed a new operating system, updating all the drivers is essential for you. With the help of a driver update software, you can do this very quickly. It will scan through your system, identify outdated or corrupted hardware, and it will then give you recommendations of all the latest drivers for you.

Is a driver update software safe?

The driver update software has the potential of installing programs on your computer that interacts with the computer at a system level. Therefore, these updaters can also pose a threat to the security of your computer if you don’t use a trustworthy driver update software. If the driver update software that you have on your system is not safe, it can easily let malware into your computer. Hence, to ensure that the driver update software is safe for your computer, you must always opt for a trusted brand.

Which are the best driver update software programs?

There are various signs that indicate an outdated or corrupt driver on your system. Some of these signs include problems with display, lag in video and audio, or problems with printer compatibility. The driver update software will help your system stay updated, as they’re able to get the latest drivers from the manufacturer of the hardware. The top three driver update software are discussed below:

Pro Driver Update

As the name suggests, this driver update software keeps your system updated like a pro. It has the ability to analyze and update around 600,000 hardware drivers. It can be used by all levels of PC users. Some of its key features are:

  • Gives the latest fixes by auto modifying the PC
  • Real-time protection to prevent malware
  • Easy to use

Driver Assist

Along with updating all the drivers in your system, this driver update software can also backup and restore your drivers. It has a simple interface for users. Some of its key features are:

  • Fast and convenient interface
  • Enables scheduling scans and updating drivers automatically
  • 100% purchase guarantee and efficient customer support

AVG Driver Updater

This driver update software program can automatically update more than 127,000 drivers. This will help you in quick browsing, and better graphics and audio quality. Some of its key features are:

  • Reduced freezing and crashing of computer
  • Fast browsing and downloading speeds
  • Sound driver improves audio quality with regular updates

Is a driver update software worth it?

A driver update software is something that you will need if you wish to safeguard your device from the adversity of time. With time, the hardware of your computer will start to get outdated, and that’s when you will need a driver update software so that it remains relevant.
If you’re into gaming that has heavy graphics, you will need to update the drivers so that the latest games are compatible with the computer. Similarly, if you’re fond of watching movies, you will need a driver update software to make use of the latest video technologies. Also, there is sound driver update software that will remove the noise from the sound, so that your experience is seamless.

Driver update software is worth it, and you should put in the time to understand which is the best one available, and one that suits your requirements.

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