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Top-rated Antivirus System For Advanced Real-time Protection


A brand of j2 Cloud Services division of j2 Global. Inc, VIPRE has nearly 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. It is one of the leading providers of cybersecurity solutions specifically built for businesses, home users, and solution providers. VIPRE promises to deliver strong protection against some of the most malicious online threats. It has one of the largest threat intelligence clouds and offers robust security solutions with comprehensive endpoint, email security, and real-time malware analysis with threat intelligence. Additionally, VIPRE has an easy-to-use and comprehensive layered defense for devices through server and cloud-based security. With global operations across North America and Europe, VIPRE is an Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services.

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No cross-platform compatibility
  • No parental controls
  • No multi-device support

Key features

  • Real-time protection
  • Advanced active protection
  • Webcam and microphone blocker
  • Personal profile protection
  • Free US-based support

Who is it for?

  • Home users, businesses, and solution provider
  • Users who want robust security against the latest malicious cyber threats

How VIPRE works?

Installation and setup of VIPRE antivirus software is quite easy. Choose and purchase the plan you prefer from VIPRE’s official website. Once the payment is made, you can directly install the antivirus package to your device. Follow the on-screen setup wizard to install the software. After a successful installation, VIPRE’s dashboard will open up. The simplistic interface will have key indicators to show if your device is working correctly, the firewall is up, and VIPRE software is updated. The interface also shows when the last scan was completed and when the next scan is scheduled.

After installation, the first scan is an automatic daily full scan or deep scan. The VIPRE deep scan takes about an hour to scan the device. If you don’t want a full scan, you can also choose a quick or custom scan. A quick scan will check the main system files, registry keys, and file locations. This scan takes about 10 minutes to complete. If you want VIPRE to check particular directories and files, you can pick a custom scan.

Although you can choose any of the three scans, it is recommended to run a deep scan once a week. The deep scan checks every file on the hard drive. VIPRE does not take up many resources during a scan; however, it has been observed that the scans may slow down your computer.

Features at a glance

  • Real-time protection
    VIPRE will scan applications and files while you are using them. This ensures that the applications and files are secure before any operation.
  • Advanced active protection
    VIPRE employs advanced algorithms and machine-deep learning methods to provide high-speed threat detection against advanced threats.
  • Application patching
    VIPRE also offers third-party application patching. This feature enables VIPRE to keep installed applications on your device up-to-date. This reduces the overall threats your device may be susceptible to.
  • Cloud-enabled security
    VIPRE’s software constantly updates its threat database through the cloud. This allows VIPRE to protect your device from any immediate cybersecurity threat.
  • Webcam and microphone blocker
    VIPRE offers enhanced protection which blocks external attempts from accessing your microphone and webcam. This prevents any spyware from gaining access to you or your data.
  • Personal profile protection
    Information stored in your PC can be susceptible to intruders. VIPRE protects personal profile information from cybercriminals and data thieves.
  • Free US-based support
    VIPRE’s customer support is based in the US and offers assistance through a toll-free number.


VIPRE is not compatible across multiple platforms; there are no versions for Android and iOS. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows OS and macOS. Also, before installing VIPRE, ensure that the installed version is compatible with your current OS version as it is not backward compatible. This means newer versions of VIPRE will not be compatible with older OS versions.

Protection against Malware

One of VIPRE’s major security features is protection against malware. In multiple tests, VIPRE’s Advanced Security bundle has managed to block almost 99% malware. VIPRE has an Edge Protection tool that helps protect your device from malware. The tool monitors all websites visited along with your device to ensure no malware enters your device. You do not require an additional browser extension to protect your device and data whenever you are online. However, if you want extended security, you can enable browser extension for Chrome and Firefox from the VIPRE dashboard.

Additionally, VIPRE also protects against ransomware. Each product from VIPRE is bundled with a built-in ransomware defense mechanism. This uses a multistep procedure with patch management, signature and hash matching, heuristics, and behavioral detection that is powered by machine learning.

Safety and Security

While choosing antivirus software, it is essential to know how well the software fares against others in the market. These ratings are usually based on test results conducted by independent labs. VIPRE has been consistently scoring fairly in such tests, including the Real-World Protection Test conducted by AV-Comparatives from July to October 2018. VIPRE ranked between fourth to fourteen among 18 antivirus products.

Thus, VIPRE performs above average when it comes to security and safety.

How much does it cost?

Plans and Pricing

VIPRE for Home Features

  Antivirus Plus


Advanced Security


Security Bundle

Advanced Active Protection

Real-time Protection

Cloud-enabled Security

Complete Protection

Ransomware Protection

Application Patching

Anti-spam Protection



Webcam & Microphone Blocker

Personal Profile Protection

Automatic Updates

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Free, US-based Support

Highest Discount

Free Trial

*Prices are subject to change. Please check the official VIPRE website to know the updated prices

Additionally, VIPRE also offers an Identity Shield priced at $23.99. It secures personal identity-related information stored in your PC, ensures online privacy, and shields against webcam and microphone prying.

Businesses can avail plans that offer protection in different areas, including endpoint security, email security, and threat protection. You can contact customer service to get quotes and request for free trials as well.

Contact and Support

VIPRE has multiple options for customer support and assistance. The official VIPRE website has a dedicated Support page with customer support tools. Although there is no live chat assistance, VIPRE has a US-based support team available through a toll-free phone number. You can also raise a support ticket through the website. It also has email assistance.

VIPRE has an extensive Resources page with blogs, articles, videos, and FAQs on some of the common product issues and security threats. This page has articles on the latest cybersecurity threats so that you are always prepared. Additionally, you can use the support page to submit a threat, request a remote clean-up of your device, and ask for malware removal assistance and remote installation assistance. You can also request a software update.

Our Verdict

With enhanced security features, advanced active protection, and real-time protection, VIPRE ensures your device is always safeguarded against malware and spyware. With cloud-based security, you are assured that your device and data are protected against the latest cyber threats. Additionally, VIPRE’s easy-to-use interface makes it quite hassle-free to run scans and execute frequent security checks. Although it is not cross-platform compatible, VIPRE is efficient enough for your Windows and macOS devices. Furthermore, its excellent customer support allows you to fix any issue that may have broken down the antivirus software’s defense mechanism. In a nutshell, VIPRE is a fairly good antivirus software for home users and businesses who want to safeguard their PCs from cyber threats.