Reasons Why Christians Should Use Online Dating Sites

Reasons why Christians should use online dating sites

There are thousands of Christian singles out there that are in search of that one person, to chat, share emotions, or even settle down with. Earlier, for single people who could not find a partner, the word was spread to family, friends, and even colleagues to find “The One.” But today, online dating has completely changed the matchmaking game. You do not have to move to another city in search of that perfect match, instead, you can take matters into your own hands. All you need to do is register to an online dating website or app, fill in your details and what type of person you are looking for, and Bam! The website will suggest the most suitable match for you to choose from.

Now we understand that a lot of Christian folks are rather skeptical towards online dating, which is why, before we explain the reason they should pick digital dating, here are a few things to keep in mind before going for that first online date.

Dating on the go – dating sites and mobile apps

While on the lookout for such a godly match, you are most likely hunting for one over a mobile app or website. Well, here are the three best Christian dating websites to know about. While it is fun and interesting to use such Christian dating sites, it’s important to remember the golden rules of online dating. This helps relish your online Christian dating experience, and who knows, even save you from a nightmare.

  • Ask away
    You will have questions while speaking with someone on the dating site, feel free to ask all of them until you are satisfied with the answers. The more you know, the more comfortable you can get with your match.
  • Verified websites only
    There are a countless number of online dating websites up and running in the country. While each of them caters to a specific audience, there are some that are unverified, so make sure to pick from the most commonly used Christian dating websites.
  • Inspect your match
    Look up your match on social media sites, they may have a more open profile there than on the dating site, you never know, at times you can tell if the match is a keeper just by their social media posts.
  • Leave a note
    Always let a close friend or family member know when you go out on a date. Never meet someone close to home or your workplace on a first date. Pick a location that isn’t secluded, especially not a club, as they can be noisy. We recommend a casual meet over coffee that doesn’t make things too awkward.
  • Push the red button
    No level of creepiness should be tolerated by anyone, and we mean it. If someone oversteps the line, no matter how far into the conversation you are, do not be afraid to report and block the user.
  • Have fun
    There is always that special someone out there for you, and at times don’t be afraid to open up a little. You never know how comfortable you would be with your match unless you get a little casual.

Dating Catholic men and women – what you should know

Online dating has become more popular now than ever. Though even today, people have their distinguished views about such digitally acquired love, and it brings a single question to the minds of numerous religious users, that is, should Christians use online dating sites. Well, we believe that Christian dating sites should be used and all for good reasons.

  • You can help distinguish those who are serious about marriage and those who are not. Online dating sites help you find a match perfect for your needs.
  • As a Christian, you can pick your match based on personality, religion, and beliefs. Therefore, you may have more in common than meeting someone who is not matched via a dating site.
  • Going online can help you tap into not just thousands, but millions of religious singles to connect with. Hence, swipe through a large list of matches until you find that one perfect companion.
  • You can publicize your interest in marriage, which means your match would also have similar interests.

For those that desire dating tips for Christian women or dating tips for Christian men, you’ve tapped into the right article because we for one, do not want to see you, or anyone else sabotage that one perfect date of a lifetime.

As a Christian, it may be tricky to locate someone with the same interests as you, especially if you are looking for someone with a Christian background. This is why there are a select few Christian-only dating sites that enable you to find a perfect Christian match. You can find millions of people that share the same faith as you, better yet, filter down to every detail, right from hair color, height, and much more. Most online dating features are free, allowing you to save that little something for that first date with your perfect online match.

To help make things simpler, we have put together a list of 5 popular online dating sites for Christian singles you are going to love. So go ahead and give it a read. If you like what these websites and apps offer, maybe even give them a try?


With over 35 million active members, Zoosk is an online dating platform that matches profiles in real-time through its Behavioural Matchmaking technology. The online dating app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is available in over 80 countries and supports 25 languages, making it a globally renowned dating app. The available SmartPick™ feature allows users to send messages and chat with others, as well as view profiles of people who have viewed their profile. You can sign up for the app via an email address, or even with Facebook and Google.®

The online dating website is active in 24 countries and hosts dating websites that are available in 15 different languages. The website is over 20 years old and lets user profiles to hold up to 26 photos as well as use filters to narrow down on that specific match they are looking for. Each user’s details are kept private until they decide otherwise to share the information with a potential match.® has headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has international offices in Beijing and Tokyo.


The online dating site has over two million users who have found their match and over 2.3 million messages sent weekly. The dating site is active for over 20 years and is the number one trusted site for anyone looking for a long term relationship. They feature a compatibility quiz that helps filter a list of matches suitable for you and then pick the match you like the most. The website offers free dating advice from relationship experts once you find a match online. The membership pool consists of singles in the country as well as over 200 countries across the world.

Christian Mingle

The Christian Mingle app, launched in 2001, focuses on the niche Christian community, allowing users to find that perfect match even when it comes down to religion. The website urges its users to pen out their religious church habits, even speak about their favorite gospel band, passions, likes, beliefs, and more. Given its Christian focus, the stakes of you finding that one religiously similar match can skyrocket.


This dating site is curated for those in their mid-50s, 60s and beyond. The app understands that a person who is in their 50s has different emotional needs, compared to someone who is in their 20s. Therefore, if you are someone looking for marriage, friendship, or just someone to talk to, OurTime is one of the most popular dating sites for you. It is also available for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can always sign up online for free on their website to check out what features are on the table.

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