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A debt relief management organization can help you get out of the stressful condition of carrying the burden of unsettled debt. CuraDebt Relief is a Florida-based debt relief company that helps you to get rid of any unsettled debt that you might have. It helps you in negotiating with your creditors in order to minimize the total amount you need to pay.

CuraDebt Relief started its journey as a debt management company in the year 2000. It delivers you with the various options of debt relief. It delivers the services of debt consolidation too. It can be easily considered trustworthy as it has accreditations of IAPDA and AFCC. The company has got very few complaints and that adds on to its goodwill.

It is very easy to get into a term with CuraDebt Relief and someone with as low as $5,000 debt is eligible for their programs. But, if you do not meet their debt settlement plan, it does not help you settle your debts. With the factors given below, you can easily understand the features and eligibility of the debt management plan offered by CuraDebt Relief.

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  • Offers both debt consolidation and debt management services
  • Has a solid reputation
  • Fair program fees and debt reduction percentages


  • Doesn’t help if you do not fit the profile for a debt settlement plan
  • Charges an account maintenance fee
  • Website can be confusing


In terms of support, CuraDebt Relief is mediocre. It does not have a BBB rating. However, the accreditations by the IAPDA and the AFCC make it a name to count on. Good customer support is present but it has some issues related to transparency in operations.

States coverage

When it comes to the coverage given by CuraDebt relief, you should always note that it is available in only 37 states across the country. So before enrolling for their services, check whether their coverage spans your state or not.

Deals with unsecured loans

CuraDebt Relief only deals with unsecured debts. If you are having any unsecured loans, you should definitely consider taking the help of CuraDebt Relief. It can only provide suitable suggestions for potential way outs of your secured loans. It is hard to find a debt management company which deals with secured loans because very few companies actually do that.

Consolidated loans

CuraDebt Relief can offer you with consolidated loans. You just need to qualify for that. It helps you to effectively go for liberty lending. You can easily check whether you are applying for consolidated loans. A set of exclusive terms and conditions are available for getting this loan. You can know more details about this on the official website of CuraDebt Relief.


A few eligibility criteria are there which you must meet which can help you to get a debt management plan. You must complete the age of 21 years to get a debt management plan. You should have a debt balance of $10,000 and above to get a plan. All the debts should exclude payday loans and they must be unsecured. Like many other companies, CuraDebt Relief is unable to work with secured loans which have collateral.

Dealing with the collection agencies

Various collection agencies can call you once your creditor comes to know that you have opted for a debt management plan. It happens because you turn into a delinquent debtor in the eyes of the creditor. CuraDebt Relief has enough resources by which they can keep you away from the harassments you might face.

Clearance time

The clearance time which CuraDebt Relief takes is around 24 to 48 months. It is similar to other companies in the same line of business. The company has an industry standard. Remember that a long tenure actually ensures the safety of your money. You should never stick to a plan that has a short tenure. You can save a lot of money while earning better rates, ensuring your savings. These savings can also help the creditors pick up only their part of the money.

Cost and fees

The cost of CuraDebt Relief package is 20% of the total amount of debt you have. It is reasonable and you can easily go for it. Moreover, there are no chargeable upfront fees. It can easily reduce your debt up to a large extent in the total tenure of the debt management. You can earn a savings of 30% to 50% of your total debt against the cost of 20%.  There is a small amount of account maintenance fee which you need to give in the case of consolidation loan management.