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CarFinance.com is an auto loan company that provides an excellent car purchasing experience to customers. CarFinance.com was established in 2011, and it has been working to provide better service to their customers since then.

They believe in adapting to innovative technology around them without changing their core values of discipline, integrity, constant improvement, trust, passion, and respect towards customers. Their team works dedicatedly to help their customers in financing and refinancing auto loans.

Here is a detailed list of the features that you will get with CarFinance.com:

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  • No pre-payment fee
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Quick pre-approval process


  • Runs a hard credit inquiry
  • Penalty for late payments
  • Strict terms and conditions


With CarFinance.com, during the procedure of loan application, they will run a hard check on your credit, which will affect your credit score. They will charge a late payment penalty if you miss any monthly payments. CarFinance.com can also charge you with a loan origination fee.


CarFinance.com is a great alternative for those customers who have bad credit because of which no lender is willing to approve their auto loan. You can also calculate your loan amount with the tool they offer. CarFinance.com will not charge any pre-payment fee if you repay the loan amount early. Additionally, they have an excellent customer support service which works to resolve their customers’ issues on time.

Other offerings

CarFinance.com also provides their customers with the facility of auto insurance. They have partnered with an insurance company called Infinity. Infinity insurance is one of the best insurance companies in the country. They provide affordable insurance policies. They will provide you with a quote quickly through an online process. It is not necessary for a customer to link to CarFinance.com to get a policy from Infinity Insurance.

With CarFinance.com, you will also get the advantage of Gap protection. This Gap protection will protect you if your car gets damaged due to a fire, accident, or theft. Gap insurance pays the balance amount of your loan in such cases. It also takes care of all the expenses related to your car and pays it on your behalf.

Terms and conditions

Just like any other lender, CarFinance.com has its own set of terms and conditions. They usually offer loans only at franchised car dealers. For the approval of an auto loan, the vehicle must not be older than eight years. For the refinancing option, your current auto loan must be open for at least three months. However, they give additional privileges to those customers who pay their monthly installments on time for six months. The maximum mileage to get an auto loan approval is about 100,000 miles for five-year loan term and 75,000 miles for a six-year loan term. Mostly, they provide auto loans for three years to six years. Some models of cars and bikes are not included in their list of approved vehicles. Moreover, the services of CarFinance.com are unavailable in some states.

Tools offered

CarFinance.com offers a tool which can assist you in calculating your monthly payments. This tool can compute the estimated value of your monthly installments based on your loan amount, loan term, and APR provided. Thus, it can help you decide if you can afford the loan amount based on the amount that you need to pay per month.

Credit score

CarFinance.com is known for providing loans to those people who have bad credit. This company offers different interest rates based on the applicant’s credit score. Most of the time, even customers with a bad credit score (between 650 and 525), get approval for an auto loan. You will get an interest rate between 7.99% and 21.99%, according to your credit score and financing or refinancing options. As the rate of interest goes up, your monthly installments will be higher too. If you have a bad credit score, it is vital to check the interest rates offered by other lenders as well.

Applying for a loan

CarFinance.com offers two types of auto loans, finance and refinance. The minimum and maximum range for an auto loan vary from $7500 to $100,000 approximately. According to the company’s website, the loan application procedure is easy and quick. You only have to fill an application form online, and you will get pre-approval instantly. They will ask you to provide additional documents which you can send online. Loan approval takes around thirty minutes on a business day and during business hours. The only disadvantage is that they will run a hard inquiry on your credit score, which will lower it a little bit.