Top-rated DNA testing companies

Take a look at the popular DNA testing companies shortlisted by our experts.
Last Updated January, 2020
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Affordable and efficient service to discover one’s family tree, find out new relatives, uncover ethnic origins, and find DNA matches.
Curious about your ancestral roots and want to know your ethnic make-up? Try the DNA test by Living DNA to know your family tree.
A top-notch, reliable DNA testing company that combines affordability and reliability while offering more insight than other DNA kits.
A DNA test that gives you an in-depth understanding of your ethnicity and health conditions through the extensive knowledge base.
A unique DNA testing kit crafted to help you understand your genes better and the ways in which it affects your health and fitness.
A unique testing kit that has revolutionized the DNA testing industry and pinpoints the precise location of where your DNA stems from.
The Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint test helps you find the nutritional approach with a comprehensive health plan taken from your DNA analysis.
Knowledge is power! Know your genetic blueprint and gain the power to effectively prevent as many as 28 types of common conditions.
23andMe is a DNA test that renders robust information about genetic traits with an interactive interface, bringing great value.