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A popular DNA testing kit available at an affordable price


Ancestry.com was one of the pioneers that helped in making genealogy mainstream. In mid-2012, Ancestry.com introduced AncestryDNA®, a service that can analyze your DNA and integrate that data with your family tree, if you have created one. In fact, AncestryDNA® has the largest database amongst all its competitors, and it is the perfect DNA testing kit if you are looking for genetic relatives and family tree tools. This kit combines affordability and reliability, making it one of the best DNA testing kits in the industry.

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  • Easy to understand results
  • Offers more insight than other kits
  • Large and diverse database


  • Cannot upload raw DNA data from other services
  • Overwhelming matching feature
  • No health insights


  • Maraine S.

    Ancestry found my biological family on both sides of my family and changed my life! Everyone in my family did it and everyone is crazy happy. Very impressive what a simple DNA test can do. Best gift I ever had in my life. Customer service always answered my call within 2 min. Super helpful!

  • Mark K.

    Before using Ancestry.com, I never even considered who my ancestors were and the many different backgrounds they were from. Ancestry has sparked that interest and it is truly contagious. If you have not tried Ancestry, I highly recommend you do. Their customer support is superb!


Key features

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick results
  • Largest DNA database
  • Easy to use
  • Commendable privacy policy

How does AncestryDNA® work?

The AncestryDNA® kit contains an instruction manual, an activation code for online registration, a vial for saliva, a clear plastic collection bag, and a return box. It is quite easy to take a test with AncestryDNA®; you just have to open the kit, register with the code provided by the AncestryDNA® website, open the plastic container, and spit it in until you reach the indicator line. Once you are done with this part, you close the bag and send it in an envelope to the lab. AncestryDNA® makes use of autosomal DNA testing wherein a simple saliva test is used to survey a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 locations. Several AncestryDNA® reviews recommend this kit owing to its straightforward process.

The online interface uses state-of-the-art family history tools along with your DNA results to present you with a commendable family history search. This DNA testing kit is quite effective as it makes use of Ancestry.com’s strong family tree and genealogy background to provide DNA results that are focused on genetic links, historical figures, and even includes the most recent family histories stretching back to hundreds of years. You’ll receive your results six to eight weeks after AncestryDNA® receives your saliva sample. The results will be posted to your Ancestry account.

AncestryDNA® features

According to several AncestryDNA® test kit reviews, this DNA testing kit is a hit among its users owing to its excellent features:

Comprehensive tests
Most DNA testing kits offer y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA tests. A y-DNA test is used to direct father-son path in the family tree, whereas a mitochondrial DNA test reflects only the direct mother-to-child path. But AncestryDNA® provides matches on both sides of your family through autosomal DNA testing.

The kit can be used by both men and women. Everyone is tested in the same way for the same number of markers, and are provided with the same level of detail in their test results.

Predicts recent genetic ethnicity
Due to AncestryDNA®’s advanced DNA technology, you can compare your DNA to samples from around the world to unearth more details about your family’s background and ethnic history.

Enhanced DNA matching
Since AncestryDNA® makes use of Ancestry.com’s DNA database, it examines a much broader range of DNA than what the regular y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA tests can offer. The ThruLines™ feature shows you a list of common ancestors who connect you to your DNA matches, and this gives you a clear view of how you are related to those ancestors. Since the database is quite extensive, it can get overwhelming for users. However, an informative database is what brings you closer to finding more about your ancestors.

Does AncestryDNA® test for Native American ethnicity?

Yes, AncestryDNA® tests for Native American heritage if you are keen on unearthing more details about your ethnicity. Anyone who has a Native American ancestor has Native American ancestry, but here’s the catch—not everyone with a Native American ancestor has Native American DNA. Only half of a person’s DNA is passed on to their child, and with each generation that passes, there is a chance that the DNA from an ancestor can be lost. The closer the ancestor is to you, the more likely are the chances of the DNA being passed on to you. In case your Native American ancestry doesn’t appear in your DNA results, even if you have Native American ancestors, it is advisable to test your grandparents, parent, or siblings.

How accurate is AncestryDNA®?

The company makes use of advanced scientific techniques to provide accurate results. They measure and analyze your entire genome at over 700,000 locations. The accuracy of the results depends on the database; as AncestryDNA has the largest database, you’re are very likely to get accurate results. Additionally, as the database of the DNA samples grows, you’ll receive updates with the latest information.

Is AncestryDNA® safe?
When it comes to privacy, your records are safe, even if it is a part of a public database. You can decide with whom you wish to share your results. In fact, even if you do share your results, the only people who can see them are your living relatives whose DNA is a close match to yours. Your results are your own, and you can download the raw results, have them deleted from AncestryDNA®’s system, or even request them to destroy the saliva samples.

Does AncestryDNA® expire?
No, there’s no expiration date on the DNA kits. In addition, the DNA samples are stored forever, so you don’t have to re-test.

Does AncestryDNA® test for health?
No, AncestryDNA® does not offer any health insights, which is one of its drawbacks.

Does the AncestryDNA® test for drugs?
No, AncestryDNA® does not test for drugs, but the AncestryDNA® Research Project does use the DNA provided to identify drug response and other health risks of the general population. You can participate by agreeing to the Informed Consent.

How much does AncestryDNA® cost?


Price Shipping and Handling
$99 $9.95 for the first kit, $4.95 for each additional kit

*For subscriptions to AncestryDNA®’s extra features, refer to the official website.

Is it available for free?

AncestryDNA® allows you to sign up for a free account to check your results in case you haven’t made one. But if you wish to access more resources, you’ll have to subscribe to one of its extra features plans.

How to contact AncestryDNA®?

The company offers commendable customer service. It has a dedicated customer service call center and a full-fledged support website. The website has answers to common queries, articles about popular topics, videos, and other instructions.

Is AncestryDNA worth it? 

Several AncestryDNA® reviews are of the opinion that you’ll get your money’s worth if you opt for this DNA testing kit. This DNA testing kit leverages Ancestry.com’s database, which is the largest and most diverse platform you’ll ever find. Though it doesn’t offer major health insights and you cannot upload raw data from other DNA testing services, it still remains one of the most comprehensive DNA kits on the block.