Tips For Framing Your Perfect Christian Dating Profile

Tips for framing your perfect Christian dating profile

Why should you pick a Christian dating website over others?
With the changes in the dating scene in the recent decade, Christian dating has also expanded its horizon. You no longer have to stick to a certain geographic area to seek a long-term serious relationship with a believing Christian. With everyone busy building careers, it can be difficult to find someone when you do not have time to cultivate a social life. This is where online Christian dating websites come into the picture. With everything happening online, why not seek your perfect match there too?

If you are new to the whole online dating scenario, you are probably wondering where to start. To help you out on your journey to seek the God-centric relationship you have always wanted, you can also refer to the article three best Christian dating websites to know about.

To make things easier for you, we have listed 5 popular online dating sites for Christian singles that take your faith seriously and would only match you with people that are just as religious as you.

  • Zoosk
    With a database of 35 million users, Zoosk is one of the most popular dating websites available today. It is a suitable choice for people looking for serious long-term relationships with other like-minded people. The website has a Christian dating section that you can check out.
    One of the oldest online dating sites in the country, has been around for over two decades now. Available in multiple languages, the dating website also hosts live events where you get to meet potential matches and connections. The feature that makes it stand out from the others is its algorithm that matches your profile to others based on behavioral patterns.
  • eharmony
    With about 10 million users, eharmony is one of the country’s premier online dating websites. Eharmony has a lengthy signing up form with about 400 questions that help the users of the online dating site to meet their compatible match. Eharmony also verifies IDs to ensure that there are no impostors on the site, making it safer to use.
  • Christian Mingle
    With close to 60,000 monthly sign-ups, Christian Mingle is an online dating website that is based on people’s religious faith. The website and app for Christian Mingle have a wide array of options for you to personalize your profile and filter out your match options according to your personal preferences.
    With an increase in demand for senior dating websites, OurTime is one of the most popular choices with the aged populations looking to date like-minded Christians. OurTime is a popular choice among people looking to develop a relationship that is based on their faith and supports it.

At times, writing an online dating profile is a task more difficult than trying to figure out a math problem! But alas, there is no way out without attempting to solve these problems.

Crafting an impeccable dating profile can turn out to be a herculean task. By this time you have probably come up with 800 different ideas and backtracked on most of them. Fret not, we are here to walk you through the tips that will allow you to put your best profile forward on any Christian dating website!

Why does a dating profile matter so much?

Many argue that a dating profile does not matter and it does not represent the real you. However, while your dating profile may not represent you in your entirety, it definitely does matter. Your dating profile is your first impression. If used in the right way, it acts as a small window that lets people peek into your life and gives insights into your personality, your core values, and your mindset. If your profile is poorly built, the chances of you getting matches lower drastically.

How to create that perfect Christian dating profile?

As a Christian, your belief is as much a part of you as your routine life and this applies to your dating life as well. The main aim of Christian dating websites is to get you in touch with people that share your views, beliefs and your faith in God. So if you are looking for a long-term serious meaningful relationship that is God-centric, Christian dating websites are the best place to start your search. The presence of Christian dating sites allows you to seek your perfect match without having to disregard your belief in your search for a life partner.

If you already have an online dating profile but are not exactly ecstatic about how it turned out, you can incorporate some tips on how to give your online dating profile a makeover to standout:

  • Be honest

While you are writing your profile, it is essential that you stay true to yourself. While writing a bio about yourself, it is easier to sound conceited just because you are writing things that define you as a person. Having said that, do not be afraid of the judgment people might possibly draw up about you. If the person is judging you without ever once having struck up a conversation with you, you probably are better off without them!

It is better to be honest about yourself, your goals and your beliefs than tread on a route that only turns out to be a dead-end.

  • Be specific

Be clear about all the aspects of your life, what you are looking for in a partner, and how important their beliefs are to you. Be specific of all the things you seek for in your partner and in the relationship you intend to build with them. You can also shed some light on your interests as these things pose as great conversation starters.

  • Use pictures

Most Christian dating sites allow you to use multiple pictures on your dating profile. Make most of it by using pictures that are not just you posing for the lens, but depict you as the person you are. If all you use are perfectly clicked and edited pictures, you are not being completely honest about yourself. Having said that, it is also important to put up good quality pictures as blurry ones can really affect the overall look of your profile. It is always nice to put up pictures of things that you are passionate about as they give some insight into your life.

  • Express your faith

Most people who join Christian dating sites do so because their faith is paramount to them even in terms of finding their life partner. Be sure to express your faith in the Lord. Simply saying Christian on your Christian dating profile will not always work for you as you need to be completely honest about how much your faith means to you and how big a part it plays in your life.

Now that we are through with the task of creating an online dating profile, let’s move on to understanding how it works. It is important for you to understand how these dating sites find your potential matches. Most of these dating sites find your potential matches by working on an algorithm based on the compatibility tests you are required to take. While each site has its own algorithm, there are 5 commonly asked questions in a dating compatibility test consistent through most of these websites.


It is easier to find your perfect partner if you know just where to look for them. Do not be discouraged if you fail at the first few attempts. Getting disheartened at the start is only going to lead you to further disappointment. So instead of that, have faith and keep looking for the right man or woman and remember not to judge them by their picture alone! In addition to that, dating tips for Christian women and dating tips for Christian men can help you navigate through this process of choosing a partner online.

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