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A Top-Notch Anti-Snoring Solution For Uninterrupted Sleep


Snoring is commonly experienced by a sizeable number of adults around the world. While occasional snoring is not serious, chronic snoring can cause a severe nuisance for the partner or people who share the same bedroom. Besides, the noisy breathing also disrupts the sleep pattern and prevents the snorer from getting quality sleep. There are several anti-snoring devices available to combat snoring, and each comes with its own set of benefits. Out of a number of solutions available, the SleepTight Mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that employs an invasive technique to deal with snoring.

It was designed by dentist Dr. Mike Williams and works as a “snoring mouthguard.” While the anti-snoring device is still pending on the patent front, it has been cleared by the FDA. It is a well-designed and safe option to effectively deal with snoring. The SleepTight Mouthpiece is a comfortable and cost-effective solution if you are seeking to get relief from habitual snoring. It was designed after evaluating feedback from snorers across the world.

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  • FDA cleared
  • No need for additional adjustments
  • Inexpensive anti-snoring solution


  • May not bring results for everybody
  • Can feel too bulky or big
  • Can cause drooling and mild jaw pain


  • Jim Guenther

    ”I have been using the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece for about two years. I tried several other mouthpieces first and they did not work as well as the SleepTight. Some units were bulky and felt like a hockey puck was in my mouth. Other units were flimsy and really did not hold my jaw in place. The SleepTight has enough plastic to hold my teeth firmly so my mouth does not flop open, but it is not so big that it becomes uncomfortable. I even use it when I take an afternoon nap. My wife loves it too, because she can sleep without my snoring waking her! I would like to order another one.”

  • Lisa Mc.

    First of all, I am absolutely amazed at how well this product works. Seriously! I had a snoring app recording my sounds before and after. The first night with the mouthpiece I thought the recording didn’t work, except when I turned it up I could hear the ticking of my clock. Wow! My husband took out his earplugs and my sleep is deeper and better. Thank you! I would never have believed it would have worked so well so quickly.


Key Features

  • Aids in the treatment of snoring
  • Cleared by the FDA for safety
  • Easy to fit
  • Professionally designed

Is SleepTight Mouthpiece good for sleep apnea?

Most snorers are found to be afflicted with obstructive sleep apnea. Fortunately, this condition is easily treatable with oral appliances and snoring mouthpieces. The SleepTight anti-snoring mouthpiece can be used by anyone with mild to moderate sleep apnea. However, the usage must be monitored and managed by a physician.

How do you use SleepTight Mouthpiece?

The SleepTight Mouthpiece employs a boil-and-bite design with its soft material. It must be placed in the mouth to get the perfect fit until you are comfortable with holding it in place. As with most new mouthpieces, it may take a while to get accustomed to the fit. The anti-snoring device has an airflow hole that allows you to easily breathe even through the mouth. Wearing the device during the day will help bring about better adjustment of the product. Although you may experience excess salivation during the initial implementation, this gets better with repeated usage.

SleepTight Mouthpiece features

  • Snoring is caused as a result of an obstruction in the airways, which produces the vibrating sound that is experienced during snoring. The SleepTight anti-snoring mouthpiece addresses the physical cause factor by advancing the lower jaw forward. The change in the jaw movement pushes the tongue backward. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood of tissues collapsing and blocking the airways. The mouthpiece essentially works by enabling you to comfortably breathe through the nose and mouth.
  • Most mouthpieces cannot be used when wearing dentures. However, the SleepTight anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the few anti-snoring devices that work effectively with certain cases of dentures. If you have partial dentures, with a few natural teeth in the lower and upper jaws, then the mouthpiece does hold on extremely well.
  • While the product is specifically meant to combat the issue of snoring, it can also aid in teeth clenching. It is found to render additional benefits by working at preventing tooth grinding and, in turn, reducing the risk of bruising.

Can SleepTight Mouthpiece hurt your teeth?
Some users may experience a certain discomfort upon usage. The SleepTight Mouthpiece may be uncomfortable during the initial stages of usage. This is because of the slight soreness that may be felt around the teeth or the gums during the first few days. However, the discomfort reduces with time.

Is SleepTight Mouthpiece safe?
The SleepTight Mouthpiece employs the boil and bite technique and is FDA cleared, making it a safe solution to use.

Is SleepTight FDA approved?
It is FDA cleared. This means that you can rest assured of the safety and efficiency of the product in delivering the results that it is intended for.

Cleaning and storage

Since the SleepTight anti-snoring mouthpiece will be used every night, it is important to pay attention to its upkeep, or it can be unhygienic. You can use a soft toothbrush paired with liquid antibacterial soap to cleanse off any saliva or debris deposited on the mouthpiece. After rinsing with clear water, it must be stored in the ventilated case that is provided during purchase. To deal with staining and odor, the product must be soaked in any one of the approved oral appliance cleaning solutions to do away with harmful bacteria buildup.

How much does SleepTight cost?


SleepTight Mouthpiece + storage case + airway fitting plug + usage directions $9.95 Trial Period
SleepTight Mouthpiece + storage case + airway fitting plug + usage directions $69.95 Post 30-day trial 

In case of dissatisfaction, the product can be returned to the company. However, the amount of $9.95 is non-refundable. You will also have to incur the cost of shipping it back to the company.

Is SleepTight worth it?

It is a great low-cost anti-snoring device. When compared with most other mouthpieces on the market, it is offered at a much lower cost and delivers a great overall performance. Importantly, this product is one of the few mouthpieces that lets you breathe through your mouth. One drawback is that it cannot be adjusted. However, due to its bite-and-boil design, the makers claim that it can be refitted a minimum 5 times. Although the product is FDA cleared, it does not mean the same as FDA approved. The SleepTight Mouthpiece poses a strong competition for other similar offerings with its 30-day trial offer. It gives you enough time to decide whether the product is right for you while paying a minimal cost for trial.